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    Wednesday, September 17, 2008


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    Cindy (maxfun)

    The only thing I've slowed down is my income and my stress level. LOL Instead of going to a corporate job every day, I've been doing transcription at home for the last four years. For fun, I work part-time in a yarn store and part-time dealing casino games for a casino party company. In between, I knit and I'm learning to spin and I'm generally having a great time.

    I can slow down when I'm dead. LOL

    Dave Daniels

    I've decided to do something I started 30 years ago, I'm going to start weaving again. The loom arrives today! It's a natural progression to the knitting>dyeing>spinning road that I've been on, too.


    The age at which we want to start slowing down?! Holy [censored]! I'm older than you are and all that does for me is make me want to run/do/learn faster! I've only got around 30 years left; I've got to pack it all in NOW!


    I just started back to school for Landscape Design. I took my first course this summer in Field Botany and found out yesterday that I got an A! I also entered one of my quilts in a Kaffe Fassett Invitational show. I find out in 2 days whether it's been accepted.


    Why would we want to start slowing down? I don't plan on ever slowing down!


    I'm a freshman again, at the age of 39. I was unaware tht taking 18 hours and working full time might be a bad idea when I was in my 20s, and then I had medical issues and didn't realize that one should withdraw from classes when one stops going. Now in my attempt to get a BA in Art History, I'm having to overcome a ridiculously bad GPA. At two courses per semester, I'm doing better (still working sull time), and it'll only take ..... another 10-12 years. When I graduate, I'm going to Paris.


    Um, does reading trashy vampire romance novels count? Learning more about grants and computers than I ever thought I would? (I thought I'd be a field botanist, and in fact did so for a bit, then pregnancy and a husband who does the same kind of put that aside... one of us needs to be home!).


    I thought I would be slowing down too, now that the kids are all out on their own, but no. So far this year I traveled out of state twice (something I've never done), went to my first fiber festival, took up drop spindling and most recently, drove my tractor across the Mackinac Bridge in the first ever tractor parade (see blog). Oh, and the newest news, gonna be a grandma for the first time to a granddaughter!


    I'm thinking of teaching knitting classes. I don't know where I'll fit them in but it would be fun, I think.


    i still haven't made my mark on this world yet. so there's no slowing down until i do. i'm a bit of a late bloomer though so i'm having trouble imaging how i'm going to do that. oh well.


    Caring for an elderly parent is not a place I would have dreamt of being in, but I am. There are times when it is not fun and I'm pushed and tired and frustrated, but then I remember that this is what generations before me have done for their parents (my Mother is a jewel, I'm very blessed)and I can show her my love every day. Not easy nor exciting, but rewarding.


    What a great question...I recently quit a job that was safe and convenient but that I hated!!!! It made me miserable...but I recently accepted a new job that I really like but made me step out of my comfort old job was convenient, close to home, one I knew very new job has me driving into the city and starting over at decision of my life! Life's too short to spend 10 hours a day miserable!


    I need my comfort zone right now so no fun comment here. I did take my one and only spinning class late July and am LOVING spinning. a spinning fool, that's me.


    I don't really know the meaning of slow down. I do more fun stuff than most of my family members, and I work outside the home full time. I've been teaching my nine year old son life skills - hence his wildly successful garden), I knit or create just about all of the Christmas gifts we give, and I'm always on the lookout for new things - interesting recipes, new things to do and share. If I slow down, what's that teaching my son?


    I'm working really hard on having my husband be employed with benefits. Because once he is, I am quitting my job, working at a yarn store part time and designing the rest of the time. I have plans, I have ambitions, I think I can make it work. I am tired of being an office monkey where my body in a chair is more important than my creative mind. I am tired of being the responsible party who feels trapped in a job because we need healthcare and I'm the only one working. I want to do something creative and freeing every day. I want to be one of those knit designers like Cat Bordhi who knitters are just like "HOLY SHIT! How did she ever think that up?", but I have to have the time to foster my creativity, which I am completely lacking right now. I want to not feel pissed off about going to work on Monday morning.



    After 20 years of practicing law, I quit in January 2008 and bought a yarn store from an owner who was retiring. I hated litigation after doing it for so long, had nothing left to prove to anyone and wasn't challenged. I've been a knitter since I was 3, so that's a pretty long time now. I've had the shop "officially" for six months. We've moved to a new, larger location. I've increased the stock. My husband has been tremendously supportive -- we've put all our savings into this and are working hard to make it work. I've never been happier. Now, if we could just find affordable health insurance, but in time, that will come (I hope).


    Slow down? I guess I prefer to look at it as changing lanes. I'm doing more of what I WANT to do - not slower. As a matter of fact, I'm discovering that as I move to do that which inspires me, I want to speed up! I can do all sorts of things amazingly fast as long as I've got that "spin 10 a day" waiting @ the finish line.


    When I hit 40 I decided to change a few things. It seems you spend your 20s trying to find your place in the world and your 30s trying to get to the top of that place. By 40 I was ready for something new. I started learning Japanese, knitting and water gardening. Now I'm spinning as well, and I am reopening some of my old skillsets to new development. I am now studying vegetable gardening and will be starting that project as well. I think it is more fun to learn new things the older I am. I have a greater appreciation for the processes and more focus and discipline. It is always amazing to see what seemingly unrelated things I've learned in the past prove useful when I least expect it.


    Would you explain what CART is or trll me where I can find it on your blog. I've looked back, but missed it. Just curious!!



    I'm moving to a new state with a new baby, does that count?


    A little over 4 years ago, I started my own business designing and sewing handbags, totes, knitting items. It's a "sideline" business (in that I haven't stopped working full-time) but it's my passion (besides knitting). And it's been successful! What a delight that has been.

    I think mid-life is the perfect time to strike out on "adventures" even if they're not the usual kind of traveling to exotic locales...just getting outside your routine, starting something new.

    Three cheers for new beginnings!


    (Disclaimer: I am not trying to emulate Dave Daniels.)

    When we arrived in the US, it became apparent that I might have to go back to work to make budgetary ends meet. But, a secret wee part of me always wanted to try to earn some income through artisan endeavours. Wasn't allowed to do it in Ireland. Thankfully, the financial picture isn't as grim as we first thought and I have the opportunity to focus on weaving, trying to explore what I hope to be creative forces. A simple beginning. But I was thrilled to receive my woven labels from Cash's (UK) in the post! Guess I ought to start making things to put those labels on, eh? On today's to-do list? Wind warps.


    Slowing down?? No!! This is when we need to SPEED UP - there's so much left to do! After I turned 40 I decided it was time to take charge of my life. I quit my soul-sucking job as a litigator, got a wonderful gig practicing law at a fantastic company, took up distance running and knitting, and now blogging, and I wonder what I'll do next.


    no matter what you're doing you are going to continue to grow old. that's the beauty of it! the only thing i can think of in the way of "new" is my effort to make and keep up with adult companionship. after i stopped working , i found that i stopped being around people, so i've made an effort to bring people into my life, and keep 'em there.

    Jenn C.

    This is something I'm really struggling with right now, actually.

    I hate what I'm doing, I don't want to do IT anymore (and even if I did, I can't get an interview, never mind a new job). I've been getting sucked deeper and deeper into my hobbies, but can't find a path to doing them that would allow me to make money at them (and don't have the stamina left at the end of the day to do them in a way that would make the path clear + the full time job + raising a family) in a way that gives my husband enough comfort that we'd have the financial stability he feels we need. At the same time, changes at my husband's job are making it so I'm going to have to take on even more of a share of the home duties.

    It feels like I need room and flexibility to find my way to becoming the person I want to be, right as I've hit a point in my life that isn't allowing me to have any of either, and I'm having a very hard time coping with that.

    Katie B.

    Um... everything in my life right now is at the baby's pace.


    I can't tell any details yet, but it involves a documentary film crew and a March 09 airdate. It may open doors to things I never thought possible, or wouldn't have thought of period. Sorry to be so cryptic, but it is exciting for me.


    I guess living outside the box for me would be being fit/going to a gym for the first time in my life. That and going back to school. Certainly not as interesting as your other comments (they were fun to read!) but they are outside my comfort zone for sure.


    What the h*ll do people do when they "slow down"? Sit on the couch and stare into space? What?? I don't have any desire to be overburdened and stressed out but I also can't stand sitting still and doing nothing.

    I'm going to be applying for a new position at work, despite the fact that there are some things in the Cons column that made me hesitate to do so initially. But I think I'm up for the challenge. I'd still have the same amount of time outside of work for knitting and spinning and other things I enjoy.


    As of this Friday we will be moving out of our home of almost 10 years and moving into the home we have been building for the past year. It's been so freeing to pack us up for this move. I've decluttered and organized and sorted through my life (in more ways than one). It's been a huge job, but well worth it. I almost (almost!) look forward to unpacking on the other side!


    I started back at school last year. Yeah, being a die hard introvert who'd rather stay home all day, I was a wee out of my comfort zone there. The HUGE step was taking on a B.S. degree in Environmental Science. All that math and science? ACK that was WAAAAY outside the comfort zone! Now that I have 12 classes under my belt, I'm a straight 4.0 student WOOT! Most importantly? I'm ENJOYING every minute of it! Yeah, its taking away from all the comfortable things -- sitting and knitting and being a stay at home mom -- but its WORTH IT! Next year I change schools from the local college, where I'm getting the foundation classes done cheap, to the big scary 4 year university. Will mean a good long hour commute (provided the traffic gods are on my side), but I'm ok w/ that! It's all a means to the end.


    I took early retirement after 28 years. Right now I'm in the comfort zone, working on the yard and home, knitting and sewing, and enjoying every minute of it! I tried soldering, Fair Isle and drop spindling. That's enough excitement for now:)


    I've started to weave, which has me super excited. I'm going to a guild meeting this weekend in order to learn more about floor looms. I've also been changing up my curriculum, trying out new approaches in how I present material and in the assignments I give.


    ...not that Dave Daniels isn't worth imitating, mind you...just didn't want to appear a copy-cat-commentor ya know...

    Melissa G

    New and exciting: Wii Fit. Successfully growing exotic zucchini and cooking with it and the eggplant. Looking forward to second batch of tomatoes. Creating ballet sweater for daughter.
    Dreams: Acupuncture certification? Retire to a farm/ranch in the Yampa Valley (after the kids finish high school) and open [secret name] a handmade shop/gallery in Steamboat.


    A friend and I are starting a yarn/fiber/soap biz together! I have had a soap biz before but when my kids were younger and then life caught up with me...and so did 2 more I haven't ever gone back to it. When I finally started needing "me" time again I joined up with a local knitting group that I found through Ravelry. I really hit it off with one of the women and one night we were joking around that we should start our own yarn biz because we were sick of all the stuff we could get our hands on (too highly variagated for our likes now). Well....I called her the next day and said," You know..if you really want to do it...I'm in!" And so it began :) We've been test dyeing for about 2 months now and are finally happy with our results and will be starting an etsy store soon. We've applied for a few local craft fairs and she will be teaching at Madrona this year and we are going to try and get a booth there as well!!'s all very exciting :)


    Only CART. HA! You don't have time to do anything else. From what I've seen, slowing down is a bad thing. Being active and involved is what keeps us alive.

    Me? I'm still sitting here with a sock and trying to figure out how to make things line up so I can do what I'd like to. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed.


    Seanna Lea

    I'm too young to start slowing down quite yet. Right now, I'm rehearsing (around my corporate job) with the MIT Gilbert & Sullivan group for Pirates. Apparently my range is big enough, because I get to play a pirate for the show (tenor)!

    I've done shows before, but always between shows I manage to forget how much fun I had even when I was completely exhausted. I already know I'm doing the spring show too, because Iolanthe is definitely my favorite show thus far!


    Actually, I'm just trying to get to the goal I had for myself years ago. It's been a long, twisted trip.


    Wow, my kids are younger than your daughter, heading into the busy, but not yet independent from Mom years. I figure in a couple of more years, I am going to be really able to do more of the things I want to do, rather than be chauffeur, cheerleader (to the cheerleader), banker, laundress and cook. Who has time to slow down? And, why would you want to?

    I will admit, Grandma has slowed down a bit in the last couple of years, but I think at 92, gardening for pleasure is really enough, rather than gardening for a family of 8, which she used to do.


    After 27 years in New England, we are moving south - just for ourselves (no job, no family connections). The opportunities I see: work in a new field (solar energy), attending graduate school in a new field (Master of Divinity) and beginning to write. This move feels energizing and liberating. This is not just a new chapter, it's a whole new volume.


    Trying to start--or, figure out HOW to start--a freelance writing business....


    I had to slow down a few semesters ago due to lack of child care, but I will hopefully be able to ramp up the classes again now that all of the kids are in school.


    Having had no children of my own I recently volunteered to help with childcare for a set of 15mo. identical twin girls - they are exhausting, but absolutely adorable!


    At 51 I came into the possession of an abused -neglected Arabian mare-I thought what on earth would I do with this creature being somewhat of a dork and accident prone person-so I took lessons and after a year of hard work and patience she has transformed my life! and I hope I have transformed hers- I've take a couple of falls and I just get back on her and try again. In my younger years I would have been much too fearful to have tried again but now I think oh just F**k it I can do this!

    elizabeth a airhart

    when i was told i had breast cancer
    in 2000 and here i am in 2008
    i became in a state a of hurry up and if not now when
    small victories some ribbons from the fair
    this computer and going into fields of new
    interests -red scarf and carts and and reading
    trashy novels in the day light not under the covers at night

    if you do not get into a fatal accident you will be just fine


    Well... I went back to school for my master's 3 years ago and only have 3 classes to finish, along with working full time last quarter and this at an internship, and getting the 13 and 15 year-olds shoved out the door every morning and picked up from all their activities... I'm enjoying the work but I'll be glad when it slows down a bit. I'm looking forward to three years from now.


    One more rep on the 20 lb dumbell chest press than last time.


    That's quite the judgy comment she gave you about the CART stuff. So she wouldn't like it. Big deal. I decided a few years back to get out of regular corporate pharmacy and just do relief work. I get to see different pharmacies, set my own hours and not deal with head office politics. Yet Iget people saying stuff like,"you have nobenefits" Like I would if I ran my own store? Besides, I need fewer meds if I don't have to deal with the fatheads who try to manage by remote control.


    Slow down? What the hell for?
    If you stop learning, you stop growing. If you stop growing, you die.

    I started TaekwonDo at the age of 46 (after a lifetime of being not-athletically-inclined. You know, last kid picked for teams, all that crap.) and got my black belt at 50.
    I took up spinning a year and a half ago. Can't live without it, now.
    My last job before my current one was as a floral designer. Didn't know squat about flowers when I started...

    Where would be the fun in slowing down?

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