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    Monday, October 19, 2009


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    Nice loot! The sweater will be a knockout!
    And I don't blame you on the dog sweater. Even *I* want to knit Mr J a dog sweater...


    Great choices.

    I'm knitting Gaelic Mist, although I've taken a long break since finishing the cable portion of the body and wet-blocking it to make sure it would actually fit. Did you happen to photograph the one you saw? There are very few FOs on Ravelry.

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Nice shopping! Sorry I missed you Norma, I had an eye out all day. I forgot to look by the doggy sweater booth, I guess.


    Nice shopping...good bag, good yarn! Mr. Jefferies will be so handsome in his new coat and your sweater will be a knockout.


    Looks like you had a great time. I REALLY like the tote bag. :)


    Great purchases!!! I can't wait to see the sweater knitted with the GMS yarn.


    Love that tote! And Merriweather's soap. That Mountain Mohair is GORGEOUS -- LOVE the color.


    Love that green yarn. I'm a sucker for that color. I'd love to see the pattern, too, but I have forgotten my Ravelry username and password AGAIN. Hopefully the reminder function doesn't keep track of how many times you ask to be reminded. I half expect an email with the subject line, "What, you again?"


    You made excellent purchases. And I even got something out of it....I just queued the Gaelic Mist sweater on Ravelry!

    I just knew you'd eventually cave and knit for Mr. J. :)


    Thank you, thank you!

    All your purchases look great. I love the striped tote and that moss green GMS yarn. It is going to be perfect for the sweater you have in mind.

    And of course Mr. J. needs two sweaters. What if one gets wet or dirty? Reminds me of when the kids needed extra snow pants.


    Maybe Mr J's mama could use a nice hat to match his sweater. (Gotta keep the brains warm for learnin'!) I'm thinking the one with a band that buttons on the side. There are several versions out there but can't think of the name of one right now. Love the GMS yarn. Great color.


    Nice finds!

    Re. your other post, I often wind yarn-winder cakes and then just knit from the outside.


    The doggy sweaters were adorable, but Chappy absolutely refuses. He has a winter coat for playing outside in serious snow, but otherwise insists that his own luxurious fur is enough to keep him warm for a walk. He doesn't want to be embarrassed in front of the neighbors.

    Of course, the saddest part about our new home will be that there's nowhere for him to go to romp in the snow--and he LOVES romping in snow!


    Great stuff! I didn't visit any of those vendors (except GMS) so it's fun to see them here. Love the tote!


    If Mr Jefferies limities himself to black sweaters everyone will suspect him of being a beat poet. Black never goes out of style and it goes with everything.

    As for your purchases, nice tote bag, very nice yarn. Good taste all around.


    I'm so sorry I didn't run into you, but it looks like you had a very good time indeed. You got some lovely stuff, and clearly showed restraint in your purchases. I hope you had fun (i'm sure you did!).


    Thanks for the links. Especially the doggy sweater people. Hannah is definitely due for new winter wear.


    When I saw the Style Hounds booth, I thought of Mr. Jefferies. I'm so glad he's going to have a lovely hand-knit sweater for the cold Vermont winter.

    Mary Fran

    Nice - I'm thinking the tote bag would be a nice addition to the Red Scarf Fund giveaways and that you should rig it so I could win. Going to look at the site now, though I'm kind of a bag hound and not sure I can justify another purchase. I'll have to do what I tell my kids and "put it on my Christmas list".


    Ahh, so YOU'RE the one who bought all that Moss Green that I wanted for the sweater from the new GMS book! Brat. Sorry I missed you...I saw NO ONE all day Sunday. Well, half a day...I finally left at noon. Weird Rhinebeck this year.


    Great haul!!!
    I like Tish's suggestion to make something from the second dog coat yarn for people head or maybe mitts?
    If my dogs weren't so darned big I'd knit for them too. Oh, geez, I guess maybe I should...
    Pewter buttons?! Yum!

    Jean E.

    Cool stuff. Can't wait to see Mr. J showing off his new sweater! I might knit for my dog this winter, too. I am looking for a pattern for felted dog boots; his feet get cold when the temps get down in the teens.


    NORMA! Did you see the prices of the handknit sweaters for dogs on that site...clearly I am in the wrong business and must start knitting for dogs immediately...


    Why am I not surprised that Mr J will be getting a lovely hand knit sweater (or two)........ Although I like the suggestion of a hat to match for his mom.


    My friend Nancy will be thrilled that you posted her bag. She's a great seamstress and designer. I'm trying to talk her into opening an Esty shop so she gets more exposure. People loved that style bag. One woman kept saying, "Finally! Something catproof."


    Great Rhinebeck finds! It was a blast, wasn't it?


    Just a tiny bit more than nothing. Well done!


    I saw that Style Hounds booth and thought of Mr J!! So cute. When you will start knitting his sweater?

    elizabeth a airhart

    looking good


    Two gray sweaters will work perfectly. A posh dog like Mr. Jeffries would never dream of wearing his country clothes in the city!


    Great, great choices, all! SUPERB SHOPPING! I mean, *I* would have gone more for the Sandy in a bag, but hey, that's just me. HEH.
    I am copying you know what today and sending it off. :)


    I was just thinking what a gorgeous color you chose, and then remembered I made a sweater out of that very yarn ;) Gaelic Mist will be stunning!

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