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    Friday, September 11, 2009


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    I still cannot convince myself to get one, but think about it sometimes.

    Cindy (maxfun)

    Your recent posts have reminded me about how great it is to have had a hysterectomy. :)


    First I ever saw of these was the Moon Cup, which is a UK product. Sounds interesting, even if it doesn't make me wish I had lady plumbing. On the UK site, though, the testimonials were interesting, to say the least. One woman, in particular, advocated using the "emissions" as fertiliser for houseplants, which just struck me as, well, maybe just a bit too crunchy.


    Yes! Yes yes YES! I loooooove my Mooncup. Preach it!


    I should get paid to talk about re-usable cloth pads. No one ever believes me that they are so much more comfortable than the disposable ones...and for a lady with light flow, they're just right. If you ever find yourself needing a little extra back up, GladRags are the way to go.


    YES! I love my Diva Cup too. I even have the same pretty purple storage pouch as you.


    I've been meaning to get one of these for a long time - thanks for the kick in the, err, pants. Ahem.


    I used a Keeper for 10 years and recently replaced it with a Diva Cup. Never going back to tampons.


    It's now nownormamenstrates . . . :-)


    I just started thinking about one of these. Alright, I'll finally buy one.


    There you go again. See - I was totally not expecting another post down this road. Another similar road with a lot of the same signposts and whatnot, but that just goes to show you it's never dull around here.

    Wanda in AR

    I am so grateful, I had no longer have to deal this problem every month. I had to have surgery when I was 32 and the last 8 years have been wonderful. No more monthly aches and pains, etc., etc..


    It's now nownormamenstrates . . . :-)


    As I read yesterday about your problem I kept thinking "She needs to use a cup" and lo but you already do. I also don't carry mine around (but then, I don't get out much so it's never been an issue). I love mine so much! I also love the cloth pad I made myself (crazy easy and I suck at sewing) because though I hate (hatehaaaaaate) pads I think that hate is more about the bunchy feeling of plastic around my lady bits. The cloth pad? Don't even know it's there (much like the cup). I put small metal snaps on the wings to keep it in place (though it doesn't need them) and they work double-time as holders when I fold it up and tuck it away for next month. It's useful for when I'm just starting or just ending a cycle as backup (though it's definitely useable as a full pad if I wanted). Besides the green aspect and superior comfort (this from a pad-hater), how can I not love something so pretty? ( - it's about 2.5" square and .75-1" high - and


    Huh? Do I live under a rock? I've never heard of these and I'm on the other side O'40... lol


    I have to echo Wanda in AR's comment. I had to go through chemo in my forties, before menopause. I don't miss the monthly issues at all. For me, it also meant missing the whole menopause/winding down phase. I'm not sad to have missed that experience either.


    Thanks for posting about this. I've been wanting to give the cup a go, but haven't for various (idiotic) reasons. Hearing you rave about yours was the kick in the pants I needed to just do it. =)


    Norma, I got my period yesterday, and I'm blaming you. On the up side--diva cup is in place, so it's all good.

    Mary Fran

    DUDE - I so don't want to go down that road, but now you're making me re-think it. It's the green side of things... we've switched to cloth napkins, stainless steel water bottles (boo on Sigg), local milk delivery in glass bottles. You had to throw down the green card, didn't you? OK, I'll think about it. UGH. TT: I'm a sorority girl. I had to do it. Getting an engineering degree, I needed some women in my life. Lost touch with a lot of them, but through the magic of Facebook we are reconnecting and having a ball catching up.


    ROFL! Green periods. OMG, I LURVES it. And EW to Mel's comment about the house plants....
    Next time I have a period (any day now, I'm blaming you) I'm totally going to feel all smug whilst getting my groceries in plastic bags and driving my honking SUV.


    Someone may have pointed this out already, but I heard about the Diva/Moon/Keeper cups from another blogger a couple years ago. Back then I seriously considered it, but since having another child and having an IUD put in, I don't really have more than mild spotting for a period anymore.

    However, the posts I read back then are still some of the funniest stuff on the Internet. You have to read the comments though, and there are a lot of them, so you may not have time.

    Oh my god, I think I might go read them all again, just for old time's sake.

    P.S. I go commando sometimes too. Usually only when I know I don't have to leave the house. I wouldn't go to the doctor that way (though I don't know why not since I usually have to get nekkid anyway) or to an exercise class.


    I wish I had one more period to try on of those cups, you make them sound so attractive ! :)


    I am finally convinced; whenever I eventually get my period back (between the pregnancy and the nursing, I've been essentially without bleeding for two and a half years (oh bliss! oh love!), and since we're going to try and get pregnant again next spring, I'm really looking for a five year stretch here...but EVENTUALLY, I plan on trying out one of these. They sound really awesome.


    Totally agree - I love my moon cup too!


    Mm, I used to have a "Keeper" which I think was then acquired by the company that makes Diva. Anyway, Diva seems nicer because it's silicone and not latex. But alas! It is only maybe-compatible with an IUD! I mean, it's maybe ok, but it maybe might pull it out too. That would be bad. So I'm not a cup woman for now, sadly. I should make cloth pads so I can remain hippie-ish and not all reliant on the drugstore like I am now.

    Hey, you might like the Museum of Menstruation, a site that ate about a week of my time when I was in college. It's fun.


    I am more than willing to share with Rachel if we can figure out how to make that work. I miss the pill (and no periods at all). Periods are stupid and annoying. However, life without the side-effect headaches is so nice.

    Oh, and I'm not doing the cup route. I'm not having babies. No diapers in the landfill. I recycle, reuse and repurpose as much as I can. I have my limits. :p


    Oh my gosh!! I seriously loved my Diva!! My periods were entering the premenopausal stage just happening whenever and lasting however long they wanted and heavy to boot. Had an ablation done in my doctors office, and in 90 seconds my periods were done away with forever!! No messing with hormones and no cutting of anything! I am truly happy!


    I don't know... Not a big fan of the idea of putting any man-made materials inside my body for any length of time. Unbleached cotton for me, thanks. Though it's going to be quite some time before I need to worry about that again.


    Hmmm... I have always considered these things gross but maybe I should reconsider. It is greener, which is one motivator for me. And cost saving, which should help my husband get over it. Plus the Diva Cup is made in Canada - I think that's what might really push me over the fence but we'll see.

    elizabeth a airhart

    good night

    Seanna Lea

    I know a few other people who swear by the Diva Cups, but it just feels awkward to me. I'm not sure I could get over my personal discomfort to use it.

    Of course, any ick factor I feel about using the cup will likely disappear after I have to deal with all of the ick factors of raising children (umm, dirty diapers, vomiting).

    Melissa G

    This was impossible to read with a straight face with my husband puttering around in the workroom (playing with power tools) behind me. I'll have to try again later.


    Wow, I think I might try that! You don't think it will get lost do you?

    ginevra - TypePad Community Manager

    I've got girlfriends who've used the Diva cup - never tried it myself, but I've got to give it more thought now. :D

    Glad things are working a bit better, if not yet perfect, with the TypePad comments and replying to them. We put in a quick fix for everyone yesterday, but the bigger overhaul will be next week, and we'll see how that works. Thanks again to everyone for being so patient.


    I can't believe I'm coming out of lurkdom to comment on menstrual cups...
    Drawn primarily by the "green" angle, I decided to get one about a year ago. And WOW. Yes, it's saving me money. Yes, it's keeping waste out of the landfill. But who even cares about that, when it makes it like I don't even HAVE a period? It's awesome! And any of you who are squeamish, know that even someone like me, who is just horrible about things like blood and minimally invasive medical procedures, does fine with this. I haven't passed out even once due to the Moon Cup.

    Do you honestly need any more reason to get one?
    Fine. Here:

    Angie L.

    Gotta de-lurk for this one. When I tried using the cup, anytime I coughed, sneezed, laughed, or lifted anything semi-heavy, the sucker would tilt, spill and start to slowly pop out. Oh well, I must be the one with a wonky snooch. Cotton ponies for me then.

    Angie L.

    Ok, guess I shoulda clicked the linky first. That's not the same cup I used. I used "instead". That thing was the size of a small jacuzzi. This one might actually work... till I fart or something. But, I think I'll try it for light days.

    Lisa R

    Have you noticed that a lot of cool things (that knitters notice, anyway) come out of Canada? :)


    Yay, Diva cup! My friends all tease me because I turn into an informercial person whenever I talk about it. But it's seriously awesome.


    The teenager in my life has just gone on a birth control pill which means she will have only four periods a year. I'm not sure whether I'm appalled or envious. I had to have a hysterectomy to control my lava flow, she just takes a pill every day.


    Sorry I'm late to reading these posts! So, I heard about this thing last year at the Common Ground Fair (coming up in a couple of weeks), and thought what a fabulous item. But at 48.5, I wondered if I was nearly done... (I keep hoping anyhow), and is it worth the investment for perhaps 5 more months. If I get one, I'll stop menstruating almost immediately. If I don't, I'll keep on for another 10 years. I think it'd be way better than that sponge that was popular in the 80's.

    I can't believe that about the women's health center. There are only 6 permanent people in my office, 4 are women, and the temp staff is about half and half... but we keep a box of OB in the bathroom, and some in my bag, and in my desk, and in my backpack, and in my knitting bag, and in my car...

    I can't believe that women still wear pads... talk about UNCOMFORTABLE! Yikes.


    I heard about the cup but towards the end of the whole bleeding woman business, I certainly would've given it a try but... both of Angie L's comments cracked me up (wonky snooch!), and I had horrid blood letting periods, think train wreck, for 7 full days, I just had a hard time 'trusting' them. If I'd read this post 10 years ago I would've gotten one. fersure. :^)

    Starshadow Rivaulx

    I wish I could buy a menstrual cup here! But alas, only available in my country (a) online, or (b) through kindness of friends in US/Canada. In any case, I shouldn't be fussing about how to get one when I have to save up the money to get one...

    Loved this post, very educational and humorous!



    I was on vaca so missed many of my favorite bloggers posts, but I have to come back and comment on this one. Yes the DIVA cup is freaking amazing. LOVE it and try to "convert" as many women as I can. I am happy I found it relatively early in my life. I have used it for less than a year and it has paid for itself 3 or 4 times over. AMEN sister!

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