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    Thursday, May 14, 2009


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    I was going to suggest that you have a bit of a lie down for a bit. But. Then I figured, Norma? A designer? Why not? YOU know what you like. You know how to get it.
    You are woman.
    (Can't wait to see it unfurl)


    heh heh heh... the designing urge, it is insidious. You know, if you did want to publish the pattern, ever, I have the skillz to write it up and grade it to different sizes, and stuff...


    Well, it's about time you took matters into your own very capable hands. I'm glad you decided to make the summer top. I have a concern about the button band on that DROPS pattern but I have started a sleeve (love it!) and am thinking about the problem. Maybe by the time you are done with the brown tank I will have worked it out.


    I will be damned.


    This looks adorable! I always start with a garment I own too for shaping! Smart lady, you are.


    Not only does she knit....go grrl!


    Say Hi to AM for me - she used to live in Idaho and we saw her and her hubby every May at the Snake River Festival.

    You do get around tho. Just sayin.


    Give her a hug from me - I was going to go visit her yesterday, and got called into work, instead.
    So, Hot Fudge Tank, designed by Norma? Shiny!


    Hee! My own designing adventures were born of frustration, because I couldn't find just what I wanted already written up. I inevitably end up changing 'proper' patterns to fit my weird body shape anyways, so it was the next logical step. I'll be eager to see how this works out!


    That's entirely too see, I wanted a knitted tank top too. I looked at the same patterns and had the same reaction (really not for work and I am getting too old to pull that action off) and I have been pondering doing my own design as well. Maybe one day I can be Norma when I grow up...

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!


    How about Chocolate Tank? That conjures up delicious visions.

    When my eyes encountered your sketch, my immediate thought was, "Norma." It looks like you. Perfect.

    Cheryl S.

    Yahoo! Rock on!

    Seanna Lea

    I love the idea of designing a tank or a sweater based on a garment I actually wear, but I'm not sure I could convince myself to stop wearing something for long enough to match the garments up.


    I look forward to seeing how this progresses. I haven't gotten too far into the realm of designing, but someday I will.


    Chocolate Fondue?


    Do I know you?


    Chocolate anything is a good thing!
    Happy knitting!! My mojo is back but my knitting time in my schedule is not... I'll enjoy vicariously through you. :)


    Today it's a tank for yourself, tomorrow an aran sweater for the masses. A designer is born!


    Sisters are doing it for themselves!

    elizabeth a airhart

    your mojo is really running high

    the tank is not for the young ones
    black lace under black cashmere
    would be lovely a hot humid good night


    mmm what about "Magic Shell" from the stuff that goes on ice cream and molds to it, and gets all hard then you crack it to the ever-so-slightly melted ice cream under....

    I digress.


    That is going to be such a cute top. However, I am now just thinking about chocolate.

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