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    Tuesday, December 01, 2009


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    Okay, so he's not a tracker. But have you seen that thing where they set up an underground course, and compete to see which terrier can unearth the rat lure first? I bet he'd be aces at that!

    (I went looking for a video clip on YouTube, but all I found was videos of terriers ACTUALLY ratting. Which... whoa.)

    Seanna Lea

    I saw something about crockpot yogurt yesterday (probably a comment on your facebook actually). I'm hoping you will try it out and then I can see if it will work well for my midget crockpot, all 1.5 quarts of it!


    So, I tried the crockpot yogurt thing on Sunday because I had a halfgallon of milk that needed to be used up, and first of all, IT WORKED and I can't tell you how astonished I was. It was like the first time I made cheese, and felt like magic. Second, Miss Lucy was given yogurt, applesauce, and some pureed squash that I'd made earlier in the summer, all mixed up for dinner, and this was met with a great deal of approval. So cool to feed my kid something where I had touched every single ingredient, knew exactly what was in every bite. Yet another thing my grandmother just never had to worry about.


    I just can't help but say...>AWWWWWW! It was needed.
    LOVING that scarf! The stripes are awesome! (and make a nice blanket apparently)
    Send snow, Mr. J!

    (blogging again) a simple yarn

    Mr certainly looked happily tired and wearily content sitting in A-A's arms after a big play day in the snow! Son-Alex is eager for snow, but alas, in Virginia those days will be few and far between. He might have to romp around with you instead. (He's a pretty good tracker, I must say!)


    Oh, when the snow gets deeper, you're going to have to plow little paths for Mr. J to play in. Otherwise . . . you'll lose him!


    My girls have been making a ton of snow angels, for some reason they just love to roll, roll, roll in the snow!

    7 crockpots in this house and I'm still not making yogurt *g*


    We've just got a dusting of snow, here. It can hold off as long as it wants to, as far as I'm concerned.
    I don't have any dogs to play in it, and my cat is not impressed...

    Mary Fran

    Oh, my. I don't need any sugar in my coffee this morning. Too sweet!


    I just cast on a Corrugator scarf yesterday for the Red Scarf Project (my 2nd). It looks like this new one will be a good one for next year.


    We need snow desperately! Envious of yours and how cute Mr. J looks in his warm coat.


    Doesn't Mr. Jefferies need a red sweater so he can help promote the RSP?


    Okay...snow can be fun. I'm convinced.
    Thanks for the extra scarf pattern. I'm about half way through my first one. At this rate, I might be able to send in two. Or, one and then have a head start on next year. But two for THIS year would be awesome.

    Christina Scovel

    Your little pup is just too cute!


    Mr.J, you lucky little dogfaced man, having snow to romp around in and A.Alpha to snuggle you in at the end of the day. That must be some kind of bliss :^)
    Yep. Paula's new pattern, already have it and as soon as I find me some yarn I'm casting on!
    (couldn't get out Sunday or yesterday, apparently I've broken a toe and it hurt like a mofo but I'm venturing out today)
    So romp around in the snow a bit extra for me, would you please? XOXOX
    I also think you'd look quite dashing in a red sweater... wink wink nudge nudge


    Mr. Jeffries, you are just the cutest thing! (all snuggly warm in A.Alpha's lap.)


    I'm getting repetitive here, but I am in love with Mr. J. Who isn't, right?

    Cheryl S.

    Awwww, look at that cute snuggle!


    Mr. J, you may have all the the snow that normally falls her the the Pacific NW, and it won't hurt my feelings at all. Better you should enjoy it than I should dislike it so much.

    Yeah, buddy, you look like a dog just doing his duty to make the boss feel better. I recognize that glazed look.

    elizabeth a airhart

    lil ole pudding pie will have

    temper tantrum if you call olive


    Mr. Jeffries,
    I only recently began reading Alpha Alpha's blog and I am looking forward to hearing more about both of you :-)


    Aw, the last photo of Mr Jeffries is so cute!


    SNOW! Looks like the perfect amount, too. I want snow...but it's supposed to be 62ºF here tomorrow.


    He has the cutest little snuggle face.

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