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    « 325. Abigail Needs a Hat and So Do A Lot of Other People | Main | 327. Lamb's Pride Bulky 2X2 Ribbed Hat »

    Saturday, November 22, 2008


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    rich in the sock love because you're so lovable, dear.


    That color is an eye-opener, all right! Love it.
    If you wear those socks on campus, you'll probably attract my daughter - she's a student there and she's all about the orange...


    The hat is wonderful. I'm thinking knitting a few hats will be a great way to use up some handspun from my early spinning days. Finish that second orange sock!

    Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

    Come on, do Julie the honor of finishing that second sock! Besides, one day you might just need an orange-socks-kind-of wake up call, and you will be totally prepared for it!


    I did the reverse colorway of your hat. Just finished it yesterday. Started with the gray and ended with brown. Love the color combination. Thanks for the rib color change tip (rcct).


    Gorgeous sock, and great hat. Maybe you could make the second sock out of Yankee frugality, as well?


    I remember the yarn but don't remember the sock was LACE!


    Awesome! I love it! It's perfect and, more importantly, it looks so toasty warm! I love that trick for color change in rib. I think I learned it from an EZ video.
    That orange is definitely an eye-opener! Juicy is the perfect name.


    (sings) "Tangerine . . She is all they claim, with her eyes afire and lips as red as flame! Taaaaangerine, when she dances by, senoritas stare and cabelleros sigh!" hanks for the vintage earworm.


    Tangerines are good for you.


    As per usual, you made record time on the hat. It will keep some NYer's noggin quite warm in a very stylish way. A question - I have trouble with the decreases on a ribbed hat - will you please share your technique? I make quite a few hats each year for our local shelters, and would love to make one like this with pretty decreases.


    Love that color!
    cool hat--what pattern or do you "just go around"?


    oh and hey, this reminds me--I left an orange in my backpack yesterday!! thanks!

    Lisa H.

    I've never heard that tip for knitting the entire first row when you join in the new color of yarn and are working a ribbed pattern. Thanks! I'll give it a try on my next ribbed project.


    I wondered what you did with that pretty yarn! That pair will be gorgeous when it's done.


    Thanks for the tip! I love being able to use every last bit of a skein. I have some left Lamb's Pride that needs a home.

    You knit a lace sock? LACE?! For some reason, I find this every interesting. Oh, and I stash sock in the sock in progress. ;^)



    Thanks for the tip. I knit hats for the eagles in our Boy Scout Troop and they are 2 x 2 rib, in 1 inch stripes in garish colors. Sounds awful, but there is a rich tradition behind them and the boys love them (as do the Scoutmasters who also earn them). Anyway, I have never heard that tip and will try it the next go round!


    What's the pattern for the hat? I'm curious about the crown decreases -- it looks awesome!


    Would love to knit a hat for charity - I need an EASY Patttern? Got one??


    I had not read of the tip to knit a plain round to avoid those other color bits. Thanks!

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