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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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    Keep on blogging AND swearing, Norma--I love both! ;o)


    Ooooh, Vermont goodies! You've lured me out of silence. I don't think I've ever commented here before even though I'm one of the somewhat regular readers - once a week or so I'll stop by to see what's up. I do absolutely enjoy reading your blog. Your posts about your work are entertaining and informative. I think your best post of the year was the one about working in a medical class.

    And, yes, please keep it going!


    Congratulations on making it to 365 (425)! I'm so happy to have stumbled upon you all those years ago. You definitely do make a difference in my little world--I laugh, I get teary, I send money I don't have to charity, I swear, I nod in understanding... All in a days work for the Fabulous Norma! Thank you for being out there (multiple meanings intended).


    Go, girl, go! Don't leave us hanging!


    Where did the year go...I'm glad you made it...I wonder if you'll suffer withdrawal symptoms if you stop posting daily? Will it be like that story about those women who would stop in the middle of their day feeling like they'd lost or forgotten something only to realize they're going a wee bit mad because they didn't go to prom...or something?

    Okay, I know I think too much...moving on.

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Your blog was one of the first I found when I started knitting over 3 years ago and it's one of my very favorites. You're not only fun as hell to read, you bring Vermont to me when I can't be there. So for my own selfish reasons I hope this has become so much of a habit for you that you continue to post often.

    Mwah! Happy and Merry to you!


    I have enjoyed your blog for quite a while now, as I said before, knitting, gardening, recipes, your work, all interesting to read, also your comments & observations on life's little quirks.
    Write on Norma,you have a steady loyal following who would miss your company as we drink our coffee.


    Oh Norma, you set the best bad example of them all! You have the perfect recipe for irreverent and informative hilarity. Thank you for sharing, every single day dammit! That's quality. Happy New Year to you too!


    When my numbers go down, I blame my commenters for not being funny enough. I mean, it can't be my fault. I think you do a wonderful job of managing it all while still being likable. I would never want to crank call that Oprah person, ya know. Janice Norma, you're fabulous. Please keep up the posting and kindly find out why our Sandy is linking to her dead blog.



    Pretty please...keep on blogging! I work the night shift and know at 12:01 I can come to the computer and be totally entertained by your posts! Your photos, your humor..just you being you is the best!


    I wondered what would happen at the end of the 365 adventure, but was afraid to ask. I am glad you are going to keep going for as long as it is enjoyable for you. I have enjoyed the ride, and look forward to seeing what happens next. I like you, Norma.

    Cathy in Va.

    I've visited intermittently, and there's always been something unexpected and entertaining. I've also contracted an unreasonable lust for a hood-less CPH, thanks to you. :) Happy New Year!


    I hope you continue blogging, I have had bad days when you made me laugh, I have had things to think about, I have learned to not take a sip of ANYTHING before I start reading. I have no problem with swearing...I just add it to the list of things I'm going to hell for! I am down in MA and I go up to VT at least 2 times a year for vacation! I go in the Spring, shortly after mud season and then I try to make it up again in the early Fall and I always enjoy myself! I have said that I would like to move there. I love Patrick Lahey, I actually get his newsletter.


    Love the diversity of your writing, and now Mr. Jeffries too - good reasons to look and read !


    Keep on blogging! I love the daily posts from you and Sandy and wouldn't know how to survive without them! You are so entertaining in a positive way - laughter is great for the soul! I've so enjoyed hearing about Mr Jeffries! Keep it up! PLEAZ!!!!!!


    Happy new year full of blog posts pretty please :)

    Cindy (maxfun)

    I admire your tenacity. Whether you post daily or not, I'll be reading.:)


    Congrats on an entire year of posting! Well done. :)

    Lisa R

    I love my daily dose of Norma! I would be very sad if it were to stop.


    Dear Abby, the Weather Channel and Norma. I need these three things every morning to know all is right with my world. Well, those and a cup of tea but seriously, I love reading your blog. It does help that you are a fellow Vermonter and that you are a knitter but honestly, even if you lived somewhere else and didn't knit, you are a really fun read!


    I'm definitely one of the infrequent commenters, but I love finding something new on your blog every day. I'm glad that you're still enjoying it enough to keep posting often, if not daily.


    Congratulations and Happy New Year to you Norma! I've been reading your blog for a long time and I'm not on any of the blog readers. I just check it every day and of course, now for 425 days in a row there's been a post. Your blog has been such a source of laughter and incredulity over the years. I look forward to being surprised each time. Whatever you choose to do, thanks for all the fun so far!


    Now Norma Knits: come for the knitting, stay for the profanity, exhibitionism and Narcissism. Many thanks, Norma, for a fantastic year-plus (not always fantastic for you, but your rants make for great schadenfreude!). Eagerly awaiting the pee-stop tour of 2009...


    Every day we've been here--you know, the toddler bouncing on my knee and me. Although I suppose he wasn't even close to being a toddler when you started the year...


    Well, I have enjoyed your blog since I found it. I think it's nice that some bloggers find time to blog every day, it makes the readers feel like they know that person better. I hope you continue to blog regularly, if not every day in 2009.


    Don't despair...there are a lot of us lurkers who don't fit into any analysis of readership. I have been one of them for the last 45 days or so; wish I had found your blog earlier. You are a true example of the average, ordinary (or maybe extraordinary?)knitter who has a life above and beyond knitting. Glad to read that your daily blogs will continue, at least for a while. I look forward to reading your blog every night just before going to bed.


    Have you checked your Google Reader stats? They look decent (well, at least to me)

    Feed URL:
    Posts per week:7.2 Subscribers:369

    I know a lot of people who gave up Bloglines for Google Reader this year, so that could be one reason your Bloglines numbers went down.

    Funny - as I was typing this comment, the local (NY Metro area) news featured a brawl in a mall in VT. Somehow, that seemed appropriate. VT isn't usually on our local news. =)

    And I do hope you keep on blogging. It seems like I'm not in the minority on this, either.


    Congratulations on making it to 365! Love your posts - please keep it up! Happy New Year!

    Krista L

    Norma, I read your blog every morning with my coffee and always appreciate the humor and the honest way in which you approach life.
    Keep on blogging!!!


    Happy New Year, Norma! Keep on blogging, it's been a good year!

    Gail Lucille

    Please, don't quit with the daily blogging, I love to read all your goings on, and the knitting is such a bonus..Keep up the good work, Thanks. ;0)>>>Happy New Year!!!


    I couldn't start the day without my dose of Norma. I've definitely become addicted. Keep it going, kiddo.


    Glad to hear you're going to keep on rolling. I'd be lost in the morning with my Norma!
    Yours was one of the first blogs I found when I stumbled over blogdom years ago. Yours is definitely the first blog I ever commented on.
    You're my favorite imaginary friend...

    (My daughter works at a mall in Burlington, where there was a fist-fight in the middle of her store last week - right in front of her. Ah, the joys of Christmas shopping...)


    I know that I would miss you for sure. Looking forward to '09.


    Norma, you're one of the first things I read each morning; one could say you're as habit forming as coffee :) I can't tell you how happy I am that you will continue blogging at least a bit more.

    May you have a happy, healthy 2009 surrounded by those you love. (And the same to all my fellow "Norma" readers.)


    I hope you do keep blogging - I enjoy reading your blog every day. And lately there's even knitting! I hope that your tendenitis continues to get better.


    Hi Norma, I'm another early morning reader. I think I came for the knitting and stayed for everything else. Thanks for the year of posts. Wishing you happiness in the New Year.


    Wake up, let the dog out, feed the cats, go see what Norma has to say today. I don't often comment..for one thing I'm a bit intimidated. After all you're NORMA! But I do read and I do support Red Scarf Project (thank you for that!) and I have a bulky hat on the needles for the homeless. So you really do play a rather large part in my life. That might be scary :-)


    Norma, I start my day off with a good cup of tea and a read of early morning blog posts like yours. Love your blog, you sound like a long lost cousin. I have a feeling we're kindred spirits - I already own the 'nothing says "hello sailor" quite like ruby red lipstick' cosmetic bag. Couldn't imagine anything else for toting around the bare minerals!


    You have to keep on blogging, you're a national institution. Besides, I enjoy it. Even though our lives are not really all that differrent, yours always seems to be much more exciting!


    My daily dose of Norma is right up there with my Metamucil and vitamin D. Necessary for smooth functioning throughout the day.



    I'm so glad you've been here every day. I read, though as you know I'm a hit-or-miss commenter. (BTW, Bloglines is a mystery to me - I read you via bookmark in my browser.)

    Happy New Year, dear Norma.

    Lisa H.

    Please keep blogging - you crack me up - not to mention introducing me to things I've never tried, like ginger-flavored vodka! Keep it goin'!!


    I'm usually one of those lurkers, but have enjoyed your daily quips. You usually make me smile. Or downright laugh out loud...and occasionally even think about things.

    Looking forward to following Norma's adventures in 2009,


    I'm one of your googlereader lurkers...keep it up!


    I must confess. My day is not quite right until I read your blog. I find it informative and quite funny. Congrats and Happy New Year. ~ksp


    I dearly love your blog and kvetching. You have inspired me to garden more in 2009.


    Well, I can't stand all these daily blogger farewells. Makes me sad. So I'm glad your words will continue to flow out the fingers. Happy New Year!


    I can't even picture you not blogging every day. I'd miss my Daily Dose of Norma way too much if you stopped. Happy New Year, my friend.


    I just found your blog recently and love it! You can at least keep up the posting a few days a week :-)

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