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    Friday, December 11, 2009


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    Love the pattern and color. Have fun in VA.


    Condolences on the sock. Will you darn it or bury it?
    Have a fun trip!


    Bummer about the socks. I just hate it when that happens.


    You could darn it and it wouldn't matter the color as it's the heel and unseen in a show. 2ply yarns just don't hold up to much wear, sadly, even if they are "good" yarns.


    Darn it!

    I hadn't realized that's a double entendre (sp?). I feel so witty, and it's not 8 am yet!


    Yah - you could darn it. Or reknit just the foot, because I'll bet the leg is completely fine.

    Safe trip - hope you didn't get too much snow!


    Drats on the sock hole. I have darned the handknit socks, just hate to toss them.
    Congrats to the lucky Winners and many Thanks to the lovely folks donating :^)
    The scarf, 'tis gorgeous!
    Have fun, safe travels, have fun (have I mentioned... have fun :^) I know you will!


    I repeat, gotta use 3-ply sock yarn with nylon (or silk or mohair) in it! I love basket weave almost as much as I love seed stitch and have used it for many a baby blankie. It does go pretty fast.


    You can darn that hole! And while you're at it duplicate stitch over any weak spots on the other sock ;)


    I'm with the "darn it" people. Anyone can knit a sock but a Real Woman darns them!

    My three socks will come screeching in at the deadline.

    The prizes have been great but the system seems to have a very serious flaw--I haven't won anything!

    Enjoy your time with friends and OFA!


    Love the basketweave scarf. . . especially that red!

    Jean E.

    Another beautiful scarf! Cascade 220 heathers is a nice yarn, seems softer to me than the plain ol' 220.

    Mary Fran

    I have a pile of socks and a darning egg sitting next to my chair. Some day. And, seriously??? I can't believe I didn't win today ;)


    Another beautiful scarf. I hope you had fun in Virginia!


    Congrats to the winners!

    Do I need to knit you some socks, sweetie? Because I can.


    I've never knit one, but maybe you could fix that hole with an afterthought heel. I kind of like it when one of my socks gets a hole. I get to knit more!

    Seanna Lea

    Scarf time! I'm hoping to get a lot of knitting done this weekend. I'm almost halfway through Mabel's scarf, the latest of the Red Scarves I'm working on. It's great seeing all of the scarves you've pulled together!


    Too bad about the socks - but oooh, say yes to Cookie's offer!!! Cookie - Norma says yes please. :)


    Now. You have hol(e)y socks. Divine.

    elizabeth a airhart

    good thoughts to all the winners

    happy festival of lights


    I'm down with the rest of the darn it crowd. It's really not hard, and totally worth it to save a pair of handknit socks.


    Long time (mostly) lurker here. I mailed my red scarf this morning (humble k1 p1 rib, Paton's Merino) along with $20 to Target. It put a spring in my step to know that I'd done something good today. Thanks for getting my butt in gear!

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