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    Thursday, March 12, 2009


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    Norma - I sent you a PM in Rav. Peace Fleece could be rescued from your stash...It pays to read late at night!


    Yummmm, red.


    what a gorgeous red -- can't wait to see this one! Thea


    That color red is gorgeous! I'm sure you'll go back to being a slacker soon enough.


    That is a jumpstart-my-heart kind of red! Your sweater will be fabulous.
    There's a Ravelry Slackers group? I should have joined. But I was too busy slacking...


    I love Calmer. Love that color, too.


    Girl, you give new meaning to the word STASH!! What beautiful yarn you have there!!!


    I want the Tweed! I'm knittinghooker on Rav.


    I'm a pround member of the Ravelry underacheivers. Are the slackers a different group? I'd check, but that seems like so much work...


    Oh yeah, that would knit up into one Very Sweet Classy cardi! Damn, that's a terrific RED.
    That Gretch... ;^)


    You are such a red girl! Love it.


    Heh...I wish -I- had a sweater's-worth of yarn hiding in my stash. I have a prodigious stash, but most of it is in one and two skein increments.


    How could you forget about that yarn, woman?!

    You've become one of those people. You know that, right? What's next? Loving humanity? Yeesh!


    You have nothing I want, thank Goddess -- because 1) I had already been Spoken To about the size of my stash before 2) I went to SPA, where a vicious purple roving slithered out of its basket in a vendor's booth, wrapped itself around my ankles, and dragged me into the booth, where another piece reached deftly into my pocket, pulled out my wallet, and paid the vendor for a pound of the stuff before I could protest.

    (There may also have been an Incident with sock yarn, and then there was my encounter with the evil Judy...)


    Oh, I love that red. It'll make a gorgeous seater.


    Actually, I'm not sure what a seater is...interesting to contemplate...but I meant sweater!

    Seanna Lea

    I looked at your yarns and I am safe, safe I say! I am not sure how happy I really need to be about that, but for the moment it feels pretty good to not see a gorgeous skein and immediately fall victim to yarn lust.


    Oh, honey, I so understand the stash problem! And I just discovered that it is time to cut myself off from fabric too--I just bought several yards of a brocade that I already have. {sigh}

    elizabeth a airhart

    good night stll full of the moon
    wonder what you will find this night


    Oooh - I love surprises like that. It's great to go shopping in your own stash and find just what you're looking for. I'm going to befriend you now...


    Gosh I'm just like you. I've been thinking about Thea's sweater too but 'didn't have yarn'. I've got a sweater's worth of Calmer too and didn't think to sub that. Doh

    HideMyFile: The Best Privacy Provider 2009!

    Do you use different colored bowl for different colored wool?


    Mmm, Red. Lovely color.

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