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    Tuesday, December 23, 2008


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    I haven't been able to find any 'combination' boots, either. The good traction boots are all way too short to do us any good in Vermont snow!
    We need someone to start a boot company up here for us - pretty warm boots, tall enough to keep snow out, and enough tread to keep us from landing on our asses...


    Dinner sounds scrumptious. Now you've got me looking at boots!


    Yum. Spinach pie.
    Love the lamps.
    Have a great time with Abigail.


    Born's are the best! Dinner sounds like the best, too!!


    That sounds like a wonderful dinner.

    Jean E.

    You got a great deal on those boots, eh?

    Michelle P.

    You're not going to believe this but I saw the exact same boots on-line yesterday (at Garnet Hill while searching for cashmere sweaters) and as I was reading your post I thought to myself, "I wonder how Norma's boots stack up to the Borns..."
    The only thing holding me back from buying them RIGHT NOW is the fact I dislike not being able to find the best deal and so far I haven't be able to match the price you paid.


    Folks - I have to recommend the truly AWESOME boots I bought last week after being caught in a snowstorm with inadequate footwear (with two toddlers no less! fun!). By caught I mean that the car was stuck on a hill and wasn't gong anywhere that day and we weren't lose to home and the cell phone wasn't working. Yikes! Thank goodness for kind strangers and small towns.

    Anyway, I went out the next day and bought a pair of Arctic Sport Muck Boots at the farm store They come up to my knee, which is necessary these days, but can be rolled down, an are comfortable between -40 and 60F (actually, they're comfy in a little warmer, too. I've been wearing them to the grocery store). Excellent traction, too - thigh I might supplement with a pair of Yak Trax.

    They're about $120, which is a fair amount, but not for the benefit of warm, dry, non-slippery feet. And they're quick to get on and off. Oh and they have arch support and are totally comfortable. You'll look like a farmer, but I live in a rural area, so that's not so bad (though you can put them under your jeans and then they just look like black shoes. you'll have wet jeans though).

    Anyway, HIGHLY recommend!


    Great boots, Norma. Wear some nice wool kneesocks with your Borns and you should be fine for most days. You must have been miserable on Saturday. I have Bogs on my list---cute but no way sexay.


    I especially like your lamps and boots!


    The little heels keep the tops that much further above the snow. platforms would do the same, with less stability. I think you scored big time!


    ya know, i've seen the crazy office wimmins around here wearing higher, spikier heels, even in the craptastic weather we've been having. i think your boots are downright sensible!


    Snow. Lots of snow! And it's going to rain on Christmas. Hrmph.
    Love your boots.
    You happen to be one of MY favorite things. Glad Ab and Mr. J are home safely!


    You are one of MY favorite things. ; )
    Nice boots.

    Seanna Lea

    Those definitely look warmer than my boots (which I haven't been wearing, because they are mostly decorative and definitely not rated for the colder temps).

    Cheryl S.

    I'm sure you look totally fab in your sexy new boots. Dinner sounds wonderful! Gorgeous color on those oil lamps.


    what a surprise for me to find out that i have sexay boots!!
    i purchased mine last year, and have them on right now. they weren't the bargain you got, but since i am just happy to find shoes/boots that fit me, i am willing to pay. i've been wearing them to work every day for the past few weeks (i'm an attorney for the court here) and since i put warm socks on, my feet have been toasty warm. the heaters are not so great in the courthouse. the soles are not slippery when there is ice onthe ground.
    it doesn't usually snow where i live, but i sure don't like to have cold feet.



    I think those boots have the right amount of heel for you. Not too tall, but not wimpy, either.

    Don't we get a photo of Mr. J?


    Love the dinner-sounds delcious. The boots are great, too!


    Ooooh. Boots.

    Lisa Beamer

    Love the boots! And the spinach-ricotta pie sounds wonderful! I have a dinner to go to on Fri. and need to bring something...any chance you'd share the recipe with me? I have a vegetarian friend who will be there who would love it (and while I do eat meat, it sounds like something I would love, too!)

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