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    Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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    It looks like whoever (or whatever) sewed the flat-felled seam near the kick pleat didn't catch all the layers of fabric properly when finishing it. Or at least that's what it looks like in the picture. How annoying!


    Found it! July 4 and July 5 are both numbered 185.

    Why yes, I AM having an insomniac night. Why do you ask? Just because I'm examining the numbering of your blog entries at 2:17 am?


    Oh, and you did NOT blog on Feb. 29. ;-)

    Dave Daniels

    Hey, if it wants to rip, let it rip. Crazier fashion trends were started in just that way. Maybe open it up a little more, and insert a little hand knit lace panel in there. It'll be the rage in Paris before you know it.


    I'd say there was a weak spot in the fabric. Can you fix it?

    Teresa C

    Well, my dear Norma, I love you too. Here are a couple of links for you. This first one is a calendar of this year with the numbers of the day underneath: You will notice that today, Wednesday, September 24 has the number 268 underneath. Yep, you should be on 267. Or you could look at this site: As of this typing it claims 98 days left in this year, so if you do the math, 365-98=267.

    Whew, I'm glad we got that all straightened out!


    I don't want to deal with all the numbers, but, according to my calendar, Wednesday, September 24, is day 268 with 98 more days to go in 2008. Obviously, that included leap day for a total of 366 days. Make it work!


    Seems you have been straightened out all over the place. The fabric of our skirt must have been weak (as Carole said) and had too much pressure on it from the seaming. That's a bite!!


    Welcome to the first day of Mercury-in-retrograde! Looks like you're off to a ripping good start!


    Did you skip a day of reading comments or something because someone else pointed out the number discrepancy about two months ago - she asked if you paid for your calendar or was it a freebie. I laughed, checked the almanac and commented something like OMG, she's right. anyhoo... Sorry about the skirt. Denim is not immune to rips. Jeans can do the same thing at the crotch, around pockets or zippers, anywhere.

    Elizabeth D

    Because I can't help it, I went here: Despite my distaste for the name of the website, it has a very useful feature, and I discovered that today (September 24) is day 268. Don't we all feel better now?


    On the very EDGE of my seat to see how you handle this crucial numbering problem. I say just start fresh with the correct number. It will make you worry that someone will think you skipped a day.

    It is not at all surprising that people stuck with you. Well except for the people you told to shut the eff up. LOL.



    As I see it, the biggest question that your post poses is: WHAT were you wearing when you photographed that rip???? (seems....pardon the pun, we know what you WEREN'T wearing!) and where the heck did you choose to do that???? Still laughing!


    I just assumed you were such a fast typist that you had warped the space/time continuum...

    A decorative patch could fix the skirt - making a "design feature" out of a flaw.


    Hee, I like Dave's suggestion with a touch of lace bit :^)
    A 'hobby'! So THAT'S where I've gone woefully wrong... sure, now it makes sense.
    I love your craziness to blog every single day.

    Chris in MN

    I thought this was going to be a knitting post....

    Cheryl S.

    Too funny! And if you're making eggnog, make one for me too. Mmmmm.


    At least the rip wasn't in one of your fancy-pants jeans.


    Don't much care what number it is.... I just love the fact that you're blogging every day!

    The Queen of the Snow Cows

    Keep some duct tape in the car and if you ever have any rip problems again while you're far away from home slap some tape on the inside to keep your modesty or whatever. It's how I roll....HA!

    Lee Ann

    Okay, now I've got that Dazz Band disco song in my head, only it's changed to "Let it rip..."

    Gee, thanks :-)


    As long as you keep posting, I don't care what day or number it is. I hope you can fix the skirt easily.


    Oh, I was afraid it was one of the lovely True Jeans purchases! BTW, are you still happy with the jeans? Which pairs/brands have held up over time? I am in need of a pair or two for the fall/winter and am on the fence about brands to try.


    This reminds me of a time when I had gained some weight and still squeezed my larger butt into the same size jeans a smaller me had worn comfortably. I bent over to pick something up, heard that heart-smashing "RIPPPPPP!", and then some cooler air on my butt/upper thigh. Luckily my coat covered it. Unluckily I was riding with my mom and she insisted that we still go to the grocery store before going home... Every time I made a long stride or got in and out of the car it ripped a little more!


    Terry numbered Leap Day. I am a Leap Day birthday, and I remember she was the only one with a number that day. It was also the day my van was broken into and my laptop stolen. Rather notable day.

    As for your skirt, it looks like it was caught on a nail, or something similar. Not nice.

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