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    Monday, November 17, 2008


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    Wait, I thought you don't darn as a matter of principle? At any rate, gray yarn isn't too hard to find, so hopefully if the time comes, you'll easily come up with a proper subsitute.


    You'll have to pose a mitten-in-progress on a trowel, so we know we're in the right place...


    Knitting content. Wow.

    I am making two pairs of the Dimorphous Mittens as Christmas gifts (from stash yarn no less) and they are very popular spectacle at the knit shop. ~ksp


    You should have one of those counter things on your page so you can see how many hits you get. Tee hee hee. Sorry I missed the great knitting in Montpelier. Of course you and your blog are popular. Don't you hear, "Oh, It's Norma" all the time, everywhere you go.
    Big feet-big socks. THanks had to change my undies...


    But, but you looked so good in that green sweater! I always wonder what you're really up to when you say you're knitting.


    Yeah, all the knitting? It's kinda freaking me out.


    Mmm, Dr. Sloan. Thank you for that.
    If you ever need to fix those socks, just hope that it's on the feet so you can use any old grey yarn, you know?


    Great theme today! I hadn't given up hope on knitting content yet.

    Cheryl S.

    Some lucky person is going to love that green sweater.


    Yeah to the more knitting content!!
    I thought you looked fabulous in the green sweater, but someone is going to be lucky and thrilled to receive such an awesome hand knit.


    snort, paging Dr. Sloan... hee. I know! It HAS been rather (extremely) knitterly here of late, quite enjoyable I must say, although everyday here is enjoyable. (gosh, I hope whoever gets that sweater heeds 'hand wash only')


    I was going to guess big shoes, but big socks makes sense, too. xo


    Toes to fingers, you've got them covered! Lucky David~ now his toes won't be all scrunched up!


    Sounds more like the OR to me. And in an academic institution, to boot.

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