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    Thursday, January 14, 2010


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    Joan in Reno

    I would really hate that. And yes, it would be boring. I hope you at least find something good to read or watch. And you can pet Mr. J with your other hand as I am sure he will insist.


    I am horrified at the idea of not being able to knit! I hope it's better soon.


    Bored...that's because we didn't get together for our weekly this Time escaped me.

    Well, we're a fine pair. I hurt my shoulder and arm.

    Think zipper and cosmetic bag!!!!...let me know.


    So glad the Elvis thing didn't work out. . .




    My sympathies, I'd be a bit stir crazy, too. My biggest fear is losing my vision, I can kill a bazillion hours reading and not even notice the sun rose and set a few times. Heal quick!


    Oh, the agony of not being able to knit! I would be stark staring bonkers by the 2nd day...
    You need a TV show marathon. Start with season 1/episode 1 of something wonderful, and watch all the way through. (Easy with streaming video on the internet!)


    oh nos. So sorry about your wrist,elbow,and shoulder, damned pesky bags anyway. Sorry about the boredom setting in but it sounds like you'll have a few hours of entertainment today :^)

    Mary Fran

    Ouch! Why is it that we are either crazy busy or bored to tears? I never seem to find a nice status quo. Me, crazy busy right now. My husband said I've dropped more F-bombs in the last two weeks than in the previous 16 years we've been together.


    That sucks. I hope this heals up quick. Because a bored Norma is a DANGEROUS Norma.


    I was just going to extend my sympathies and then I read claudia. Oh! Right! The world is at risk! Now I REALLY hope all is better soon.

    Seanna Lea

    Maybe you could go to the gym and do lower body weights and something like the treadmill or a step class. It might not make you less bored, but it would give you some out of the house time.


    Ack! I'm sorry. I hope you heal quickly.


    Speedy recovery! I know what not knitting/spinning for 12 weeks feels like. My sympathies to you.


    You should get a tattoo of Elvis on your ass, not your stomach, so that as you grow old and fat, he will too!


    How awful! Hope you heal quickly! I know that level of frustation of wanting-wanting to knit, but the body is not willing.The Elvis idea? Not bad. :) Hope you're soon back to your needles and yarn!


    Love (1) Annie's suggestion re: Elvis tattoo. Quite fitting. Yea for your upcoming color & cut. Mine is tomorrow - love getting 'freshened-up". :)

    elizabeth a airhart

    good night!!!!!!!


    Sending healing thoughts your way. I second the recommendation of watching a good show from season 1 show 1. It's a great way of using up time.


    Sorry to hear about your shoulder, elbow wrist. How terrible. At least if it snows, it will get you out of shoveling.




    Wanna trade weeks?



    Sorry you have the BLAHS!!! Hope you are feeling better soon.

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