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    Monday, July 27, 2009


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    Gardening is certainly not the usual this rainy, gray year. I do mostly flowers and they definitely need a good stretch of sunshine. The few days we've had they just seem to stretch and reach for the sun!


    That squash is scary... And just so wrong.
    We put peas and black raspberries in the freezer last night. That timing is a little odd, as well.


    It's crazy how some of your garden is growing gangbusters and other parts are barely hanging on. It must be frustrating. How cool to see you knitting and progressing so quickly!


    Yup, wierd gardening year for sure! We're eating raspberries every day. My winter squash all died but my Melons are going nuts!


    No tomatoes here yet either. Sigh. Lots and lots of blueberries for picking, though. Why does it suddenly turn so humid when it's time to pick the blueberries? Why?!?


    Yep, ca-razy garden and no 'meds' to be had for it either :^) The blueberries...MMMMMMM. same goes for the sweater back, thank you Mr.J and Mr.Squeaky.


    I think my garden's going along with yours in the crazy department. I've got a few tomato blossoms but no fruit yet. I've got some summer squash but not nearly as much as I'd expect. The pumpkin has been flowering for weeks but keeps dropping anything that tries to become an actual pumpkin. I have beans coming out the wazoo and the quantity of baby cucumbers are definitely in the "scary" levels.

    I envy you that winter squash!


    Mother Nature is confused this year, winter squash now is wild. lol
    I'm currently drooling over your blueberry photo...


    At this rate you'll be finished your sweater before I finish mine! And I think Mr. J. has excellent taste in squeaky toys.


    Oh, yum, that bowl of blueberries looks delicious (I think I'm hungry right now, too, so EXTRA delicious).


    That little pig squeaky toy looks like lots of fun! :-) My garden is having . . . issues. . . this year, too.



    I've got purple green beans, wax ones, and well as TWO cherry tomatoes!! Earliest I've EVER had tomatoes in Seattle!!


    I know that I am on vacation and perhaps my brain is not in working gear, but...>WHY did you have to rescue your pear tree from the winter squash?
    LOVE your sweater. And squash. Have I told you my love of winter squash?
    Scritch to Mr. J.


    I feel like a dork only commenting about Mr. Jefferies, but he makes me so. happy. I love his restraint in not stepping on the sweater, but rather simply gifting it with squeaky toy.

    Seanna Lea

    Wow. I love your pile of blueberries. Are they high bush or a different variety?


    Is that one of them fancy flyin' piggies?

    elizabeth a airhart

    it has been a strange july
    i live in florida not even a whiff out in the atlantic
    lack of sunspots so they say or vampires


    Love the pig. My dog has a rubber chicken that she is rather fond of.

    No garden for me this year- just a windowsill full of herbs. Probably a good thing as we are in an extreme drought here in South Texas and we can no longer water but once a week...


    Meanwhile, in Sunny Oregon... It's been a great year for gardening, but we're getting weird, weird weird intense heat this week. Ah well. The okra, which I'm not really supposed to be able to grow here, is loving it.

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