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    Wednesday, April 15, 2009


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    Gorgeous blue. You're tempting me to pick up some Calmer and swatch with it, just for grins.


    I have some Slosh left over from NBT, but it's quite old so the dyelot wouldn't be right. I love Calmer and actually wear my two NBT frequently...not in July, however.


    That is a beautiful blue. I picked up a sweater's worth of Calmer when WEBS had it on sale ... you're tempting me to make it my next project.


    Oh, my, that is a gorgeous blue! I spot my half-finished Calmer Cromarty regularly (it began as Audrey, as I believe perhaps your tank did, too?) -- I keep it "out" so that one of these days I might be inspired to pick it back up and finish. Hm, about four years and counting... but maybe soon. ; )


    I know just what you mean about sleeveless shells. They don't work for me in knits. Too cold and too hot all at the same time.

    BTW - the PMate lady asked me (I placed another order this week for race season) about where I heard of their product. I assured her I was a happy repeat customer, but maybe she recognized all the orders from your blog post? Heh. She even made the connection between me and my yearly goal. Um.... thanks? for putting that on the 'nets for me.


    Hmm, I'm going to have to meet Calmer. Just started the GVC in some Berroco Touche last night - nice pattern!


    Heh. Spotted it right off in the first photo! What a gorgeous blue but yowza, can hardly wait for the Coral to show up! I've knit with Calmer only once, Shedir, found it a bit splitty but that could've been the pattern, needles, or the knitter :^) Good luck finding your sweaters worths!


    Ooooo I LOVE the blue. Absolutely gorgeous... that's a color I would have bought for myself. However I seem to be drawn to the natural colored yarns lately and of course not many people have a sweater's worth of that to destash (and if they do, it's waaaay pricey, and I have a very small budget).

    Cheryl S.

    Your cabinet of blue is lovely! And what a pretty color of yarn. Maybe you need a couple of extra skeins just to keep in the cabinet.


    Well...for all that the yarn is pretty, hon, you just blew me away with your blue and white china and cobalt glass after my own heart. I'll have to see if I can dig all mine out and get a decent photo!

    Seanna Lea

    I got to use some Calmer for a baby hat charity project. It was such a treat to work with, so I keep looking to buy some. I never really considered the destashers on Ravelry. I'll have to look into that (though with fewer skeins of yarn, because I'm not looking for sleeves).


    I see a mad run for Calmer on Ravelry in the very near future. Lovely color.

    (Guess what got mailed out this morning. :D)


    I've got Coral and the dark Purple in stash (9-10 balls each). I wish I had that blue! I can't wait to see your finished GVC. I may use my stash to make it too. I keep waiting for the 'right' project for it.


    All this talk of gauge is making me dizzy.
    LOVE that cabinet!


    Oh that blue calmer is pretty. I actually think I may begin the AIR jacket this year. By the way, those are very clever pictures. I never noticed the yarn.

    elizabeth a airhart

    your collection is just lovely - do you have a little girls set
    i dearly wish i had mine tureen and all little dishes and tea pot

    go listen to susan boyle tonight you tube is best please

    guess i will try calmer the colours are quite nice good night


    Okay, "Norma," if that is your REAL name.

    Nice try with that second picture there, but it doesn't take a pre-law student to realize it was a red herring. Additionally also, I can SEE your reflection in that second photo.


    Just checking - I sent you an e-mail but now worry it is an old address- I f you did not get it let me know- I have yarn-


    Wow. That's alot of china.


    Lovely china!
    I've never used Calmer, but haven't liked working with cotton. So hard on the hands...
    Good luck with your Calmer Quest. May all your dyelots be matching!


    Hi! still have some calmer in differents shades. They have an English page, too. The problem is that Calmer is very expensive here, $11 or more a ball.


    Check out the colors here

    I like to enable...what can I say.


    Alas my calmer stash suffered a horrible moment during a pest control incident and burnt to death in the micro (leaving me 3 skeins out of the 15 I started with). All I can do is knit Chemo caps instead of my Marilyn sweater.


    So many yummy blues! I made a tank in Calmer, which I loved knitting with, and I think it was because both gauge and fit were a bit on the loose side that it was comfortable in summer... as long as I didn't try and hike in the blazing sun. Hope you find enough soon.

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