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    Sunday, November 30, 2008


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    It took me a long time to realize that I could actually learn a lot from people who aren't as smart as I am. I think it went along with the realization that for as high as my IQ supposedly is, I've done a lot of really stupid things over the years. {sigh} I hope your new trainer works out!


    I was just picturing how you'd look in a football uniform...

    Marta will be beautiful. I like your choice of yarn better than the original!


    So... what would they call this guy, if he were a new surgeon on Grey's Anatomy? heh.
    So glad to see Marta, I do love that Spice!


    Marta looks great! I would love that as a vest, myself. I particularly like that the front bands were worked in place and don't have to be put on after.


    Ok - you are going to laugh, but the reason why I feel you'll be fine with the ex-NFL trainer type is a stupid show on the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Ever seen it? Their trainer is ex-military, obviously a guys-guy kinda guy, but he gets the cheer squad to do all kinds of stuff that makes them look toned, but still girl-like. Go for it. I bet you'll be really happy with the results.

    LOVE your Marta. I envy you the ability to wear all those colors you love. They aren't so good on me, but I love them on you!


    These guys, they are expensive, but they do know some (exercise) tricks.


    I've been getting pain in my shoulder/collar bone for the last several weeks. I've been telling myself it's not caused by knitting and the computer but I think I'm lying.


    Marta is looking yummy. I waved to the North at you as I drove through Vermont from Harrisville to Webs yesterday! I said, "Hey there, Norma!" :-)


    I have been working out with a trainer for 3+ years now. I work out with him once a week and I love it. It's the only time I'll actually work out in the gym. I hate working out in the gym with a passion. This way I go, work my ass off for an hour and I'm done. Of course I know how to do all of that myself but there's no way I'd do it by myself!!!


    Good luck with that, Norma! Fitness is definitely one of the things I'm falling down on ... walks around the block with Chappy are about it. (Sorry.) The prospect of looking as good as you do is definitely motivation, though!

    And, Marta looks great.

    Deb Roby

    I LOVE working a trainer (even though I'm considering studying to become one myself). And I love it for the reason you mentioned: I do not know everything about fitness and there are goals I have that I won't work on well on my own.

    My first trainer got me through my weight loss before he left (45# of menopausal adipose fat); I am that leaner, meaner woman I knew was inside me. My current trainer got me to do unassisted pull-ups, full barbell squats, and let me say my triceps and core should have his name engraved on them.

    Working with someone who has a different style or approach than you do expands your knowledge base and shocks your body out of adaption mode. And a former NFL strength guy will likely kick your butt in ways you haven't imagined. Fight the need to be in control, give yourself over to the process, and you'll be fine.


    I know what you mean about not wanting a trainer who is a bit soft or doesn't look the part. I am a Physical Therapist and while I do home care with a mainly geriatric population, I certainly feel obligated to practice what I preach. Very little irks me as much as an overweight, out of shape Physical Therapist. Especially if they smoke!

    I think the benefit to having a trainer is they can watch you, see things you can't in yourself, and change things up for you because they will have a different perspective.


    I am interested to see how this works out for you.


    He sounds like the perfect trainer. He'll kick your ass. You think you know it all? Just watch grrl, you'll be toast. I miss my trainer SO MUCH!
    Love the sweater! You needed a break, a well deserved break.


    I like what Deb Roby wrote in her comment. I'm a believer that a trainer can open a whole new world of options when it comes to fitness. That being said you're 100% right that it needs to be a good trainer. A bad trainer can do a whole world of good. You obviously know what to look for in a trainer. As far as him not knowing the diff between a woman and an NFL player,I say stick to the number one rule in pushing your fitness levels: communication - if something doesn't feel right to you, tell him. I do small group training (two clients, one trainer) at the KB gym and it has increased my strength and seriously improved my form! It sounds exciting!! Keep us updated. :) Oh, and see if he knows any kettlebell exercises... perfect for increasing strength!


    I wrote "A bad trainer can do a whole world of good" but meant to say "a whole world of BAD." Duh.... I need a trainer for my brain.

    Cheryl S.

    Marta looks great! Fabulous color. As for the trainer, go with your gut feelings. If this seems to be the guy, you could at least ask him about his experience training women.


    Marta looks like such a wonderful sweater! It will be another everyday sweater. Srsly.


    Love the knitting.

    He does sounds like a good trainer for you. You need someone who will kick your ass, keep you in line (HA!), and challenge you. And how good do you feel knowing they watch you at the gym and like what they see? Skinny buff bitch. :p



    I admire your ambition and I hate to admit having the same feelings about teachers. But you know, a teacher isn't there to tell/show you new "stuff", they are there to show you a new way to process information and organize your thoughts and plans. Or at least that is how I try to approach my learning and my teaching.


    wow, that's amazing . . i swear to gawd i made my dad a sweater out of that same colorway in green mountain sport about 100 years ago (well, MAYbe it was more like 20 years ago). it is an exact replica of his favorite type of golf sweater (which was only sold in acrylic at the time). he's gone unfortunately, but i still have the sweater. i would wear it, but my mom's moths got to it first, so for me it's just a keepsake . . . but i do love that colorway, hahaha.

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