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    Tuesday, December 02, 2008


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    If we ever meet IRL, I will tell you the story of how I nearly died of embarrassment. Like your story, which cracked me right up, it involved near nudity and paramedics. I'll leave it there, but know my face is bright red as I type this!


    Sheesh, some people can never be satisfied! Just cover it up already, lady! Who do you think you are anyway? Some overachieving, pushing-50 hottie that makes the rest of us look like slugs? Oh. Um. Well. Nevermindthen.

    (While you are at it, don't wear your iPod while out jogging in the rain... There have been several news reports about joggers attracting lightning that way and winding up with serious burns.)


    I thought the wireless buds were a "tad on the pricey side" myself. I guess you'll just have to settle for the armband and wires until they can imbed it.


    OR you could do your part to save the economy.


    That's pretty ridiculous that it costs so much. Gotta love Apple!


    I still say "go for it" After all the money UVM is dishing out, tell them you need them for work. LOL. IDK, sounds good to me. I still like them. I may put them on my wish list for Christmas.Snicker, now thats funny!

    Diane T

    Rats. I was hoping you'd buy them and then let us know how well they work. Like you, I find the wires VERY annoying. Of course, I'd have to buy a new iPod (mine is obsolete: it's 4 years old) and then buy the headset.

    Yeah, not gonna happen.


    My youngest daughter has an mp3 player that looks and works like a small flat alligator clip. The whole thing is less than 2" square. You could clip it to a headband/sweatband, wind the wires around your head, tucking them under the band, and have the whole unit up and out of the way...
    Just a thought. And cheaper than the wireless.

    Cheryl S.

    Well, actually, you could put it in a condom. And no, I'm not kidding. My ex-gynecologist told me a story about that. I forgot what kind of electronics they were using - body microphones maybe? Anyway, they needed to go to the store to buy a bunch of batteries, and the condoms to protect them from sweat. He said he could only imagine what the store clerk thought when they just came in and bought a whole lot of condoms and batteries!


    A friend of mine really did ruin her iPod by sticking it in her bra while running. Don't, would be my advice. Maybe there'll be a holiday sale on the wireless headphones?


    Knit it a little iPod booby cozy. Wool will save it. ROFL.


    I loved the story. Thank you for stariting my workday with a laugh.


    Loved the story...thanks for starting my workday with a laugh.


    HAHAHAHAH! and yes, the iPod booby cozy! (Carrie ALWAYS makes me laugh)


    What about something more like than the one you were looking at. I didn't look closely, but it does say Nano on the page.


    Loved Cheryl's condom post. Imagine the surprise on everyone's faces when that fell out of your bra! lol. Or when you went to the counter to buy them, "Bwahahaha! Hey Larry, here's a new one! This lady wants condoms for her Ipod.... We thought we'd heard 'em all..."

    Seanna Lea

    The wireless issue is one of the reasons why I have a shuffle for working out. Given that I can clip it pretty much anywhere, I can keep it out of my way pretty easily. Of course, I still tend to attach it to the bottom of my workout shirt, which doesn't negate the wire problems as much as other locations would.


    My suggestion is not nearly as laughter-provoking as the condom one: put the iPod into a ziplock bag. But it would work.


    Hey, bras serve wonderfully as a pocket in a pinch. I do a lot of costuming, and when I have a costume doesn't have pockets...into the bra it goes. Lipstick, pen and paper, ID, cash...anything small can easily be tucked away. Of course, the bigger the boobs the more room you have to work with... :)


    I'm just going to sit here and wait for the google hits to start on this post. *L*


    Ha, that would be a funny story. Well, not for you I guess. Can you use a arm band? My husband puts his iPod in there while he runs. :)


    HAHAHA! We could go on with the ER crew thinking the iPod was a pacemaker...etc etc.


    I have a Jaybird and really enjoy it.


    i said "clipped to" my bra, not "inside" my bra! but yeah, i tend to shove my cell phone down my bra and on hot days fetch out a slippery piece of electronica. once i wrapped it in a spare hankie because i truly had no pockets or handbag that day.


    i said "clipped to" my bra, not "inside" my bra! but yeah, i tend to shove my cell phone down my bra and on hot days fetch out a slippery piece of electronica. once i wrapped it in a spare hankie because i truly had no pockets or handbag that day.


    I stick mine under my bra strap - works OK for walking, but anything more strenuous, like cycling, I go for the shuffle. Still the headphones, though. You do get accustomed to wrestling with the cords after a while.

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