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    Wednesday, September 09, 2009


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    Who couldn't forgive that adorable face? (Although I did miss him - what does that say about me that I comment more consistently when the dog writes... hmmmm.... wonder what the ol' therapist would think about that one?!)


    I think it's awesome that Typepad has responded so well. That's a real testimony to you, Norma.


    Thank goodness when business listens to it's customers. It's a good thing.
    Hi Mr. J. LX


    I second Carole, but also big props to Joan who started the whole thread over there at Typepad and got this thing out in the light for all to see.


    I'm so glad to hear they are not leaving the issue to fester. Sh*t happens, but then it needs to be cleaned up.

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    Trust, but verify.


    Tell Mr. Jeffries that I'm terribly angry at Alpha Alpha for not allowing him to post yesterday. I missed him and think perhaps AA deserves a swat on the nose with a newspaper for being so bad. Or no squeaky toys for a week. Or something just as horrible.

    Good to hear that some good is coming out of this. Happy Wednesday Norma!


    Wow, glad to hear this as moving my blog was going to be a serious PITA and I just do not have the time right now! Thanks for keeping me updated!


    Good to hear. :)


    So happy y'all don't *have* to go through the trauma of moving... What a PITA it would have been.
    Now you can choose.


    Great to see you back. Let's hope they come through, moving would be such a drag. Tell Mr. Jeffries that we missed him but look forward to next Tuesday.
    Have a great day!


    Whew!! It has been SO irritating. I tried to find a 'help' message and then just did not have the time to wade through all of it. Personally, I have also found their help tickets to be very slow, as in days.


    Here's hoping they come through. I know I'd not want to stand in opposition of the likes of you, Joan, Cookie, and all the others :^) can't you just hear them? "FFS, give them what they want! ASAP!" Yes, I missed Mr.J yesterday :^) but totally understand the three day pesky headache.


    So glad to read this. I really want to stay with Typepad -- just so much easier than making a switch.


    That's terrific news about Typepad (I followed that conversation and was impressed with your, um, restraint...not one "fucksake"!). I don't think it's going to change anything for me, but you never know.


    Seems like many of us are ready to forgive Typepad for their temporary really bad idea.

    As for missing Mr. Jeffreys... Me Too! Me Too!


    I've already told you how thrilled I am at having been heard and at not having to pack up and move 5+ years of near-daily blog posts, pictures, and links. I'm here to tell you again! ; ) Not that I couldn't use a little housecleaning and a new coat of paint, myself, but I'm not ready to haul off and move to another country, learn a new language, etc.


    Dear Mr. J: Please tell AA it's ok that you missed ONE Tuesday but there better not be a repetition or there will be more than Terrier Tuesday going on.

    Dear Norma: It's nice to hear you don't have to pack up the gypsy wagon and haul ass out of town - especially with the school year just beginning.

    Cheryl S.

    I figured they'd probably make changes once people started leaving in droves.


    Great news! Can Mr. J. make it up to us with Terrier Thursday?


    Glad to hear things got sorted out. At least someone with brains decided it was worth their while to fix the mess, so kudos to them. Sorry to hear about your headache, a good nights sleep should help.


    Typepad should listen to you! Great to hear that they are. Of course, I always miss Mr. Jefferies and/or you if you don't post, but as I have said before, you do have a life. Feel better.


    I'm glad to hear that Typepad is going to make things right. Thank you for speaking up for all of us Typepad users!


    I'm so glad the Typepad troubles should soon be resolved.

    I hope you get the rest you need and the headache leaves immediately.

    Jean E.

    Mr Jeffries, I am sure it will be worth the wait.


    I'm sure it was all that doggie talk that did it. ;^)


    Yay! I had submitted a complaining help ticket and was encouraged to receive a polite reply that they regretted just dumping this out there and were hoping to restore *options*. After spending too long this afternoon replying to comments by cutting and pasting email addresses, it can't come soon enough for me!

    elizabeth a airhart

    i will take a rain check snow check any kind of check check

    it would have been a pita?

    did you know that debbie bliss has a pattern for a clothes pin bag
    or a peg bag -the times i have been out side helping mother
    hang up the sheets and etc by size colour and one pin in her mouth

    life back in the good old days and now


    Yee haw! Norma scores again! And TypePad will score, too, as soon as they come through on their promise(s). Thanks to you and Joan for taking the lead on this one.

    I'd like to wake up to a Terrier Thursday tomorrow, assuming AA's headache goes away -- but a Terrier Friday (or Saturday or Sunday or whatever) would be acceptable, too ;-)


    Mr J should be expecting a treat soon since his naughty AA forgot to leave him the laptop. He'll get over it.


    My week will not be complete without some terrier.


    Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, but you managed to leave the zippiest comment I've seen in some time on Teresa's bad habits post today!

    Happy to hear the Typepad situation is getting resolved!


    Yay! Glad to hear it worked out! And kudos to them for having the courage to face down an angry Norma! hee


    I miss you, Mr. Jeffries! Glad you got TypePad straight, Norma. Nice work!


    Anything for Mr. Jeffries! And thanks for going to bat for all of us Typepad users and taking on the corporation.

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