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    Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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    Oh gah! Sorry about the wallet fiasco. :(

    Enjoy your time at R! I'm jealous. Maybe next year... {sigh}


    I hope you make it through the wallet incident with minimal trouble.


    That yarn is freakin GORGEOUS! Now I want to try to recreate the color with some batts.


    MOST people will do the right thing. Let's hope.
    The yarn LOOKS so soft! It is really lovely, color, texture, pattern choice. I'm feeling the love and so will..... well.. the recipient. (I almost said the name but then thought better of it!)
    Tin cup at Rhinebeck. I hadn't thought of that approach! :D


    The yarn looks incredible. Sucks about the wallet. See you very soon. 2 more sleeps!


    That color is my favorite kind of blue. Just gorgeous. Sounds like a perfect NYC kind of day! (Sorry about the wallet. Hope you get it back.)


    Beautiful yarn! I'm not normally a big fan of blue, but indigo is the exception.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your wallet turning up.


    I've been ripping out and re-doing the same scarf for days as well. Where are you staying? Hope it's poop free!! ;-)

    Margaret in Ontario

    That yarn looks wonderful. Amazing colour, so rich and deep. Sorry about the wallet woes; hope things go smoothly in restoring your official self. Very glad you said yes to Rhinebeck! We're driving down tomorrow. Going to camp a the Catskills... Today's agenda: find every woollen garment in the house and layer same upon my person. Hope to see you there! (I may or may not be the one with the blue lips.)


    Contact the credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on your credit report, just in case someone not so nice get hold of your identity.


    Oh NO!! Hopefully the wallet will show disconcerting. That yarn looks heavenly and I love the color, too. Have fun at Rhinebeck!! I'll miss you all.


    aaaargh!! Losing a wallet is such a PAIN. I hope someone finds it and does the right thing. Love the yarn ... and can't wait to see you this weekend!


    I'm sorry to hear about the wallet loss. It's a pain in the arse! Especially right before Rhinebeck. I will be looking for you and your tin cup at. :) I'm really looking forward to this weekend, and am bringing lots of layers to wear because every time I look at the weather forecast it has changed.


    Quelle bummer about the wallet. I have been pleasantly surprised after such an event, here's wishing the same for you. That yarn is a stunner, wish I had seen some while in ME recently.


    I love that blue!
    So sorry about the wallet. It is such a drag to find a good replacement and then recreate the contents. You better have a totally fabulous weekend to balance things out.


    Oooh, that yarn is gorgeous! Have a little fun at Rhinebeck with my name on it, OK?


    How awful to lose your wallet! It's all the hassle of getting things again that I hate. I'm sure you'll be fine at Rhinebeck. They take checks, don't they?


    That is gorgeous yarn!!!! I would love enough for a sweater to wrap up in when it gets cold. Sometime in Jan. Did I mention I live in FLA???


    I was just looking at Shadow Box this morning and thinking about how nice and warm it would be to have on.

    Hope your wallet shows up!! Have a blast at Rhinebeck. :)


    The yarn is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Lucky recipient!!! Where in Maine is it spun? Have fun at Rhinebeck!!!


    Oh damnit, Norma, about the wallet, that even gave me that initial feeling of... dread in the pit of the stomach. Hoping it's returned, and gah on replacing everything.
    I spent a lovely time checking out Swans Island, reading all about them, how utterly cool. The yarn is GORgeous and the colour...WoW! Beautiful! A couple of people come to mind.. blue loving people :^)
    edited to add: YAY!!!! re: wallet! Hoping the cards can be reissued asap! Let's hear it for good and decent folks.

    Mary Fran

    I so heart that yarn. It looks divine. I just got a box from Webs last night, so I have too much in my queue already. I also had to queue up the shadow box. I think I need that for my cold office. Sorry you went through the hassle of canceling your cards. My husband's card went missing, and he didn't realize it for 10 days. But we check our account daily and nothing red flagged. Turns out he left it at a restaurant in NH, they had it in the safe and mailed it to us.


    It's good to hear that your wallet is back! Cancelling all the cards is such a pain, but not nearly as much of a pain as getting all the other stuff replaced.


    Yup, that's my favorite of the NYC yarn shops I've been to. I'm glad your wallet was located safely, and maybe I'll see you at Rhinebeck. :)


    Lovely new top o' the blog, Norma - I hope it hasn't been up for a week & I just now noticed. I am only nominally a knitter & do not belong to Ravelry, although I do click on the link every now & again & mean to join. Thanks for your every day work here.


    You will be cash'n'carry @ Rhinebeck? Maybe that will be good for the budget, although baaaad for the stash and the mind.

    Seanna Lea

    Your yarn crawl sounds just about my speed. When I was last in NY I went to a few places, but they were all right around Habu. I missed everything that wasn't in that small few block radius.

    I'm pretty sure I'm missing Rhinebeck this year. Don't have the foggiest idea how I'd be getting down to it.

    Barbara Meyers

    Probably a good thing the credit cards are cancelled.... a friend lost her wallet & had it returned with all the credit cards in it. Unfortunately, someone had written down all the numbers and since she did not cancel them, she ended up dealing with a lot of problems since that someone else had a good time ordering stuff with them. You protected yourself from that scam.... of course, no one in the lovely state of Vermont is that devious but still......

    I'll be happy to help if I run into you at Rhinebeck!

    Barbara M.

    Diane H.

    Ah, the banner - I looked at it in detail today...
    New doggie photo, red scarf, garden goodies, pretty rose petal jam jars (which I continue to enjoy!!) and the critical "Norma in Knit Wear Ecstasy" photo! You done good.

    And Rhinebeck - will I ever be able to return? It's so difficult to find a place to stay. Looking forward to your reportage and adventures there.


    At least, you got some yarn out of the trip.

    Thank goodness! I'm so glad it was found.

    elizabeth a airhart

    fun posting nyc is a good town

    faith in ones human kind has been restored

    my part of fl will cool down a tad

    the banner still looks good

    good night


    That yarn is beautiful. I want to reach out and squish it! Thanks for the link to the website. I'm on Mount Desert Island right now (next to Swans Island) and I never heard of that company. Did you look at their blankets? I want to wrap myself up in one right now.


    That yarn is just beautiful! Too bad about the wallet though. Canceling cards is always the pits!


    beauuuuutiful yarn and beauuuuutiful color. You do find some amazing things.


    Hurray for the found wallet despite the hassle with the CCs! Have fun at Rhinebeck and I hope I see you to say hello.


    Yay for finding the wallet! Boo for finding it after all the cards were cancelled. :o(

    Super yay! for going to Rhinebeck! See you this weekend! :o)


    You are going to LOVE knitting with the Swan's Island yarn!!! I found it at Halcyon Yarns in Bath in September and fell head over heels in love. On my first trip I bought two skeins on fingering yarn .. one in spring green and the other in orange. The colors are pure magic!! After knitting up a sock in the green I knew that I had to have some of the heavier weight to knit myself a cozy sweater so back I went for more!!


    Glad to hear your wallet was found.. I have been through that a few times; once I found it right outside the door, when the snow had melted enough! I hope you have a great time at Rhinebeck; I thought the vendors all preferred cash anyway, and I am sure your local tellers will be happy to oblige.

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