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    Thursday, April 16, 2009


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    Oooo, I want those cedar beds!


    Interesting timing Norma...I just found out we got the house!!! So I am outta the condo and container gardening and composting in buckets back to a real yard with nice sunny spaces for a vegetable garden...and a real compost pile...or two...I'm dreaming of asparagus...and a freezer full of tomatoes for the whole winter...and finding another use for my upside down tomato planter that always dried out too quickly...and...and...and...


    No seeds? :(


    Hopefully we're having our last gasp of winter and spring will come in Monday and stay through your visit!


    We FINALLY have some nice weather -- I'm going to try and blow it your way. Even after dark last night, I was able to be out with nothing but a very light sweater. Um. Well. And the rest of my normal clothing.


    You could be glueing your seeds to paper towels. Then when ready to plant, just set the paper towel in place, cover with soil to recommended depth, and boom, you're done. Seed tape and mulch all at the same time. I usually do this with my early crops, as it is so much easier than dealing with those tiny seeds out in the wind we have this time of year. Plus, planting goes much faster, important when time is at a premium. Full step by step with photos at my blog here: Note: you could use the old stand-by flour/water paste as the glue.


    Huge congrats to Betsy and her new home! (and sunny yard!) Thanks for that link, I've bookmarked that baby. Folks have been mowing their yards for at least a month around here (not me), that's what they get for having other folks coming by spraying 'grow like a mofo' stuff on their grass. bah. That said, I'm off to mom's to mow this morning, it's officially here, 'that' season, won't be having many lazy times until next... January.
    Yay, you're off to Utah again! :^)

    Cheryl S.

    Or you could go someplace warmer. ;-)


    We have soil being delivered tomorrow and already have the peat. Wes has 9 beds built so we'll fill those tomorrow and hopefully plant the peas. I need to seed start too but keep getting distracted. Maybe over the weekend.


    I started my seeds yesterday. The cherries and magnolias are blooming in Boston so I thought it was time. Ground is way to cold to plant my asparagus crowns though!

    marie in florida

    hardy harr neighbor gave me fresh green onions out of her garden a minute ago, she already has squash ready for the table and even my newbie to gardening daughter has tomatoes set and growing...

    oh, sorry; was i gloating?


    Wanna trade weather?

    Please try to remember that last year was a record setting gardening year for you. As you know, lightning rarely strikes two years in a row. It makes sense that this year will be a bit off after last year's success. Just another part of gardening, right?

    Seanna Lea

    I was just on that site today looking at the information for raised beds (how late can you start a garden in NE and actually expect some produce anyway?).

    elizabeth a airhart

    i live florida tis warm and sunny clear
    and you are off to utah


    We've got peppers and tomatoes started. Looking forward to the ground being a little less cold/frosty so we can plant peas. And then replant peas after the frost kills them. Lather, rinse, repeat...


    You should also check out the Compost Maven if you haven't already -

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