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    Saturday, November 28, 2009


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    Oh there's nothing quite like homemade yogurt! I don't have a crock pot, so I just use a really heavy pot and it works. Yum!


    I'm too in love with the Butterworks Farm yogurt to make my own. If I had better access to raw milk I'd probably do it.

    It's sloppy and white over here!


    Lucy lives on applesauce and yogurt. I thought, I can save money here! I made my own applesauce. She doesn't like applesauce anymore. I'm terrified of repeating this process with yogurt, because then I have *no* idea what that child will eat. (Doesn't mean I probably won't do it next weekend, I'll just worry about it all weekend anyway. :) )


    I wish I actually liked yogurt. I like the idea of yogurt, but just never acquired a taste for it.
    You'll kick the LSAT's ass when the time comes, I have no doubt.


    yes! i'm glad someone else is having an issue with all the plastic containers! i've just plain stopped buying some things (much to my husband's irritation). :)


    Good luck on the LSATs. Thanks for the recycling/yogurt tip. We need to be much more interested in post-comsumer goods. I'm hoping to use this post-holiday-weekend to add another foot to my scarf.


    Ha! I was just taking 60 and dividing it by 10.

    But I will admit that last night I looked down at my progress and thought, "Sure, that's a whole six inches. Absolutely." And set it aside.

    Cheryl S.

    I totally hear you on the recycling thing. Americans simply use too many "disposables". But sadly, our society has made it hard not to. After seeing some photos of how many of those plastic outdoor chairs are in landfills, oceans, and littering beaches, I vowed never to buy one again. I do try to limit my use of plastics where I can.

    This article/video on plastics in the ocean is pretty scary.

    As for the yogurt, I used to make it myself, but have gotten lazy. I should start again (though I really love the strained Greek-style). I have a yogurt strainer for making yogurt cheese (yuk), but sometimes I use it to strain yogurt to make it thicker. An Indian woman I used to know just made her yogurt in a big baking pan in the oven. The crock pot method sounds interesting, though all I have are a 1-qt and a huge one.


    My son's school in Minneapolis collects the yogurt containers and sells them to a nursery. The school uses the containers as a fundraiser. The nursery fills the containers with dirt to grow their seedlings. I love the idea of the containers being used again without any processing.

    Best of luck on the LSAT.


    Hey, I've got yogurt in my crock pot right now!

    elizabeth a airhart

    its been a hard year for just about everyone
    i just hope when one of projects
    steps in to school or hopefully
    a job people will look and say

    hey where you get that beautiful scarf

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    Oh, Tabata... We do Tabata sit-ups (and other forms of Tabata torture) in my Core Conditioning class. Mr. Tabata, we respect you! (Even if we don't like you, ha! ha!)

    Law School Podcaster

    re. the LSAT, you might find our new podcast helpful.

    It is called

    Everything you need to know about the LSAT


    I have 3 red scarves. I have time to do one more. (I think.) (I hope.) (See, it's catching.)


    I've been making Greek-style yogurt for several years... I don't like the flavored crap sold in the stores. I add a touch of local honey and dice up some pitted dates... heaven in a bowl :)

    By the way, I have two yogurt makers (YoGourmet and Donvier) and a crockpot that I make yogurt in... like I said, I like yogurt. Depends on what kind I'm making and what I container I want to put the finished product in. Yes, I know my grammar sucks.


    I have been thinking about homemade yogurt for a while now! (GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!~ haha)
    but thought I needed one of those gadgets. The last thing I need is another gadget sitting around populating our overcrowded kitchen, yanno?? I will giv the crock method a try.
    I am wondering about fruit flavoring and a bit of sweetener. Thoughts??
    xo (I love parenthesis lately!) ( I can add so much of my thoughts into them!) (Yanno)


    whats with the powdered milk???


    I have officially caught the yogurt craze after catching up on my Thanksgiving blog reading with you & Sandy. I'm off to the store tomorrow for some more milk!


    Making your own yogurt sounds great...we have a farm nearby that makes it and sells it in glass containers. You pay a deposit and return them. Yippee!


    At least, you were busy while I was staring at my dead computer. ;^)

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