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    Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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    Yay for your readers! I'm glad people could help out.


    Yes, Norma has quite the slew of good peeps here.
    Congrats on your job! of course, I'm sitting here concerned about your COBRA payment for July and August... health reforms can't happen soon enough in my book. Here's hoping you find something to get you through the rest of the Summer.
    I'm partial to Jon Stewart's "Clusterfuck to the poor house" :^)

    Seanna Lea

    I hope you find a job for the summer soon! There is never a great time to be unemployed!


    Wow, Kristen - I'm so glad you got the support you needed from Norma's readers. They really are generous. Congrat's on your placement in the fall :)


    Congratulations on the job in the fall, but I too am concerned about your COBRA for the summer. I hope you are aboe to find something soon.


    She-who-has-a-phd...and now a 1-year position! First, congratulations!!!
    Second, FYI (from someone in a similar boat) the 1-year lectureship I had the year before last came with a contract dated 7/1/07-6/30/08. The insurance that came with the job covered that time period. If you've already signed a contract for next year, check this out with your HR office, you might not need COBRA once the contract starts. Contracts vary, so check it out. Ask very explicit questions of the HR person, but this is what they do so they should be able to give you pretty straight answers. Good luck and congratulations!


    Keep up the good work- I was in a similar place last year (having not finished my PhD but having ran out of funding) and at the last minute I got a visiting/fellowship gig that employed me for the year and paid my tuition and fees and miraculously landed a TT job during the hideous job cycle of doom, and now have just finished my dissertation and am moving to the new job. It does happen- people do somehow get academic jobs and you will get through this. Good luck to you.


    Add me to the list of people worrying about you and the next COBRA payment.

    Congratulations on the new gig!



    Gosh it's good to be out of college and concentrate on being a bill paying adult, huh??
    Yeah. Well, Kristen, it has it's good points! CONGRATS!!!!!

    Tracy J.

    Congratulations! Vanquish the beast!

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