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    Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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    Dang it, I hate being broke. And slow. Still on like 21" of scarf (huff huff)
    and Mr J is *so* cute!


    Who can refuse such cuteness?


    Who could possibly say no to that face???

    Lisa H.

    Mr. Jefferies you are seriously adorable. That last photo in today's blog should be enlarged and framed in Alpha-Alpha's house. Very glamorous and irresistible!


    That is some serious cute you've got going on, Mr. J. I think you'll be very effective with fund development!


    Okay, I may not finish the scarf for this year, but I can't resist that face. I don't need fancy coffees out this week as much as I need to make a donation!


    OMG - if he was any cuter in that scarf, it would be illegal...


    Something I have been meaning to do and the little dude was just an added bonus. Love the cause!


    That red scarf makes you look dapper, dude! Nice.


    CANT.RESIST.THE.CUTENESS!!! I've made the donation, and I've got my yarn ready for next year!


    The cuteness got to me!! Donation made (along with 3 scarves). Great cause, and thanks so much for all your cheerleading.


    Dear Mr. J. tell AA that she got me with those adorable photos of you today- I am saved from He@@ - she did promise right?


    I made a donation. It's not much, but it's more than nothing, right? Being only a step away from assistance myself, I understand the feeling of being broke allllll too well.


    Glad I finally made it back to your blog -- just in time! My scarf isn't finished yet, but I did donate, and I'll also donate via CFC this year! Thanks, Norma and Mr. Jefferies!


    Dear Mr. Jeffries-

    Please tell A Alpha that pimping you out worked. I've donated and will start planning to knit for next year.

    P.S. thank you for sitting so nicely for your picture. I have a dog that runs when she sees a camera. We have a few photos of her - always from behind as she runs away.

    Happy holidays.


    Well Mr. Jeffries, you are super cute, but I am broke right now. But, am I safe in assuming that they'll take $$ donations even outside of the scarf donation period? I'll check out the website, but I bet they will. Those kids need support year round, not just at xmas.


    Oh, yes, that is for sure.  The donations are welcome (and needed) all year round.  


    Mr J, have you considered a career in fashion? You look great in red. Off to block a scarf.


    Mr.J, can I just say.. You've never looked lovelier. You do look fetching in Red! I'll do some number crunching and get back to ya,babe....Babe :^D

    Mary Fran

    I'm a sucker for a cute face. Adding another donation right now.


    done. The link worked for me this time!

    michelle in california

    who can resist a yorkie in a scarf? certainly not me, i am weak. mission accomplished, Mr. J. donation made.

    p.s. looks like J-dog is trying to be OAF's new posterpuppy. '->

    Seanna Lea

    So damned cute! I really need to stop stalking other people's dogs and get my own!


    She took that scarf off you right after taking the pics, right?


    Mr J, you are seriously handsome.... and in that new red scarf? Well I hardly know what to say.... srsly.


    Mr J, you are so CUTE!

    Tressa in NC

    Shameless!!! But I adore you, Mr. J.

    Diane H.

    Mr. J - You do have a winning way about you! It's exploitation, but in a good way. Made my donation, sent out 4 scarves and gift cards. I hope you are getting some really good treats and toys for this!

    elizabeth a airhart

    lil ole pudding pie loves men in red scarfs

    alpha and i did best we could

    how ever small the donation it was sent

    in the most sincere and careing way

    p.s what are you doing new years eve?


    Okay, FINE.... But only because Chappy said I had to (if only so that he doesn't have to wear a scarf).


    Fund raising seems to be in your future, Mr. Jefferies! You were successful here! Hope your Alpha doesn't keep you up too late to count all these new donations! You look marvelous in red.....


    For cryin' out loud, how's a person supposed to resist a sweetie face like that?


    It's a great advertising gimmick!

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    Too cute!

    I sent in my scarf on Monday, and I got "verklempt" writing out a card for the RSR (Red Scarf Recipient). I thought, while writing, that I could/should do one of these per month next year, and how great would that be?! So I was delighted to read about having a scarf per month knit-a-long in your next blog post. Great idea! I'll be watching for sign up.

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