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    Tuesday, September 16, 2008


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    Oh my...your swiss chard is gorgeous. I need to go and get me some. My naturopath told me a while ago to help heal with certain foods..and she uses chard in what she calls "soul soup". You saute chard and onions until good and wilted and then put 'em in the blender with chicken broth or veg. broth and whir the whole thing up and drink it in small sips while cupping the mug in your hands. It really does make you feel pretty good :) Not that you need soul soup or anything...but you do have a rather large crop o' chard there....and....well..I thought I'd give you some tips on what to use some of it for :)


    Why can't you be a farmer? A farmer of thoughts and ideas and dreams and gardens that wanna be big spreads? When we think of moving, we always think that we want more land (we have just under quarter acre) with more sun (we loose it early because we're on a hill) and flat (said hill). My friend who spent time in Greece said that my black dog who is turning whitish/tannish in places (even though she is young, must be those yellow lab and border collie genes poking through) is what the Greeks call blonde, xanthe. And my Latvian friend's niece is named Zentha, sounds the same, but I think it means something different, even though she is blonde.


    Because I want to grow pumpkins.... And winter squashes....


    Rats. And I could have snitched a couple of dozen of those xtems and you would have never xissed thex.
    Plant some next year, will xou?


    You should listen to Claudia. She's wicked smart.


    Why can't we be small scale farmers, huh? We have crops in boxes! :-)


    Claudia is always right on the money.


    I had a dream that someone was designing me a black trench coat. I though this is great because I really want one. That morning I walked by a store window and there it was on display. No, I didn't go buy it. But now it has me thinking, do I really want one? Should I listen to my dream self?


    Your Swiss chard is gorgeous. And, although I do not question the incredible wisdom of Claudia, I must say you are a farmer. A generic definition for farmer is "creator".


    OK, I see that chard. The real question is, how many TOMATOES can one grow in a 3 by 3 grow bed?


    Looks like your garden-a-long was a success! Have you started planning next year's garden yet? Will you be trying anything new?


    I read David's post. I love the word plotz. Nice chard.


    Holy xrap, you are so funny. Your toms are gorgeous, er, Dave's now, as is the Swixx xhard! dang, that's a LOT.


    I am not arguing with the wonderful Claudia. However, I do wonder what's wrong with a little at home farming.

    Moving on...

    Love the chard!


    hehe, I work on what I think is a farm. We work about 5 acres. My employers call it the garden. So do whatever you like! And Oh! The Chard! Sooooo beautiful. I've just planted some (well maybe a month ago) down in SW Virginia, and I've got little bitty seedlings working their way up, I hope they make it.

    PS- since I don't comment often, gotta tell you, love you blog, read it all the time. Love your attitude, it points me in the right direction. thanks!


    You'll be all set now when one of the professors in the medical school talks about something being xanthrochromic. (I used that word in a lecture this morning).

    Beth S.

    Best "x" ever. Really!

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