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    Monday, September 15, 2008


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    I don't know what it is about Trekking, but I've had less success with it than with any other yarn at actually capturing its color range. Somehow, my camera always finds shades in it that my eyes can't see. 'Tis a mystery.


    I like plain ol' yogurt with a skosh of maple syrup stirred in. I can make it less sweet than if I bought it already mapled. (Add THAT to your dictionary!) Now I want some PUMPKIN maple yogurt! Drat this no-dairy kid of mine!


    Ohhh....that sounds so yummy. I love the Brown Cow yogurts with the sinful cream layer on top. MMmmmmmmm. I bet the ginger is delicious. I never thought to add pumpkin. I think I'll have to try that sometime soon. It just sounds like the perfect little breakfast treat.


    And not a drop of high fructose corn syrup around. That's my kind of yogurt! (Of course, I'm just assuming because I cannot see the ingredient list, but I'm fairly confident that I can make that statement!)


    I've been eating Greek yoghurts like crazy. Can't seem to get enough of them and now they have fruit flavors!


    Ooh, the suspense!

    The yogurt sounds yummy. Ginger, hmmm.


    Wish I could get the yogurt here! YUM!


    I will have to check with my local health food store to see if they can carry this yogurt, I really dislike the sickly sweet syrupy yogurts. I found one (I just can't remember the name as I have not indulged in it in awhile) from Italy (comes in a little glass container) and they had one with ginger - simply delicious.


    Try the Old Chatham cheeses if they are available in your market.


    Ginger allergy, but the maple sounds divine! I got my box on Friday, but was a tad busy with the record rains (flooded basement) from Ike, so I didn't get a chance to let you know and thank you so much for the fabulous prize and pressies! I love it all, Norma. Thank you.


    I'm watching the Trekking with great anticipation!
    I never acquired a taste for yogurt. I've heard that it's easier to digest than most dairy products, but my lactose-intolerant self tends to shy away from the dairy. Since I have to take lactase pills to indulge at all, I save the dairy-indulgence for things I really DO like - like cheese....


    You are such a tease; and an influential one at that. You have [possibly] influenced my breakfast choice. ~ksp


    I think I've seen that yogurt at Whole Foods. Will give it a try!


    I'm such a Trekking fan...bought two more balls of it this past weekend...LOVE.IT.
    And that ginger yogurt sounds divine. But ordering 12 containers to ship to Virginia is a bit daunting...(sigh)
    I'll drool from afar.
    (I miss Burlington...and all the neat places to shop)


    That Trekking tube is mighty pretty. Mmmm, ginger and yogurt. LOVE the 'meh' shirts.

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Wow - only 12 grams of sugar for a container of flavored yogurt - I'm impressed. Most have twice that if not more, which is why I usually buy plain and add a teaspoon of (Vermont) maple syrup to mine.

    I'm going to see if they carry it anywhere near me. Ginger yogurt sounds fab!


    I love this yogurt also, but have to travel to Saranc Lake to get it. Not a bad place to have to go, though. And I love anything ginger. There's a granola with ginger at the same health food store, and the combination is quite wonderful. I can't remember the name of the cereal though.

    And thanks for the link to the meh sweatshirt. I thought I was so fancy knowing about the shirt, and told my 17 year old son who, of course, knew all about the site. I need to get me one of those.


    I love that Trekking.

    I'd have to come visit to get the yogurt, wouldn't I? /sigh


    That yogurt sounds wonderful-its a joy to read you every day Norma even if I don't comment much!


    I've taken to buying the plain yogurt (Stonyfield, mostly) and just putting some honey into it. Mmmm.


    Jealous... so jealous. We live in a yogurt desert. OK, maybe just the semi desert. But the big hannaford's nearby stopped carrying plain full fat mediterean (or however it is spelled), now they just have the small low fat fruit. They do have brown cow and stonyfield and nancy's, which the Shaw's doesn't carry. However, Shaw's has something new, Cabot Greek style yogurt. LOVE the vanilla and the plain. Tried the honey and thought it was kinda disgusting.


    Ginger Yogurt?? Meh! Now, that Ginger VODKA was something a girl could warm up to! Too bad we can't get any (ginger vodka) here in MA.

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