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    Friday, April 10, 2009


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    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Holy crap what a nightmare of a day for you. Glad you're feeling better, Ms. Hallock...


    Glad you pulled through with your sense of humor intact. We love you too, Norma. Hope your Friday goes much better.


    Yee gads! One of the side effects of one of my brain drugs is vertigo, but it usually only happens if I stand up too quickly. What you describe would have had me up a tree with anxiety too! Thinking of you.

    PS I know what 1000 origami cranes signify, but what would 1000 origami penises get you?


    I have had BPPV and it sucks. Bad. There is a ton of info on the internet and while the wierd contortions they show to get you over it look odd, they do work. You also really do have to sleep almost upright for a few evenings after doing them. I had it once for months and the second time it was only a week but knock on wood I don't *ever* want to have it again.


    Been there, done that as a side effect of a medicine...VERY scary stuff especially before you know what it is...and yes, like AnnaMarie says, the weird positions DO help...and I don't EVER want to have it again...hang in there kiddo...


    Pretty scary stuff. My husband had a severe case of vertigo due to high blood pressure medication. Nurse practitioner prescribed the normal dose for a man his size and age, but forgot this was an add on to existing medication. Nasty business!


    Yikes. I'm so glad you don't have anything worse than the vertigo thingie. And I love you too!


    That sucks big time. Feel better soon and may it never return. Love you back.


    I am:
    Relieved that you are a. not dying and b. feeling a bit better
    afraid to open that link. Origami penii....shudder...
    craving that green tea, sweetened, please!
    hugs and smooches to my Nora Hallock! (Although I think if you are going to change your name, Nora HADDOCK seems a bit better)


    Yeah... but is the origami penis functional? I mean... it's all very well and good to have it anatomically correct, but I like my penises to.. you know.. DO something.

    Hope you are feeling better!

    a simple yarn

    While I would not wish a repetition of that experience on you, still, it makes for a great tale...although the indecision while driving was a little terrifying...which side of the road?!?! Yikes!


    Origami penis-where is the pee bag when you need it. What will they think of next. Take care of yourself!!!


    Once a day starts going wonky, it just gets worse and worse. Glad it turned out to be benign, and that you got some knitting done. 8)


    oh dear. Been there done that, wouldn't wish it on ANYONE...
    but especially not you, Norma...
    or whoEVER you are ;)


    Thank goodness it was over quickly. So many people suffer for days before they get help. You might be nervous about it for awhile but now you know what to do. xoxo

    Mary K. in Rockport



    I'm sorry you had a scary experience.


    I am glad you are better. I have a friend with Ménière's Disease. It kicks his butt. Can I ask a knitting q? What size needle are you using on the GVC with the Calmer? 8? I was going to make Erin with my Calmer but now I am relooking the whole thing cause that GVC is very nice.


    If your BPV returns or stays with you, please go to a Physical Therapist who specializes in vestibular rehab and FFS have someone else drive you. I'm not speaking from experience or anything...


    I'm so glad you're better, but as a nurse I have to say DON'T EVER EVER EVER DRIVE YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE HAVING THESE SYMPTOMS!!! For your sake and the safety others (public service announcement over). Happy knitting and have a great weekend! :0)


    I feel for you....I went through BPV several years ago and it is NOT fun. I think hubby had a touch of it last week after his accident. Mine lasted over a week....didn't know about those things they can do to make it go away. Feel better soon! Oh, yeah, and you probably shouldn't have driven. There was no way I COULD, fortunately.


    How rotten for you, Norma. I hope there's never a next time, but if there is, please don't drive yourself to the doc. The combination of big dangerous motor equipment, Vermont roads, and people with a fluctuating sense of up and down is not a good one.


    I'm glad it turned out to be something easily fixable!

    I don't think it's legal for anyplace open to the public to not take cash. I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons my local food co-op isn't--we don't need as much security if there's no cash.


    Well, jeezefuckinglouise, Norma. What a nightmare. I hope you never, EVER have to go through that again. Damn!
    Charge those batteries (I'm sure you've already addressed that issue). Glad you got some knitting in through the ordeal... and just so YOU know, I love you. XOX


    Ahh yes the vertigo can be fun. It is a way of life for me at this point..been having it since I was about 12 or so.. I get a bad bout at least quarterly. The last being this last Saturday when I was set to teach two knitting classes! That was fun! A note.. it could be related to allergies.. so watch that! And hey. It is a good excuse to sit around and knit!! WOO HOO!!


    I experience positional vertigo on occasion, frequently in bed when I turn my head to the side (get your mind out of the gutter!!!). I try to think of it as a cheap thrill, druglessly induced. I think of it that way only because I've been checked out by the doctor and pronounced healthy except for the occasional dizzy spells. Go figure.

    And Norma, I love you too. There are so many people I've 'met' through blogging that I consider my friends and so enjoy hearing about life, knitting, etc. And you, Norma, make the world a better place, like it or not!! Easter wishes to you and yours.


    I totally had this about 2 years ago. They called a PT down to the outpatient clinic to do all those contortions, and I walked out of the clinic totally fixed.

    That was some weird f'n shit though. Wow.

    Glad you are feeling improved.


    Hope you're feeling better!!

    Melissa G

    You DO realize the moon was full yesterday? One of those days I really try not to go out in the world more than absolutely necessary. Happy to hear you are feeling better, I'd miss your take on life.

    Lisa in Toronto

    Sounds just dreadful - but I am very glad to hear things have improved.
    Lisa in Toronto

    Cheryl S.

    Did you do that Epley maneuver thing? That is the coolest thing.
    Glad you're feeling better!


    I experienced vertigo after a near-fatal allergic reaction to a bee sting and a little stint in the hospital. In order to save me from anaphylactic shock they pumped me full of epi, steroids and super strong antihistimeines. So I survived the bee sting but the next day I woke up with crazy, crazy vertigo. Turned out to be a reaction to the drugs (which I had to stay on for the next two weeks so that I would not have a secondary reaction) and I had to live with it until the effects of the drugs wore off a few weeks later.

    I spent many days sitting in my front room chair unable to do a thing. I mean, the bee almost knocked me off and then vertigo? I hope to never experience either again.


    Obviously Ms. Hallock prefers her grande cinnamon lattes unsweetened.

    Jena (the yarn harpy)

    I'm glad everything is okay... I'm sure it was quite unsettling for all those misunderstandings to be reinforcing your concern and confusion.


    Jay-sus! How scary! Especially the "right side of the road" disorientation. I am so glad you are better. And for the record, I love you right back. You are my absolute favorite-est blogger; I love your take on life, knitting, education, gardening, people, the whole thing. And I really love that you come into my little world each day. Thank you for that; and for being *you*.


    That does sound dreadful. But it should reassure you that if you check in to the loony bin as Nora Hallock, it won't be on your permanent record.


    A few days ago I was in a parking lot at our local grocery store (Roseburg, Oregon, so no where near you) when I thought I recognized a woman walking toward me. I smiled at her and waved a bit since I wasn't really sure. She smiled back and returned my little wave, so we're cool. It wasn't unti I was in the store that I realized I thought I recognized her because she looks like you. My people recognition skills are not good, so I think it's amazing that I would recognize someone I've never actually met before. Not to mention having the courage to greet them.

    Sorry about your walk through the looking glass. It's one of those experiences that frighten and befuddle when they are happening, then looking back you can go, "hey, that was scarey/confusing/exciting/surreal/fodder for science fiction." Cinnamon latte unsweetend? Are you kidding? Gaak.


    Thank goodness I didn't call looking for Janice yesterday. ;^) I hope you're feeling better and that the vertigo is gone for good now.

    I love you, too. xo


    What a scary day.

    Big love to you. xxx


    Wow. Um, hopefully you'll be back to wandering around taking pictures of butts pretty soon... and we love you too. Now, are you going to make an origami penis?


    I hope that knitting with Calmer makes you calmer!

    Susan B.

    I thought that I also had benign positional vertigo. But it turns out it is Munnier's (sp?) disease. This causes sudden onset vertigo like the positional does, but is triggered by alcohol, caffeine or salt. Since I quit drinking caffinated diet coke, I have not had near as many as I used to. (Some were so bad they would put me in bed for a week. YUK) If it is truly positional vertigo, there is a maneuver that physical therapists can do to put the little crytals in your inner ear back where they belong so you don't get so many attacks also. Good luck!!


    I am so glad to hear there's a 'benign' reason, though that still sounds like a highly stressful experience. Maybe the cinnamon latte would have helped... extra caffiene, ya know. Thanks for sharing the love, but I still want to know if you are really ALL RIGHT now. I do know exactly what kind of 'poof' feeling you are talking about.... lay low and enjoy what's precious this weekend.


    Glad you're feeling better, Ms. Hallock. When I come to give you your meds we can make origami penises together...

    elizabeth a airhart

    i love you too i have bouts of the dizzys and you
    can really hurt your self and break bones like me

    i have one mediction i take at night but not if i am going out

    sit up tonight the full moon is out you drove what?
    good night norma yell if you need us

    elizabeth a airhart

    i forgot happy easter a peaceful passover and a joyful spring


    It sounds very scary! I'm so glad you are feeling better.

    Love you, too, Norma.


    and yikes.


    How frightening! I hope you are well forever. I love you, too!


    Ye gods, what a frightening day. I'm glad that the cable-knitting doctor was able to diagnose something relatively benign. Because that Other List is full of some very scary stuff, indeed.

    Glad you're feeling better. I love you, too.

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