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    Wednesday, December 23, 2009


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    Oh, how very, very sad! Your Garter Yoke Cardi is such a great sweater. Hope you find it.

    Merino is the thing to knit at this time of year for those of us with dry skin. Have you tried jojoba oil? Works for my hands!


    I feel very small for admitting this, but if I found the garter yoke cardi, I might not tell you. But I probably would. Maybe. Mostly sure I would. Actually, Santa is watching, so I would tell you. Hope you find it!

    I love the cardigan, sorry its lost. Any chance you could post where the pattern came from?


    Shetland! Hard, hard on the hands as I learned with my first true fair isle project. Lost cardi?? Oh,no! I feel a good whine (wine) coming on!


    Very very sad about your Cardi! Such a lovely sweater. (Though now you'll get to make another one...)
    Once I've realized I'm going to have to wrap a UFO for a pressie, I feel free to just drop it and work on something else. Is that wrong?


    Naps are a fine and wonderful thing. Sorry about the Cardi. Are you going to make another one?


    No, not the garter yoke! I put this on my "to-do" list just from seeing yours! It was loverly. Where have you been stripping, Norma?


    So sad you lost that cardigan, I hope somehow it turns up when you least expect it. My hands feel pretty rough too, and knitting seems to exaggerate it.


    You lost your garter yoke??? How can that be? You simply must make another. That sweater looks fantastic on you. (How do you lose a sweater? A scarf, mittens, OK. But a sweater?)


    I just started Anne Hanson's leGhirlande scarf, and it's luscious, so if you want something a bit more complex than Palindrome (but still do-able, I've been cabling for only a week), check it out. Hope you find your cardi!


    I was hoping that you would have found that beautiful cardigan. So sad to see it in your banner, knowing you can't wear it. Will you admit defeat and knit a replacement. I do hope so.

    Seasons Greetings to you and yours.


    Very sad! Here's a Merry Christmas wish to you and yours. Hope your weekend is full of knitting and napping.

    Mary Fran

    I would ask how on earth do you lose a sweater, but I've been missing 1/2 of a cardi/tank set for months now. I know it's in my room somewhere. The odd thing is that I'm a neat freak, so there aren't many places it could be hiding!


    drats and rats, cardi is still missing, I was hoping you had found it by now..... have you periodically just gone nuts trying to find it? which is my MO. just blithering nuts.
    I'm still hoping it will be found, I mean, seriously, wtf? sigh.
    The gorgeous blue sweater for your mum.. you'll get it done, you will.


    I had hoped your GY sweater would reappear. It's the time of year for hibernation. Relax and enjoy your Holidays!!


    Oh no! You did??? I love that photo of you in the banner -- was just wondering the other day whether I should add that sweater to my eternal queue.

    I'm glad you had a good nap. Naps are good, especially at this time of year.

    Melissa G

    I'd ask how, except that I've managed to lose a sweater sleeve.


    To all those who ask how I could lose a sweater -- of course I have no clue.  I have held out hope that it would turn up in this house, but I've searched every nook and cranny I can think of, and no go.

    I'm speculating that last spring I left it in either a hotel dresser drawer, or in the overhead bin of an airplane, or perhaps it got accidentally placed (not by me, but by the cleaning ladies) into a box that went to the Goodwill.  

    I can at least hope someone is wearing it and loving it. It was a great sweater, great yarn, and great buttons.  *sob*


    I am missing one of my double-thick winter socks, and it is driving me insane. Cannot imagine how I would feel if I lost a sweater. Assuming I had a hand-knit sweater.

    Cheryl S.

    Oh noes!

    How can I come steal your sweater, if you lost it?

    That really bites. I hope you find it hiding somewhere.

    Seanna Lea

    Gosh I can completely understand the feeling of rough yarn on my already weather roughened hands. Especially after a weekend of baking (which mostly feels like a weekend of washing my hands over and over again).

    I hope your sweater turns up. It looks so good on you that it just has to show up somewhere!


    I feel your pain. I'm still searching for a pair of jeans I lost 2 years ago. I know I never took them off in public. . . but I can't find them. (I think losing a hand knit sweater is far worst than a pair of jeans. . . but, dang it, they fit well.)


    Damnit! I had hoped that sweater would show up somewhere. I'm so sorry it's missing.

    Nothing like a nice long nap.


    Diane H.

    It can't be lost....It's in somebody's car. Or, in a suitcase. You've got all that great Knitting Karma from the Red Scarf activity that it can't be lost!

    elizabeth a airhart

    good night


    I was going to ask how you could lose a sweater, but you beat me to it. Lucky person who finds it!


    Owie! That is a painful loss. But you may be surprised some day. Maybe it will turn up, and not chewed.


    Maybe it's not lost, just hiding really, really well. It's so beautiful, I'm going to do the denial thing for you. Good luck with the shetland wool situation.

    Jean E.

    I'm still holding out hope that you will find your sweater.

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