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    Tuesday, April 21, 2009


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    Damn girlfriend, your speed never ceases to amaze!


    That sweater is quite gorgeous! As is all of that calmer. Nice!


    Abigail is right about the color, those blue Calmers are gorgeous, but Rogue totally counts. If she wants another sweater, she needs to use that lawyer training to argue a better point! ;)


    Well, it *is* a long flight to Utah. You could finish the sweater on the plane...
    My favorite shade of red is purple.


    Great Calmer collection. LOVE the quote about RED, er, blue. It reminds me of giving someone directions when they take a wrong turn and you say "You're OTHER left"

    ; )


    You are a lucky grrl! Have a wonderful trip.


    That blue Calmer is heavenly! Rogue should count as two sweaters. That's no beginner project. Can't wait to paarrrtah this weekend!


    I think you can still finish. It's only Tuesday!


    You need to plan a trip to Utah in either late August or early September. And bring me back a puppy. *LOL*

    Most folks probably ask for See's but I've got a pregnant daughter pup out there right now so timing is everything in shipping puppies *g*


    Mmmm, those blues are delightful, but the red knitting up? Gorgeous! and yeah, it IS just Tuesday... so right front, sleeves, finishing up... even for you that's cutting it close except when you put your indomitable will into it. ;^)
    Rogue totally counts.


    Give all the Utah grrls hugs for me....I haven't been out in over a year! (That's what happens when the kids come to visit incentive to travel to see them!)

    Cheryl S.

    You'd better put that Calmer under lock and key.
    And there's plenty of time to finish that cardi before you get here. No sweat.


    That cardi is looking great, Norma. So envious of your weekend with Margene... though I've no right to be, considering the wonderful knit/friend weekend I just had myself. Good luck with the sweater!


    how are your hands/arms doing??? Lots of pretty knitting lately plus yard repair!


    Pretty sweater, pretty yarn, lucky you for having all that nice stuff around you! Have fun in Utah. I have always found that the best seminars are those in towns where friends live.


    You can do it. It's only Tuesday and getting to Utah will take ages from Vermont.

    Rogue counts. If she doesn't think it counts, she can give it back.

    I love that coral. Is it coral? The Calmer that isn't some kind of blue.


    I can't believe they have seminars in SLC! You lucky duck! Have fun girl.


    Calmer = lovely.
    Cardi = gorgeously red.
    Utah = I. am. so. jealous. Tell them all hey and hoist a martini for me, willya?


    Have a great time Norma- Here is my new favorite Lilyism from my daughter-it occurred this past weekend in the Newark,NJ airport-We were returning to Asheville NC from a week in Va. visiting family and had to connect thru NJ!? go figure anyways I was making eye contact with people and smiling and I might have even told someone Good-morning-finally my daughter had had enough"OMG would you stop being soooo nice people think your crazy!" Keep that in mind Norma -you certainly don't want anyone thinking your crazy!


    lovely. I think Rogue counts as several. that reminds me of Eris. I have been eyeing the Eris pattern again-I guess I would not need all 40 some odd pages. Have fun in Utah. My tomato plants are outside, though not yet in the ground


    Children and entitlement.. .what can I say?! I am envious of your visit, and hope you get the sweater done. What would be better than a Utah photoshoot?

    Tracy J.

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. And I am so jealous of that pile of yarn. drool...

    elizabeth a airhart

    have a safe flight


    Are you talking about me behind my back???


    When my sister was fresh out of college, my dad went to help her pick out a new-to-her car. She really wanted a red car, and my dad told her that only fast girls drive red cars! Guess what color my sister's car is, and mine, too????

    I love that shade of red Calmer, too.


    Have a wonderful time! I'm all about the ultimate shade of red.

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