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    Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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    I am finishing scarf #3 this weekend and will be mailing out a box early next week! If my shoulder cooperates, there'll be another one sent separately...

    Sunnyknitter aka Stephanie B.

    Damn you, Norma. I just got caught up with the court reporting work, received my two sets of Elann scarf packages and have several days off with nothing to do but clean the house for impending parental arrival, make two dishes for Thanksgiving and was looking forward to casting on something for me, me, me!

    Fine. One sport-weight red scarf coming up, hopefully by the 15th.

    Incidentally, why am I up at 12:22 a.m.? Overnight expedite of 232 pages of medical depos. 232 pages in half a day! Can you say slow the f*** down? Yeah, and video to boot. I deserve this damn ounce of scotch, thankyouverymuch. End rant.

    Okay! So, after my little exhibit drop-off run tomorrow, I'll making side dishes and knitting a scarf apparently! And depositing checks and making another donation, because srsly, folks, the prizes are the bomb, the cause is wonderful and Norma, you continue to inspire me. Now enough hogging comment space and off to bed!


    Hi Norma -
    I have two red ones that just need the finishing done (trimming and weaving in the ends) and washed. I didn't realize that other colors were acceptable - I have several more non-red scarves that I will include. I probably will be able to get them in the mail on Monday.


    I will be finishing scarf #5 this weekend - I will send them out before 12/15!


    I've got a lace shawl for a Kiwanis raffle to finish and then I'll be knitting another red scarf. I do hope that the ones they have received are of wonderful quality.


    I have a scarf done and ready to go, but I was waiting to send it until I could see if I have time to get another one done.


    Cross my heart, I'll finish tomorrow!


    I promise I'll get mine out this weekend. Have a good Thanksgiving, Norma!!


    I mailed off four scarves yesterday. Apparently we all need the threat of a deadline! I've got another one half-done but I found a mistake way back. I was saving it for next year, but I'll see if I can fix it and finish it this week.


    Make sure you check your gauge. The pattern calls for fingering and your yarn is 2-ply lace. I wasn't going to mention it but didn't want you to start, be disappointed and be put off of lace again.


    Sigh. I have to keep my Palindrome slated for RS- I have ripped the house apart looking for the 4th ball that has gone awol. It won't make the required length without it. I called Knit Picks for another ball, but it's backordered until Christmas. More red balls in a different colorway are on their way.


    Going to check what's in my stash now. You are very inspirational! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Norma. I'm thankful for your posts -- you make me smile!

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    I have two scarves finished - just need to pick up the gift cards I'm including in the package and it will be on its way this weekend.


    Am I insane, or did you have links to several good scarf patterns? I'm working on one. I'm planning to crank out another. But I can't find a link to a good selection of unisex patterns. I bet I could figure out a solution to this with a little more coffee. (goes to get another cup of coffee)


    I have 2 scarves finished, was going to post them off next week BUT I will instead toss the stash for appropriate yarn and knit another scarf and post them off together. I have felted clogs for Bobby on the needles which I need to finish the knitting of (won't take terribly long). After that I'm all yours again :^)


    Yes, there is a post (or 2) devoted to patterns. I'm away from my
    computer right now, so the fastest way for me to tell you is to Google
    unisex scarf patterns in my blog, or go to my Red Scarf Blog and
    scroll down a few posts. It's in there too.

    Barbara Meyers

    Okay, Norma, I'm in..... can't start knitting today because the kids and grandkids are already in the car, coming over the river and thru the woods to this Gram's house. (Too bad there's no snow to "chill the toes and bite the nose!" as over the fields they go-ooooooooh!)

    But Friday my LYS is having a yarn sale, and so I'll support my local economy at the same time I'm supporting the OFA, and I'll feel very thankful that I have a family and friends, including blog friends like you. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Barbara M.

    Jean E.

    One is done waiting to be mailed. I will locate my half done corrugator and work on that one, too.


    Oh Norma. I do not have time to knit another scarf. I am a slow knitter, and have several Christmas projects in dire jeopardy of being wrapped incomplete. Last night, I was grabbing an extra skein to take with me on our Thanksgiving trip, to finish a scarf for a local charity, and I saw, to my surprise, two leftover skeins of red yarn. I don't know what came over me, but that yarn is now in my bag as well. Are you practicing mind control???


    I have just finished my scarf. Took forever to dry! I'll get it to the post office by Monday.

    After this flurry of finishing and mailing, would you give us an update to see how many more scarves we need? Maybe I can finish another one.


    I read this and thought "Oh, I'm too slow a knitter to get one done by the deadline." Then I remembered: I've written over 41,000 words for NaNoWriMo so far this month. If I can do that, I can knit 60" of red scarf in two weeks. Of course I can. And I will.


    Wah! I was just going to start one, when a close relative begged for a pair of handknit socks for Christmas. *checks watch* CHRISTMAS!

    Seanna Lea

    I have one scarf waiting for me to trim the woven in ends, but I will see if I can make another one (though I'll mail this one first just to make sure they get it).


    I'm knitting as fast I can!
    *Less ravelry, more knitting* rep to end!


    I just asked the store I work at, The Yarn Barn in Connecticut ( if she'd be a drop-off for the scarves so I could mail them out and she not only said yes, but is giving 10% off any yarn specifically being bought for Red Scarf project through December 11th (which is also the deadline to drop 'em off).


    I don't know if I'm alone in this, but I'm definitely a last-minute mailer. As of today, I have 3 completed scarves, one on needles, and another in the works. I'll definitely get 4 in the mail soon. The fifth... well, I'm hoping I'll finish it, too.


    I didn't know you were so short!! I saw this thanks to Anne Hanson's blog....I have got at least one I can send, maybe two!


    At least, I'm not alone in the naughty corner. ;^)

    Must get to the post office with my scarf!


    Since I am stealth knitting a vest for one of my son's, I have my red scarves piled on top of the vest yarn - whenever the boy comes in the room, I drop the vest, pick up a red scarf and if he doesn't keep walking through on his way to the refrigerator for a snack, I'll have three scarves finished and a vest that looks like a tube top.


    I've sent one, have another mostly finished and hope to have a third done by the deadline. Looks like a lot of people will be coming through in the nick of time!


    And here I had assumed all along that there would be an overflow of scarves as in years past. I actually have a striped red scarf all finished and ready to go, and I'll cast on for a second one this weekend. Thank you for the very timely reminder.


    Delurking to tell you that I put the call out to faculty members who knit, to a few knitting students, and to my knit group. I also hit the LYS on my way home and purchased yarn for four. Time to cast on! Enjoy your holiday!

    elizabeth a airhart

    my box should be there by now
    i sent it priority just in case

    happy thanks giveing to one and all

    good night mrs calabash

    Jenn C.

    Mine went out last Friday, so there's at least one more for the bunch. I have an insane couple of weeks coming up, but they will partly feature a fair amount of sitting around and waiting. I will see if I can conjure up another scarf by the deadline.

    Kathode Ray Tube

    I have one more skein of yarn for my red scarf (Irish Hiking Scarf) and should have it done real soon. So that's one more for the list. Thanks for doing what you do!

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