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    Monday, December 07, 2009


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    Seanna Lea

    I don't know if I will be able to finish my current red scarf (Mabel's Scarf), because I'm only 12 inches in but I'm giving it my all. I need to block the other scarf for mailing by Friday!

    My first knitting project (that I can remember) was a basketweave scarf for my aunt. I wrapped it in a large kerchief-style scarf, and I mostly remember my aunt being more pleased with the wrapping than the gift!


    I just learned Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off (and cast-on -- both on youtube) and think it might be a good choice for use on a longways-knit scarf. Will keep it in mind.

    Yay for another red scarf! Cheering for the cheerleader here! ;-)


    Love the lengthwise stripes!
    And look at you go!


    You watching soccer. See? You think you know a person. Scheez.
    Love the stripey scarf. It's funny that it presents as garter stitch in the photos (to me) with the stripes instead of seed.
    You may have set a seed stitch speed record. Srsly.


    Love the seed stitch scarf. Great use of colors.

    Mary Fran

    Looks lovely - someone is going to be so thrilled to receive them!


    I love your seedstitch scarf. It's a great combo of colors. My first ever red scarf was lengthwise and I used lots of handspun. It was FUN to knit.


    The brick-red color is pretty FAB. :-)


    Great Scarves! Alas mine is coming along slowly. Hand problems are limiting my knitting time which sucks!!


    Pretty! Love the stripey one! I finished mine and starting on another.

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Go Norma! I love the color of that Cascade heather, my Red Scarf in Progress (RSIP) is also Cascade 220, I'd almost forgotten what a go-to yarn that is. Just right for a scarf.

    I feel sure folks can send in their scarves a week late without causing too much trouble. Do you know a drop-dead final extension date for this year? It'd be a shame for some scarves NOT to be sent in that were done a smidge after the 15th.


    Scarf looks great!!! Casting off with a larger needle helps when elasticity is important.


    OK, I'm catching up here:

    1. Saw Robin Williams last night and almost peed in my pants. If you didn't put the scarf down, go check your TV for the next time it's on and bring the yarn over. So worth it!

    2. No matter how you finally did on the exam, you DID the exam! Kudos to you, man. For the effort and the time and the energy and the intent. Wooo hooo. Cheesecake earned.

    3. Was laughing at your comments about Rhinebeck "Are you Important?" "Do I know you?". I had a similar experience last year. I expected to be a LITTLE recognized - maybe even just once or twice, by a blog reader or a GVC/Nantucket Red fan? Nope. Nada. Carol mocked me lots for this. Still flying under the radar.

    Anyways, glad to see the scarves are still scarfing -- enjoy the snow! Thea


    I still knitting...this dang scarf will not grow, while my daughter's is nearly done. What's up with that?! Your scarf looks fantastic; very original and fun.


    Love em! Finished mine up last night. Pics if/when the sun comes up today!


    I second the recommendation for Jenny's Stretchy b/o!! Ever since I learned it (a few months ago) I've been using it and it's just fantastic! Stretchy without being stretched-out.

    Your scarves are beautiful.


    knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit.
    I would love to know when the drop-deadline is, cause I'll be done with this current scarf in a day or two. Do I have time to do another scarf?


    Damn. Missed the Spanish hotties but DID catch Robin's new special. lmAo!
    Also interested in the drop-deadline as Bobby and I are roadtripping to Omaha, knowing I could finish a scarf but giving it a bath and dry time.. wouldn't get them posted off until the 15th, priority mail would get them there in 4 days. Your choices are... let me know, or smack me a good one :^)
    Love the stripes, the colours, and that brownish-red? swoooooon. GORgeous!


    Sweeet! How fabulous is that, getting to see the red scarves already THERE!
    Thanks for the drop-deadline update, I'll meet that in the middle. :^)


    You are one mad red scarf mama and a one woman tornado. Good work in whipping up the knitters!

    Kathy Sue

    Love the stripes. Any chance those Red Scarf Labels from a couple years ago could be put up again? They are nice, and I am not paper-crafty. If you really did not do well on the LSATs, can you retake them? Anyhow, You made the best of the day, and I'll bet you did better than you think!


    Beautiful! You know how I am about patterns, can't stand to do plain st st or garter st, and I do love me some reversible cables -- so forcing myself to use an easy pattern is no small trick. It's a shame, since there are so many nice ones, and the navy scarf is moving right along. I just attached ball #3 this morning.

    And I love your colors! Unisex doesn't have to mean boring.


    Absolutely love the striped one...


    There were hotties and you didn't call me?!

    Angie L.

    I've used a crochet hook(sacrilege and shame, I know) to bind off. Very stretchy, and you can add a fancy edge as you go.


    Love the scarves. If you end up with a couple of minutes to breathe when you're in town later this week, let me know. I'd love to see you.

    Jean E.

    Great scarves! Knit on.

    elizabeth a airhart

    happy trip to viginia

    the scarves will be a plenty

    we will make thee proud

    good night sweet charlote watch
    out for the moonlight vampires you know


    woosh, I just let out my breath. 2 more finals between me and a scarf.
    Looking beauteous, as always! Love that scarf!


    Oh, that's good news -- I was going to email you today about the drop dead date -- I'm plugging away but not get done!


    I love that scarf!

    I'm trying to get everything packaged up and to the post.

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