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    Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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    Congrats on your impressive score!


    Kudos to you!
    That's an extremely respectable score.
    Dream big and, Oh, the places you will go!


    Bravo! That is a good score and you should be very proud of yourself! It's been said before, but it bears repeating: You rock!

    Kathleen Anderson

    Good job, Norma! I love that you wanted to try this and just went out and did it.

    Seanna Lea

    Not bad at all. That score is on the upper half of the bell curve.


    Ya got spunk! (and unlike Lou Grant) I like a woman with spunk!

    Congrats on a win for us old broads!


    I'm impressed.

    Elise H

    I think your score is great and don't underestimate the value of your "real world" education. Having taught in law school for 10 years I can tell you that "nontraditional" students (i.e. those not coming directly from college) are a highly sought after group and add much to the classrooms.


    You did great! And I am sure there is a law school who would scoop you right up! Head high, Norma!



    Very proud, chica.


    Congratulations! Who knows where this will take you, but isn't that part of the fun!


    Congratulations! You should feel good about yourself!


    I think that's a more than respectable score, impressive lady and you know it! It will be interesting to see where you go from here.


    Seems like a good score to me. I'm proud of you, Norma!


    Yeah, what they all said!


    Well done Norma! Even if 50 isn't the new 30 (I think it is, mind) you've still got 35 plus years to for whatever you decide you want to do next. Pretty good run I'd say.


    Congrats! You never know what could come out of all of this and I hope that it is the very best.


    That's a very respectable score! And a feather in your cap to forge ahead when most people "of our age" are thinking of retirement. I took the NYS Real Estate Salesperson exam yesterday. No idea yet whether I passed or failed, but part of a process to reinvent myself...cuz...I just gotta git 'er done too!


    Congratulations Norma. You are an inspiration! Anyone who has spent any time reading this blog would know that your shoplifted education is a result of a sharp and inquisitive intellect - what more could any law school want? Savor the moment - you earned it.

    Jean E.

    So when you start law school are you still going to have time to blog? Because if you are not you need to start preparing us now. I would need some time to adjust.


    Congratulations - your motivation is an inspiration to us!


    Congratulations!! The opportunities are limitless! Srsly. Bask in the accomplishment.

    Elizabeth D

    You could, of course. . . take it again! Ack! My question: why law school? It does seem to run in the family, but surely that's not your reason? It's one of the very few things that's never appealed to me.


    "Step by step the longest race can be run."
    Really, Good for You!


    Congrats. You did better than I would- you prepared and took the darn thing and that alone is a feat!


    You do ROCK the house, Norma! That's a good score. I agree with Eliz above. Why on earth would you want to be an attorney? You've seen what being one is like as a court reporter. Oh, but maybe now you want to get some of the buttered side of that bread? As someone who has been in court a lot for my past job, I really admire court reporters, a lot! Keeping your cool during all that ridiculous hoo-haa and doing a job most of us could never could. I think that is quite an accomplishment.


    Norma, that's so awesome!!! If I were a law student, I would love to have you as a classmate :). Were I in need of legal advice... well, I think I'd ask Claudia first *for now* :).


    Congratulations! It is just so cool that you decided to do this and went for it. What an inspiration you are. Looking forward to seeing where you let this take you. There's a new year coming!


    Hoooya! Congrats! and I love Elise H.'s comment and quite agree. When I was taking classes (my early 40s) it didn't take long and profs were wanting me to take their classes. Folks with Life Experiences and our kind of attitude ARE appreciated and sought after.


    An AWESOME achievement. You've got a zest for life that challenges the impossible to be come reality. I say take the next step. Apply. Why not?


    Well Done, Madame. WELL DONE. I am proud to overstuffed.
    And? Well done to the mister as well. That is HUGE.


    GOOD for you! Any LAW school in the land would be damn lucky to have you.
    Rock ON with your bad self.
    Order your bidness cards now that say
    in big letters and post them everywhere.
    You.can. DO. it!


    A good score AND a clean garage?! Congratulations on both. I am having to reinvent myself at 50 because what I do is looking to be going away, and have not yet figured out what I want to be when I grow up...good for you for having an idea.

    Jennifer B. / Brooklyn

    Good for you! Those are the mottos I want to adopt. I think I want to be you when I grow up.


    My motto is progress not perfection, 153 is a respectable score. Remember you are inspiring many "old broads" to be adventurous! Maybe, just maybe I'll try the dandelions this spring. Hugs and Happy New Year!


    I keep commenting with the same damn word. Over and over. Inspirational.


    You go girl!!! Stand tall (or, not) and proud!

    Janice in Camas

    I think "shoplifted education" is my new favorite phrase! You are a wonder, Norma. Hate to be repetitive, but must -- truly inspiring. Hmmm, to what shall I aspire today?

    Cheryl S.

    Pretty damn good!


    Congratulations! Heaven knows it's better than I could have done...


    Oh, and yes, I loved the "shoplifted education" phrase, too. Well done! (grin)


    You go girl! I'm giving you a big thumbs up.........IMHO, being a court reporter is way harder than being a lawyer.......

    Diane H.

    Go for it! You took the LSAT, now complete the application. See what happens.

    It's all part of this experiment we call life. What's the worst that could happen?? GOOD LUCK!!!


    The score (and just taking the test itself) is an accomplishment all its own. It doesn't really matter whether it leads to something else. Self development is an amazing experience at any age, but it becomes especially sweet as we get older.


    Yer not foolin' anybody, ya know. Next thing we know you will be sitting in law school (next to Abigail, perhaps?) and then you'll be the district attorney in your part of Vermont. Congrats!


    Woo Hoo!

    Well done, The Norma!

    elizabeth a airhart





    Excellent score! See, you knew you could do it!


    But, but, but if you go to law school who will knit Mr. J those lovely sweaters and keep the little guy company (because you know when he goes back to live with Abigail you'll "replace" him)? Who will help those students with hearing disabilities get the educations they crave and deserve as well as you? Who will keep us all entertained?

    With all that being said, however, YOU ROCK!! the score is way on the "good" side of the scale. What an inspiration :)

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