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    Monday, August 25, 2008


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    Your squashes are awesome. I had a acorn squash appear and rather full-sized too on my return from vacation. The following day the deer came and nibbled foliage..... and the squash I remembered seeing became an instant figment of my imagination.... save a wee stalk snapped off cleanly- bastards! The following morning a red squirrel got under the netting and chewed up 2 more small ones- left bits and pieces. I guess he forgot about the day his relative got caught in the netting and died dangling a mere foot away- his bleached bones serve as a reminder. Any day now pal! I've had the dogs poop behind this area in the woods hoping they'll stay away. Time will tell.

    Cheryl S.

    I have lots of spaghetti squash. But unfortunately, one of the two plants must have gotten a weird hybridization... the squash are shaped like spaghetti squash, but they're dark green like zucchini.


    Have I told you of my love for squash? I love summer's but I especially LOVE the winters and you are growing my favs. (and you know how I feel about pumpkin pie)
    I too have the powdery mildew. Well, not ME, but my plants.
    Bet you were worried there for a minute!


    My favorite fall veggies! Yours are spectacular specimens.


    Perfection is not nature, m'dear. I understand your disappointment, but you are enjoying the bounty of harvest. We have had a magnificent harvest of 4 thumb size sweet potatoes, so quit yer whining;-)


    So envious. Most of my produce is being eaten by the squirrels and chipmunks. They're so greedy!


    EEk! I have some of that. What does it mean? My pumpkin look healthy.


    I hate that part of gardening- the pests and diseases. Arrrgh.


    Buttercup squash - are they a hard squash like acorn, or soft like zucchini? A guy DH works with has been giving us things like globular zucchini, and DH has been stuffing them with rice, onions, tomatoes and scallops, and baking them in the oven.YUM!


    I'm just green with envy...not a single summer squash, tho' I have beautiful blossoms. Your squashes and pumpkins look wonderful!


    How wonderful. All those lovely squash and pumpkins. YUM!

    Raquel Moreno

    That zucchini flower looks pretty & tasty!


    I think our cantaloupe have that problem.


    You cannot trust anything that grows 24 hours a day.

    I hope the mildew doesn't spread.


    Heh, squash are sneaky, hilarious and true. Your little pumpkins are so pretty and butternut squash...mmm cream of butternut squash soup, yum.


    Geesh, I haven't even done the P post (snicker snicker), and here you are on Q!

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