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    Sunday, November 22, 2009


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    Geeezzzzuuuusss you are speedy with the needles! My wrist hurts just looking at that!


    Sorry that Mr. J won't get to wear the latest creation. But thanks for posting about the felting prowess of the FL washers. I like the ability to control felting with my top-loader by checking progress at any time.


    See Norma knit! I do believe it might be done in time!


    I don't like my front loading washer for felting because you don't have control over the timing. A knit object can shrink 10, 20, 40% in no time. Some people add tennis balls for added friction in the front loader. Might work.

    Love all the knitting going on in Chez Norma.


    Yeah, those felted bags would take several times through to actually felt. But it might have had more to do with the yarn than with the machine, right?

    (blogging again) a simple yarn

    Right front finished and it's not even Thanksgiving...well done!

    So, what was Barbie's dog's name? Might be a good sweater for him...hmm?


    I was under the impression that you could not use the front loader machines because you could not stop them mid cycle to check on the felting process. You had to willy nilly go through a whole cycle.
    BUMMER! That was my favorite too. Maybe you can find a chilly squirrel?


    That's not true. You can pause it. Cripes, though, that was NEVER the
    problem I had with felting -- it always took sooooooo many cycles.


    I haven't tried felting with my new, shiny front loader. I think my previous felting obsession (now under control) lead to the demise of my old top loader. All of the fiber that's released is bad for the motor, I think. I'm kind of afraid that if I start felting in my new machine, we'll be buying another washer sooner than expected. And they're not cheap!


    I had heard that front loaders felt more efficiently, whether you want them to or not, and I'd say Mr. Jeffries sweater proves that point.

    You are knitting speedily on your Mom's sweater. You might just make it for Christmas, if you aren't doing any more Christmas knitting. I just looked at the calendar and I think a wee bit of panic is setting in for me.


    Oh, good! From the preview, I was afraid it was the blue sweater that'd gotten felted.


    Oh the blue sweater is beautiful!! So sorry about the felting mishap.


    Looks like you'll have to knit Mr J. another sweater. Oh well. It's a hard life... but someone has to keep him fashionista ready.


    Good thing he has two other sweaters, how's about another Peace Fleece for the boy... after you finish Mom's sweater, and can I just say how beautiful it's looking, you WILL have it finished in time, most likely with a bit of time to spare for Mr.J's next sweater :^)


    I felted a 50 inch sweater, in the front loader, even though I'd washed it in the front loader before. I was being gentle with it this time. I soaked it in Soak to clean, but so much yuck came out that instead of just spinning it in the machine, I did the rinse/spin. That water landing on it shrunk it to a 42 inch sweater. It was loosely spun icelandic style yarn... so maybe it depends on the yarn. I wash DH's bartlett sweater (with jeans!) and it has no trouble. And I just did a handwash load with a cabled BFL sweater... no trouble there either.

    So I think it's felting gremlins. Sometimes they visit you when you don't want them, and sometimes they won't come when you do.


    Will it fit a stuffed toy? Sorry 'bout that... though I am sure happy to see how mom's sweater is coming along.

    Mary Fran

    I haven't felted anything (except a washable wool sweater that I didn't mean to) since we moved here. I may have to go back and do a Sophie bag for fun. Or at least something where the amount of shrinkage doesn't matter too much.


    Awww, too bad about the felting! But yay for Mom's sweater! You are smokin'!


    Are you spritzing the needles now and them to keep them from bursting into flame? Holy cow, that knitting is flying!
    Too bad about Mr. J's sweet little sweater. Can you cut off the ribbing and knit borders around it? Shame to waste all that warm felted knitting.


    Well, that's a bummer. Who would have known. I'll see the new one at our next dinner? pressure.


    Poop! Thank goodness the little man has other sweaters to wear. We don't want him turning into a pupcicle.

    Love the sweater! You're on FIRE!

    elizabeth a airhart

    we will all feel a sense of relief

    if you finish your mothers sweater

    in the year 2009

    good night good night parting is
    such sweet sorrow the laundry awaits
    to top load or not to top load
    aye it wracks the soul poor dears


    The fair-isle looks amazing!


    I discovered the hard way about the extraordinary felting ability of front-load washers! I washed a pair of hand knit socks with a load of cold - something I'd done many times with the old top-loaders and sure enough they now would fit a small child very well...

    You could turn the Mr. J coat into a small felted handbag ;-)


    I've had great -- unintentional -- success at felting in my front-loader, too!! Always have...

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