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    Wednesday, December 03, 2008


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    Well, there is always the magic loop option (which I'm not a fan of) or you could just get a pair of 12" or 16" Addi circs and do the sleeves using the two circs method (which I like well enough). Or you could, I suppose, knit flat and seam, if you don't want to purchase new needles.


    Well, if things go as planned, I won't have to worry about having any placentas for the UFOs to get their alien paws on, so I'm not going to worry. ;)


    I regularly had sleeve issues (gauge, not increase placement) until I ditched the dpns and started doing them in magic loop, with the same needles I used for the sweater body.


    I second the two-circs method. (Or magic loop if you only have one needle available.) With two circs, it's like you're knitting flat, except woo hoo!, you're knitting a tube!


    What kind of increase(s) you using? I was also going to suggest getting a second Addi and using two circs OR metal DPNs of some kind. Maybe you need some of those fancy Signature needles.


    How did your student not laugh out loud!?

    I am not a fan of magic loop either but it works well for sleeves and is easier to handle the DPNs. You can get inexpensive needles with 40" cords for that KP place.


    I'm an "in the round" fan but I'd knit 'em flat too.


    If you're not enjoying the *process*, then something needs to change... 8)
    When increasing in ribbing in the round, I like to make the right-hand increase one round early - this sets it in the same "plane" as the left-hand increase: * * inc * beg-of-rnd * inc * * - makes them match up better...
    Don't know if your pattern accommodates this.

    Jean E.

    I vote for the two circs method, but I don't like the 16 inch Addi's because the needle is too short for me. I think you have to get at least a 20 inch to get the longer needle. I usually use a 24 inch needle, but that's just me.


    How funny.
    I once had a dog (adopted stray), she bit the eyes off every stuffed animal in the house. Every.Single.One. in one afternoon. Didn't really disturb the stuffed animals (the kids would make their beds in the morning and line them all up) just all the eyes were GONE. You can imagine.


    As I was reading the statement I was seeing the potential for disaster, but I did not anticipate aliens! I would have laughed out loud for sure. I'm adjusting to my new writer and need to change some key sensitivity on my final P and L. "Many" keeps popping up out of nowhere leading to some interesting statements. Fortunately I haven't had a realtime job yet... (Must adjust sensitivity this morning so that I haven't just doomed myself.)

    I always find sleeves look wonky until they're complete, but maybe that's just me. I'm in the black hole of sleeves myself right now, compounded by doing two at a time as I'm adjusting length...

    Katie B.

    rofl @ the UFO... I know some birthy folks I'll pass that on to. ;P


    or heck, go get some metal DPNs, no? Not all yarn/needle combinations play together ;)


    i hate having to sew my knitting together, and will go to great lengths to avoid having seams. i use the two addi circs method too. i'm doing sleeves on a february lady sweater that way right now.

    but, if you are not liking the sleeves in the round now, as you are knitting them, you are likely to not like them when they are finished. so for you maybe knitting flat and seaming is the better choice.


    Another vote for magic loop - I won't use it for socks, but it makes sleeves bearable for me.




    UFOs? That explains a lot.

    I think Mr. J may have some rage issues.

    Good luck with the sleeves!


    This Weirdness is right up my alley! Ha!

    It's kind of like "Aliens delivered my baby", right?

    Good luck with the sleeve, you have some great suggestions there, a number of which I'd endorse.


    Magic loop. All the way, I am creating Bellas Twilight mittens for Carrie. She showed me the pic,asked if I could make something like it, and off I knit. I love it. Only wish they were Addis and not Inox express. Oh well, must scrimp when I can. Good luck with the wretched sleeve! Damn cat is sitting on keyboard.klj;kl h hi


    Whenever Fig does something weird like that (not that he has EVER ripped the head off a lion, but hey, there's still time!) we always think he says "It wasn't me, it was Derek"


    I always knit my sleves flat and then seam them. I add 1-2 stitches on each side for seaming. I do this because my guage changes when I change to DPN and it is too much work to re-swatch. This is easier. I don't mind seaming. Love mattress stitch.


    Guess I'll be the upteenth person to say "Magic loop?" to you. At least you have positive knitting progress to show. I've been knitting for weeks and don't even have a WIP to show for it. But I am very good at rewinding.


    All of our dogs have been stuffed toy "gutters". They locate the squeaker, chew a hole at that spot, and then the fun begins! Clumps of stuffing everywhere til there is nothing left but a limp, gutted body. (Or is it just labs/lab mixes?. I just remembered that the German Shepherd I had as a child kept one of my brother's cast off teddy bears in her dog bed for years.) Needless to say- we no longer support the stuffed dog toys industry. Luckily (for them) they only do this to dog toys and have not touched a child's or cat's stuffed toy since puppyhood.

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