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    Monday, December 01, 2008


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    Well, there are wireless (bluetooth) headphones available, but none that are as small as just an earbud. Start writing letters! Meanwhile, I've found that the Apple earbuds don't fit my ears. Other brands do nicely though, so perhaps you just need to investigate?


    You could run the earphone cords through your sleeve and inside your jacket to help reduce getting tangled in it.


    That would be great!


    I tuck my mp3player into the top of my bra, and sort shove most of the cord into my shirt. Not very chic, but it works.

    I just saw that there is an Ironman watch that can control your Ipod, so you could have it all tucked away under clothing, but control it from your wrist. I don't know how much control, but it's something.


    I usually put the cord behind my back when I'm doing more active things while listening, doesn't get much on my way there.

    I think my ears are smaller than normal or something, most earbuds don't fit. Only ones to fit so far have been ones I got with my latest player, they actually had three sizes of plastic thingies to put on the buds and the smallest size fit me. But by now I'm so used to headphones I usually use them, anyway.


    Bloglines hasn't even picked up your post yet and already I'm nearly duplicating someone else's suggestion?

    Back in high school, at assemblies and stuff, some people (not me, no, never) would run the headphone wires under their shirts. There's not enough cord exposed above the neck of your shirt to get caught on things.


    Your ipod is adorable (that is the one that Bethany got!)
    Wires schmires. Listen to those books!


    It might be a limited range issue... Overlapping wireless fields - imagine a crowd of people all listening to their (wireless) iPods - how many signals would those little earbuds be picking up at the same time?


    Snort. Just last night I was making pizza dough with my Nano stuck in the front pocket of my jeans, and every time I moved I activated the controls, so it kept switching from my podcast to music.


    I listen to my iPod a lot (mine's red) but very rarely with the earbuds. Mostly I use it in my Bose docking station or in my car.


    Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones(for ipods)
    they do make them, silly. You just have to ask!


    I just want one.


    You have very smart readers.


    Well, alright now, looks like you're all set with the info here.


    There are wireless headsets by ipod
    you plug something into the ipod and put it in a pocket or backpack
    then wear the headphones
    check the web I am sure you can find them


    Dear Apple, it's not enough that I can have albums and albums of music at the touch of a button and carry them around with me, light as a feather, but I want it so that my head and my shoulders aren't actually connected. ROFL! Just teasin' ya, Norma - I am in one of those phases where I marvel at technology and at the things we now take for granted that were out of this world 20 yrs ago.


    For use in your home, there are speakers that you put the iPod into. But then everyone in the room has to listen to what you are listening to!


    I have a pink iPod shuffle that i clip to my bra-strap (i know, overshare) and i coil up the excess earbud wire and secure it with a twisty-tie and just run the earbuds out the collar of my shirt. if my hair is not pulled up, i can usually hide the fact that i'm listening to podcasts at work while sorting the mail. but yes, i would like wireless earbuds too!


    Apple used to make a very nice lanyard earphone thingy, which was very convenient and kept the Nano from dropping to the floor all the time. Of course, while the new Nano uses the same connector as the old Nano, they moved the slot about 1/16th of an inch to the left, so it doesn't fit. Drat! And when I asked in the Apple store if they had a new one, the guy looked at me like I was from Mars and said, "Huh? We never sold that." Right. But wireless would be even better.


    I like the green!

    There's something about earbuds that makes me queasy, so I opt for little hang-on-the-ear pads, which make me happy. My other alternative is my huge pair of DJ-ing headphones, which just look silly plugged into my teeny-tiny Nano.


    That is extremely green. Just like mine is extremely orange. All good.


    I know of a wirless bluetooth for Ipod. It is expensive, but wireless headphones are good!!


    Hahaha. The good thing about the ABC-Along is that there are NO RULES. Hell, I dragged the thing back into the light and ended up dropping off at around "O." Just can't find it -- whatever it is -- an "O" would be good -- to pick it back up.

    I hate earbuds (I think my ear canals are either small or oddly shaped -- or maybe both) and those foamy things are always falling off, plus I wear glasses so almost NOTHING is comfortable. But those wires -- you're right, that's the worst part of all.

    Jena (the yarn harpy)

    Kristen, I bought something called "earjams" on Amazon that make them fit MUCH better.


    So cute, the green.

    Yeah, I got nothing. xo


    Earjams ROCK! They do not help the cord problem, though. I my iPod in my pocket and run the cord under my shirt.


    Mine's silver (how dull) but since it was a gift and is engraved "Leslie's i-Pod :)" I can't complain. Mostly mine is used on the daily round trip 1.5 hour commute - my reading time. On the weekends I knit with the pod in my bra, all warm and cozy. I hate my earbuds and keeping the wires away from the yarn can take concentration at times. Enjoy it, Norma. 10 years ago it was unthinkable.


    This won't work for your work out, but we have four I-homes here. Each of the kids have them, I have one in my sewing room and we have one in the kitchen. We can listen to our ipods nearly anywhere we want to. So much more confortable than having ear buds in all day anyway.

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