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    Monday, September 22, 2008


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    That is a wonderful welcome to Autumn!


    OMG those are gorgeous pears. NOM NOM NOM for sure! Wow. I'm sitting here drooling. Mmmmmmmm.


    The pears really do look delicious, smaller fruits frequently have a concentration of flavors - home grown apricots can be absolutely luscious. The sweetness of a perfect grape or the tart/sweet of a sour cherry that fill your mouth with an explosion of flavor - perfection!


    I'm not sure those are really yellow, at the risk of seeming rude contradicting you. Those are lusciously, glowingly, mouthwateringly golden pears! I think they were in some fairy tale I read as a kid....


    Yowza. Those just might be the prettiest little pears I've ever laid eyes on. Loves me a good pear.
    Happy Autumn to you!


    Yes, but you didn't actually SHOW us anything yellow on X-day, so this counts in my book. Those look scrumptious. What a pretty plate they're sitting on, too!


    I love autumn best too! Gorgeous pairs, I'm drooling.


    Congrats on the pears. A thought: I made some pear butter with some Bartlett pears a few weeks ago. DELISH. If you have enough, and don't want to eat them all raw, I highly recommend it. ~ksp


    Autumn is your colorway. ;-)
    I'd love the taste one of those tiny little pears. They look fabulous.


    The light is luscious - like honey poured over thte pears. Wonderful job!

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Oh man I miss Fall in VT!


    Mmm. Pears.

    Do I have to harvest my proto-beets before frost?

    Cheryl S.

    What beautiful pears! Want! Want!


    Happy Autumn to you too! Sekel pears are yummy little gems. Nice photo!


    now, i'm hungry.


    Lovely pears! One of the two fruits I'm officially allowed to eat. Happy autumn back atcha. I prefer spring myself, if I must confess it, but I do love fall colors. (I always say I don't like yellow or orange, but that's not really true: I just don't like them on me. On other people, or on trees, I like them just fine.)

    I have two red scarves on the needles. One of them is actually red.



    Thank you for doing quality control before sharing them with us. ;^)


    Yellow pears in the golden sunlight of autumn! That is my favorite picture of all time. (:)


    YUMMM! Seckle Pears are just a delight. And those are particularly pretty - they just look like they should be painted into some lovely still life... and then, snarffed down with a nice glass of wine and a bit of cheese. Happy Autumn! It's just the best time of the year!

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