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    Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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    Thanks, Scout! She's the best. That's pretty yarn, too!


    VERY generous. VERY lovely. Thanks to not only Scout, but to you for offering it up as a prize! Good luck getting through your hectic schedule in the coming days/weeks!


    Oh! that yarn is lovely!! Consider me interested!


    Perhaps the fact that I feel overwhelmed just reading your upcoming schedule means I need to take better care of myself. Maybe I will sleep through the night tonight.

    That jam looks so tasty, but since you're keeping that, I'll take the yarn.


    Say "so"? I should say so!


    Yum! - that's to the jam and the yarn ( though I fully understand why you aren't sharing the jam :-)

    Cindy (maxfun)

    Thanks, Scout!

    I've finished one red scarf and would love the pleasure of making another with Scout's lovely yarn. :)

    Karen S

    How could a knitter not want such a gorgeous yarn? I'll say "so" too ;)
    And thanks, Scout!!!

    toni in florida

    So! So, so, so, so!!

    What beautiful yarn and what a treat it would be to make a Red Scarf out of it!


    I think I will just make it time wise, if my clock is right, since Alaska time is 1 hr ahead of Pacific time. I hope so. I have been lurking for a long time, since nothing I have to say is important. But this yarn looks wonderful, and has drawn me out of anonamous status.


    T could also be for Transition in your case. That sounds like a big switch from summer to school year for you. It sounds like a great plan - especially the exercise, massage, chiropractor and all. Best of luck making time work in your favor.


    I have enjoyed reading your blog all summer long. Your fall schedule sounds busier that mine will be when I return to my job as a speech/language pathologist in an elementary school tomorrow morning :-( I would love to win some pretty yarn to lessen the "end of my summer" pain. Thanks for the great blog reading. Cyndi

    Mary Beth

    Oooh! Pretty!!! Pick me, please?


    Not that I need more yarn...but that pink is just my color. And here's to Rhinebeck!


    So, not "T for transcription"? Maybe you'll have enough of that in the coming weeks.

    Anyhoo, the yarn is .... leaving me speechless. Scout is truly talented, and I would be honored if you would bless me with its raspberry gorgeousness.


    Oh, so, so, so, so, so, so interested! And the jam? I've got peaches on the counter right now, off in search of raspberries!


    Thank you Scout for donating the yarn. The Red Scarf project is such a good concrete way to demonstrate that people care.


    I'm trying a new schedule this fall, too. I'm getting up at 5 am (gasp!) and commuting to work with Dale. This will give me 4 days/week and I'll have Fridays off. But still, 5 am? I've always considered myself a morning person but this feels like the middle of the night!


    Oooh; pretty!!

    Kim O

    Oh , man I want that beautiful ball of lovliness ! You are soooo generous !
    Kim O


    Who can resist some Scout handdyed yarn? It's gorgeous. Thank you Scout and Norma!!
    What are you thinking of making for Rhinebeck?


    Thanks Scout! That's some pretty yarn.
    Hmmm, I'm thinking I should add some raspberries to the peach jam I am planning on making...


    Beautiful yarn. I would love to use that for a scarf for Red Scarf project. How nice of you to share it.


    Scouts yarn is lovely as is Miriam's jam. So interested in playing with Scouts yarn ;)

    Lee Ann

    Like I need more yarn. You're evil.

    Are we still on for VT Sheep and Wool? Spiff's counting on it...(What? There isn't yarn there, is there? ;-))


    I need to hit Mim up for more Liquid Crack. That stuff is seriously good!


    I would like that ... very much so ;)

    Good luck with the first days of school - I miss those!!!


    Thanks Scout! Yes, please!


    I can't wait to see how you're going to handle Organic Chemistry and translate cool items like chiral, anchimeric, alphaglucopyranosylbetadfructofuranoside and other tasty bits and pieces. Nomenclature should be very entertaining, especially associating names and structures. But I suppose you do this all the time in med. school classes. Have a great semester.


    Good luck with med school! I think the weekly massages and yoga should help you stay relatively stress free. PS. I would love that yarn!


    Thanks Scout. Damn, she does do colors right! Oh, and I"ll be right over for some of that jam on rye toast. LOL, I thought you had given your morning classes away? Can not picture you up and GOING and 8 am. Starbucks must know your coffee by heart!!! OOh are you going to the Sheep and Wool next week? LMK. I'm sure it fits into your leisurely schedule...


    Sounds like you're headed for some major edumacation, huh? I have always loved the process of learning, not school so much. I envy you. Of course, you will take care of yourself, but how can you take care of your garden, too? I'm worried about your babies. And, yes, Scout can dye some yarn. And, fiber, too. I'm in a comma frenzy this morning. I'm sorry.

    Lisa H.

    Thanks Scout and thanks Norma for sharing!! That jam looks fantastic and I totally understand your hording of it! ;)


    You're a brave woman, Norma - waving THAT yarn around and saying, "Hey, anyone want this?"
    You'll be lucky if you're not trampled...
    Even non-knitters would want something that gorgeous!
    Thanks, Scout!
    And so, so, so.


    Beautiful pile of pink lovliness! Choose me please!! Thanks, Scout and Norma.


    Thanks Scout! I have to admit I can't really figure out what U will be, but tomorrow is right arount the corner... Thanks, Norma!


    Thank you, Scout! SO! (there's my 'so'). 'Purple' raspberry? so there's black, red, and now purple? that jam is beautiful as is the Scout Yarn! Thank you for sharing!
    I don't worry 'overmuch' about you and taking care of yourself, I realized long ago you're a wise woman and all about 'keep on keepin' on'. I'm not a morning person either but as a rule I'm up between 5 and 6, that way I get a very quiet house in which to shed the cobwebs, I do not hit the floor running, ever. OK, if the house were on fire....
    *snort* that Mike!


    Thanks, Scout. Very pretty SO colour me interested! Good luck with the tough schedule.


    Can I win the Jam instead. J/k I have a freezer full right now, but that yarn is gorgeous. Count me in


    Enjoy the jam and the classes and the massages! (No pink yarn for me, thanks.)


    Thanks Scout and thanks Norma for offering up such a lustful yarn! Interested???? Oh yeah, I so am!


    It sounds like you have a fabulous plan to deal with a stressful semester. Good luck (and I would REALLY love to make a Red Scarf out of that lovely yarn!)


    thank you Scout


    Count me in.

    Just can't stop talking about those tomatoes, huh? At least someone is having a good harvest (rolling eyes). The jam does look yummy. ~ksp


    Looks lovely. And scarves seem to be my favourite thing to knit over the last couple of years.


    Pretty yarn! I hope I win (I haven't knit with Scout's yarn yet, I'd love to though).
    Norma, your gardening posts have inspired me. Now if I was just a better weeder.


    Thank you Scout. Thank you Norma--for the prize, and for the blog!


    So pretty. Unemployment and return to school have enforced a stash moratorium around here, but gifts and winnings are always welcome!


    Absolutely! Good luck in the upcoming weeks! Thanks for offering that up as a prize! I'm gearing up for Rhinebeck as well and preparing my shopping lists . . .


    Me! So! Want! Yarn! Yes!

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