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    Thursday, March 05, 2009


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    Lick him for me. I'll let you pick where.



    We could all knit him socks, mail them to you and then you could present them to him when you get to meet him. Would that be too stalker-ish?


    Oh goodness. Can't think of anything appropriate to say. Other than, if you *do* organize some sort of stalker-y knit-a-long or other creepy display of enthusiasm, I am SO IN. And I totally think you should. I'd even knit him some socks. I am normally a knitting-infant-hats-on-size-11-needles kind of girl, but hell, I'd knit that man a kauni.


    Hell, I'd knit him a willie warmer!


    Just swath him entirely in wool and have your way with him. I know you wanna. I do!!


    Oh, yeah, presenting him with a couple dozen hand-knit willie warmers wouldn't be too creepy, right?

    Tracy J.

    NO. WAY.

    So unbelievably awesome. I'm squee-ing for you.


    I know you've been worried about work once med school was finished. I'm glad things are working out okay. Jon Stewart. That's pretty okay.


    Always happy to be of assistance. If I met Jon I would babble inappropriately until hauled away by his security detail. I'm sure you can think of something a bit more dignified, like licking his ear.


    Oh man! Jealous!!!

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