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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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    Better to be in Margaritaville than battling a steno machine.

    Seanna Lea

    Definitely almost noon. I don't want a huge margarita, but a largish bowl of chocolate mousse would be extra wonderful (though I will also happily eat a bowl of the pumpkin mousse instead).


    Dive away ;^)


    Have fun in Margaritaville. The highlight of your day yes? In four minutes that is. :-) Want company?


    It's definitely margarita o'clock somewhere.


    I hope there's a cabana boy keeping you in margaritas. Sounds like you may need it.

    Oh, and remember that we do not drink and knit at the same time. That causes ripping later and we don't need that. xo


    Oh, Norma, sorry about being in steno hell. Might I suggest a pomegranate margarita? Actually, now I'm craving one. Bad sign at 11 a.m.... On the bright side, that sweater is looking really yummy!


    margaritas are good. I think I'll have one soon myself.


    I toast your tenacity!

    Cheryl S.

    Hope the margarita helps.
    That cardi is sure zooming along!


    That sweater is gorgeous.
    A margarita? You could drink easier things for a home high. :)


    Oh dear! Very sorry!


    Sorry about that... but sweater is lovely. Do not try to knit after more than one margarita, unless your tolerance is way higher than mine.


    Margaritaville diving done yet?


    I'lll buy you that margarita girl! Make mine rocks, no salt...

    Fingers crossed on the tech front.


    I hope it's not *your* equipment that went ker-wudgy - perhaps you were using on-site stuff at the deposition? (I'm such an optimist...)
    Margaritas sound wonderful. Do they come in an IV drip?

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