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    Thursday, September 25, 2008


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    Dave Daniels

    Pretty fiber. And I"m glad you got your count correct. :)


    That's some really beautiful fiber.


    Gorgeous color! Very kind of Sue to find out and for you to reward her.


    Aww! That's the prettiest cotton candy I've ever seen! Good job, Sue!


    I could hardly stand the suspense.


    What a lovely gift for someone so willing to do something useful, but not required. Good for Sue and, Norma, it's good to know you are pain free.


    You have the nicest blog readers who are so willing to do your bidding. Nice gift!


    Actually, worms are a lovely gift, but they're dreadful hard to spin...

    Glad you're pain-free. May it last and last.


    It's an ill wind that blows no good and a sorry insomnia that reaps no roving. This silver lining is strawberry-colored!


    Ooo, pretty! I'm blushing now- I feel like a rock star. Thank you thank you! And I'm glad to report that I actually slept nine hours last night (hence the lack of excited 2 am commenting about such pretty fiber!).


    Aww, nice guys (who might just be a little anal-retentive) do finish first! Kudos to you and Sue for being fine examples of humanity. And thanks for the lovely eye-candy. It helps ease the fatigue of staring at word documents hour after hour.


    Counting can be so complicated. ;-)


    Congrats to Sue, how funny, I had seen her comment yesterday. Gorgeous fibre, looks almost good enough to eat!


    Seldom has OCD been so well rewarded, and seldom has a reward been so well deserved. It's like a peony in fiber form. Luscious.


    I'm so glad you're feeling good again. Such lovely and slightly familiar fluff.


    First of all that color is gorgeous. I have hard packed clay soil and until I started ammending the soil - it was devoid of life. Now I have to be gentle when I place a spade in the soil as it is full of earthworms. Every season sees this little area amended. Once it cools down I'll be at it again - to plant some cool weather annuals.


    Bless your heart Sue for clearing that up. It's nice to know there's a little bit of OCD floating around besides the stuff floating around me. ;-)

    Lee Ann

    I am not going to laugh at you. Really. Not.


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