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    Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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    I enjoy the lovefests. They are great reminders of the good stuff of life.


    LOL, The hat is SO you... I bet they would have thought you were someone famous if you wore it on the plane..oh, that's right, YOU ARE!


    Haha! Love Ann's response.


    Oh, sweetie. I know you know how to have fun and I'm pleased to have been there with you on occasion, having fun right along with you!


    Utah loves you and not just because you stimulated it! ;-)


    I can never get enough Utah!


    That will be a gorgeous sweater. I love my Namaste bag, too. And, I'm wondering when you will get it knit as well. I'm so glad you got to "do" Utah.


    "I also know how to have fun."

    Yes. Yes, you do.


    It sounds like a simply spectacular adventure. And if I saw you in that hat and sunglasses I would be snapping pictures left and right. I hope you were knitting while wearing your snazzy outfit.


    LMAO - I just watched that movie (it was actually Ocean's 12) on Sunday, and you're right, it is That Hat.


    Darling, if you have the hat, you will find occasion to wear it. And it is SO you!

    Love how the silky wool goes with the bag. Tres clasic!


    You look so FAB in that hat! and look at you, all colour coordinated with your Laguna and SilkyWool! That *could* be your Rhinebeck sweater, how stylin' would that be? I love all your lovefest stuff.


    You DO look fab in that hat! Some people are hat people (ask how I know? yup, I'm one, too).
    The sweater pattern is lovely - the silky wool is a great color! (hence the bag is a great bag...)
    You do INDEED know how to have fun, grrl...

    Cheryl S.

    See? Everyone thinks you look great in that hat. Tilia is the pattern that led me to Margene. And she of course, led me to you. It's been a great path!

    Raquel Moreno

    I have the exact same Namaste bag,in Olive too... I love it. Did you get the clutch? It works great cause you can put it inside, and when you don't want to carry the big bag, just pull out the clutch. 8) That silky wool looks so pretty!


    Woo Hoo!

    That's my Norma!


    There can never be enough "going on" about fun and griends. :D


    Love the olive bag. I plan to eventually get one but I was thinking the teal color. I may have to change that. I also love the silky wool. It will look great as that sweater.

    Beth @ A Quest for Relevance

    You're quite fetching in a hat, Norma!


    That hat looks smashing on you. I'm just sayin'.

    Beth S.

    That yarn is heavenly (and so well coordinated with your bag!) I've got a pile of the stuff at home too, and I just can't make up my mind about which Viking-inspired project I should use it for. Sleep has been lost over this question, in fact.

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