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    Sunday, July 26, 2009


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    Nancy Mc

    Oh, Norma. That is so beautiful. The color is stunning. The shawl, I don't even know what to say. I have a special fondness for all things orange. It was my brother's favorite color. I always try to find a little orange wherever I can. And I have two nieces who minored in Russian in college. What can I say!!! I love that shawl. And it looks like you do too. Enjoy it and the friendships that brought it to you.


    It's so beautiful, both the story and the shawl.
    I think we need to make a field trip to watch Cookie in her natural habitat. She's obviously mastered the art of knitting in her sleep. It's the only explanation for the sheer volume of gorgeous knitting.


    Lovely - but I am most impressed (and jealous) that the sun came out long enough for you to do a photo shoot.

    Orange is vital to me - a little bit must appear in every project I do. My mother used to think she hated orange until I started to give her handmade gifts. Now she reports all the comments along the lines of "the orange makes it work."

    In that black dress you definitely make the orange work!


    Cookie is insane, but she can knit! I adore that orange shawl and if I was you, would not wear it my presence. It might get "lost".

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Very glamorous (pronounced glah-MOR-us in our household for extra oomph.)


    Everyday my admiration for orange, and it's variations, grows. I'm even going to knit an orange (tangerine) shawl for myself. Cookie is an awesome friend. She hates people (so she says) but she loves as many as she hates. She is an amazing person and friend. That shawl looks smashing on you!


    Great story! Some technology has the potential to separate us from other human beings, but the internet and email (done correctly) can bring us together in the coolest ways!


    That shawl is totally amazing!!! You are a lucky girl!


    Lovely, lovely shawl. Great story, too! Blog buds are the best.


    Beautiful shawl. It's just right for a woman who has recently celebrated her, what, 35th birthday.


    I love that you are wearing a floor length dress and a stunning stole in a field of hay. Cookie's amazing, isn't she?


    Excellent photo shoot!


    Absolutely lovely!
    Bravo to Cookie and Kristen and cheers to wonderful friends.
    Great photos too - you look fabulous Norma!!


    Love the photo shoot location! The shawl is gorgeous and our Cookie is indeed amazing! It looks fabulous on you.

    elizabeth a airhart

    a lovely sunday to you and cookie and kristen
    and the kind words written on the page

    i think the photos look like a romance book cover

    Cheryl S.

    The shawl is awesome on you. (Of course, it would be awesome on me, too...)

    But the photos made me laugh - I had the impression that in the first two modeled shots, you were looking at the end of the shawl for a mistake. Then in the third one, you're pointing it out.

    Hee hee!


    Great story about connections...Love the beautiful stole!


    You look great in orange (lucky). And, yes, our Cookie rocks, doesn't she? I honestly do not know how she does it.


    Do you ever look elegant in that dress and the shawl sets it off so nicely.


    Lovely modeled shots, Norma, and that is a beautiful stole. Cookie is a marvelous knitter and a super person despite (or because of) the people-hating. :D


    You make that stole, The Norma. Thank you for the wonderful photos and great post. Is it good or bad that I barely remember knitting that stole? Don't answer that. Just figure out what I'm knitting next for you.


    Janice in Camas

    ooh, la la!


    Three strands?! I read the process on her blog and she really did knit that thing in no time flat. It's so beautiful on you!


    You mean I'm going to have to break down and buy that book? Crap - more money spent!

    Did the hay bale itch? And what did the farmer say about this dame strolling into his fields in a long black dress? With a photographer along too boot!

    Seriously, it's a lovely story and you are indeed blessed to have wonderful friends like that.


    Great modeling job! The shawl is truly beautiful!




    Gorgeous photos and a beautiful knit. What a lovely momento of your friends.


    The stole is beautiful - and the story of collaboration and friendship via knitting on on the web is even more beautiful! Such an inspiration - and so very necessary now.. Wear it in good health.


    Oh YUMMY! Gorgeous shawl! Beautiful yarn (Kristen :^) and Beautifully Knit (Cookie :^)! and Norma, you are beyond stunning draped with that gorgeous Beauty! but wait... everyone else is seeing a long black dress? I'm seeing a pretty aubergine coloured tank like top and some type of trouser, navy blue. egads, has the addled brain gone to my eyesight?!? Really matters not, you Vixen, you. heh..(having a tough fucking time with computer connections today, bah!)


    ps... love the turquoise looking earrings with the shawl!


    Oh man. {sniffle, sniffle, dab eyes}


    Oh Norma... Great story about knitting and friendship.

    Really love your Green Acres moment: Elegant you in slinky dress, elegant shawl... and, a hay bale!


    Gorgeous - just...just... gorgeous. I'm not even a fan of orange, but I'd happily relieve you of the burden of owning that shawl if you ever get tired of it. :)


    You look so splendid in orange! Unlike me. No fear that I might steal the stole... hmm... unless I dyed it...

    Chris Gough

    Gooooorgeous! (singing sound) So very very cool. Knitting friends are the best.


    It is even more gorgeous than I had imagined. That Cookie is so very amazing.

    Also, you look fabulous in this shawl.

    Carrie K



    So pretty! Also, happy belated birthday... just catching up on my reading today. :)

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