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    Saturday, November 29, 2008


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    I'll confess that every time you mention that Blog 365 is nearing an end, I start to panic. I'm afraid that I've become addicted to my daily dose of Norma (tm)--the drug that makes you feel so wickedly good.


    You should raise the bar on "crazy" and start Blog 1000. That'll show those Utah girls.


    Mercy, Mr. Jeffries, what a sweet face you have. still. I'm thinking you get growled at, at least a couple times per day. half evil, snort. I was going to tie that in with the '666' thing but nah. A sweater a month, that's some pretty wonderful crazy there.

    Lisa H.

    Mr. Jefferies is a charmer! I don't believe any of your evilness talk. He just looks a little peaved, probably about the crate thing.

    elizabeth a airhart

    one adult garment a month a small shrug in ribbon
    yarn would count?

    365 days of norma has been great fun work for you
    but we loves you - good morning jeffries

    elizabeth a airhart

    good morning jeffries
    your blog is so much fun we loves you

    Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

    Oh, now that is one cute puppy! That was a really wonderful face to wake up to!!


    Mr. Jeffries is too cute.
    I sure hope you do 365 in 2009, I'm very spoilt getting my daily dose of Norma too!!


    Holy Cow! Baby sweaters maybe? I can't even commit to one and don't even do a pair of socks a month, they must be super knitters. Or maybe sweater machines? Nah.... that's cheating!


    We have a Ravelry group with 92 members. It won't be so hard. Anyone could do it.
    Do you think you'll enjoy a day off now and again or do you think you're so addicted you'll blog everyday forever?


    AAWWHHH. So cute.


    Yeah, there's no way I'd be able to manage that 12 sweaters in 12 months thing, either. I can't even say it would be fun to try, because I KNOW it's simply not possible for me, unless I picked the simplest, most basic-knit kinds of patterns, and where's the fun in that?


    Well, I signed up. 12 in 12 BABY! Super excited. Adorable puppers.


    Help! Need insulin... too.much.cute. At least we know what his super power is, he can't hide it!

    Cheryl S.

    We aren't humans. We are pod people.


    Oh! I was sure the header means you are going to blog for 666 days in a row instead of "only" the 365 + 60!, what a disappointment - greedy me :)


    Cutest dog ever! And while I do have enough crazy to consider the 12 sweaters project, and certainly have enough yarn, I don't think I have the nerve to stick to it.


    Honestly, that 12 sweater project strikes me as hand-destroying. Since I happen to need my hands to make my living, I'm passing.


    Aww, he's so cute I'd just live with the evil half in order to get the good half. I think that they aren't any more crazy than the rest of us, and I would join in if I didn't have such a focus problem. Think of all the things that could distract you off into lace, hats, mitts, spinning, even socsk, in the course of a whole year. I admire your dedication to the whole post-a-day thing, and am grateful to have good reading on the weekends:)


    I won't be catching that bug... though, like you, I have enough yarn to do so. Are you going to do a post a day next year? Are you addicted now??


    Chappy knits?! o.0

    I'm sure Abigail would be more than willing to request some sweaters for you to knit, so you could make it to 12. ;^)

    You're going to keep blogging daily, aren't you? Or will Mr. Jeffries be posting on your days off?



    My friends from Southern California always complain about how us Northern Californians use the word "hella." I find it hella amusing to hear it from an East Coaster. ;)


    hah! with my nutso schedule, i've decided to do it, too! i'm gonna do charity sweaters for some of them (i've been making 32" chest sweaters, so a step up to 34" isn't much of a reach), and i have sweaters worth for at least 3 more. i also intend on makng one for my 16 yo son (it's going to be big, as i KNOW that child is not done growing). yeah, i'm nutty. but it's f un


    I am going to have fun watching the adventure.

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