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    Sunday, March 15, 2009


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    Fiber?!??! You've been holding out on me *lolol*

    Before you get rid of all the fiber think about if you'd like to do anything with it if it was yarn. I tend to spin DK or sport weight and I'd be happy to spin it up for you and return it as something you would use.


    Well, for you Norma, it can only be Hot Chocolate.


    Hot Chocolate..perfect. But I rather like Ganache With's so you.


    Sounds like a blast and I love the new yarn and buttons. You are doing your bit to help the local economy. What a patriot!


    That is going to be the sweater of my dreams. Garter yoke is rockin', too.

    That Rachel is a famous lady - I keep hearing about her on podcasts, too! I'm glad you had a chance to get together - sounds like a great day.


    Yes, Norma, Hot Fudge or Hot Chocolate. Just has to be.
    And I *knew* you would find fabulous stone buttons. Told ya so!
    I've got a Rambouillet fleece tucked away in my sewing room. I was going to spin my Shetland fleece next, but perhaps I'll let the Ramby cut the line...
    Seed stitch borders will look gorgeous... (Continental, continental, continental) 8)


    The kids are making a Spiced Hot Chocolate at the coffee shop -- it's HOT and SPICY and CHOCOLATE!
    Love those buttons -- and the color of that yarn. Can't wait to see what you come up with.


    What about just chocolate? Nothing plain about that.
    LOVE it, the buttons, the color. I have been thinking brown is the next black. You know, after yerba mate has it's chance.
    Glad you had a great time. One cannot have too many knitting friends. LX


    Sorry I missed saying hi to you all. I was chained to my desk upstairs, neck deep in spreadsheets. But at one point I did hear the most infectious, nonstop laughter coming from the back of the shop... now I know who the culprits were!


    the buttons are such a find........thank you for sharing, over to etsy i go. the pairing with the wool yarn is terrific.


    Love those buttons. I'm thinking Pure Chocolate.

    Joansie much fun and I certainly enjoyed encouraging you to buy that yarn. I can't wait to see it in progress (and finished). Did your cheeks hurt today from so much laughter yesterday?


    Spinning fiber? Do tell...


    Check out the patterns in Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel. There are a couple in there at that gauge but you would have to modify them as they are both pullovers. The garments in that book have great fit.


    Oh damn. Chocolate...

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Wow, thanks for the pointer to the Etsy Beach Stone Buttons site. We're all about the beach here in Rockport where beach stones abound and are useful in many ways. Just one question - are the buttons wicked heavy?


    Stone buttons. Must have. Gorgeous!
    Hot Cinnamon Chocolate. hmmm? Rambouillet is fabulous fibre, it was one of my very first to spin, all cushy. There's a lady close by raises them.
    You do manage to have The Most Wonderful Times :^)


    Stone buttons, fabulous knitters and yummy yarn. Oh my...


    Rock Chocolate. And only a true original (like you) would search for yarn to go with the buttons she already has :-)


    Mexican chocolate, I'm with Marianne. Chocolate, but with just a little spice to it! I love those buttons. I have enough natural llama yarn to make a cardigan and I'm thinking those might be just right with it. Just have to find the right pattern...


    Chocolate??? Oh, and with those buttons too ~ wonderful!!

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Damn! You totally guessed my guilty secret - the wedding WAS a ruse and just my excuse to come hang with you. But then those krazy kidz got all caught up in the deceit and intrigue and got married for real around 3:30 pm that day. I mean the place was all decorated and her hair and nails looked so pretty and all - why not?!

    It was the BEST time! I'll blog about it later (I just got home a few hours ago) but finally meeting you in person was totally fun and worth the trip (and all the wedding stories we had to make up).


    Tracy J.

    Guh. Project lust. Maybe it should be the Godiva sweater, because surely even a nudist would break down for a sweater like that.

    elizabeth a airhart

    or emma peale good night


    Rocky Road maybe? LOVE those buttons!

    Flitter S.

    Oh my giddy aunt! Those buttons look like little cookies. Beautiful yarn. Chocolate brown, my favorite. Gonna be a smash winner, for sure, dude!

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