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    Monday, September 01, 2008


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    I DID! I laughed! I have to admit to a big belly laugh when I saw that YOU did a meme! I love it! There is something so satisfying about this one, including the silly ones!
    Thanks for your plagiarism. Let me know if I can help you out again. :D If you can't plagiarize a friend, who can you plagiarize?


    I have enjoyed reading this meme, but feel exhausted at the idea of actually doing it.


    I had to smile, not to lough, but that might be because I didn't understand all :) I was also seeing this yesterday at Sandy and had to do it myself, the questions are fun and exhausting to answer. Nice monday to you!


    This is right up your alley. I'd be plagiarizing (from Sandy) the same numbers you did. I love #14.;-)


    You are Nora; but only if I am Kathryn! :-)


    This is one of those creativity tests, isn't it? Like, how many things can you do with a brick? (dig out the middle and use it for an ashtray?)


    Steak and blueberries?

    Beth @ A Quest for Relevance

    Dang, that's a LONG one! I can't believe you actually finished it!


    High school is NEVER as fun as it should be.

    Cheryl S.

    High school is supposed to be fun? Nobody told me.


    You're right - it was a long meme, and it made me laugh. Thanks! PS I wish I had known you had a little layover in Phoenix en route to Utah - I would've come up and bought you a coffee.


    RE # 30: can I come over? I am a country girl living in NYC and I miss harvesting my produce sooooooooooooooo much.


    Bring some swiss chard with you if you're coming to VT S&W. I'll gladly take some off your hands.:-)


    Oh, good god. Thanks for not tagging me, I have no idea how I'd answer a lot of these questions. Yours, however were quite humerous. Norma is definately you. You are not prissy or snobby enough to be a Nora! OOps, sorry to any of you Noras out there. You know how certain names are to everyone. LOL. Time to go outside and play in the sun!


    I love Nora Charles and our Nora, of course, but I see you as a Norma. Take no shit, suffer no fools, shut up and get off my lawn NORMA.

    Sex in car. Talk about a reminder of the 80's.



    I laughed more and more the farther I got. By the end, it's a wonder boogers weren't hitting the wall.

    Not gonna do that one, but I'm glad you and Sandy did!


    What Cookie said... except for that sex in the car and the 80s bit... :^) So glad you survived that sled ride.

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