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    Sunday, August 24, 2008


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    I'm loving your RED! (Geez, Nor, I'm on J!!!)


    I am SO going to have to make those slow roasted tomatoes! We also have an overabundance... but they're the biggesh freakishly shaped ones. It's been a total slug fest in the garden with all the rain...


    Red! The perfect "R" for you. The wrap is growing!


    Red is my favorite color - I love this post! But yes, dear, you are bragging. You might want to quit that or the garden goddess will put a blight on your tomatoes. ;-)


    Great "R". There is one red item you omitted however. Your Peace Fleece Sheplova mushroom CPH! Your scarf is in there. But then again maybe it wasn't red enough? And what the dickens are those odd marroon things top row third from the left?? Beets? Rose hips? My yet to be caffeinated aged eyes are having difficulty decyphering what I'm seeing.


    My husband would lose his mind if he saw such tomato-y goodness. We have harvested two red tomatoes. Something else got the first red tomato. I think the remnants of Fay will either be very good or very not for our garden.


    Roseate glory for a sunday morning. You do the best photos, Norma!


    I do love seeing RED. You have a beautiful range of them to feast upon and speaking of feasting.... my kingdom for one of your tomatoes.. they look SO good!


    I think I actually need to make some of these. I gave you the link but didn't even think to make some for myself. Is it cheating to buy them at the store and do it?

    Cheryl S.

    I've been waiting for ripe tomatoes ever since I saw that recipe. I'm still waiting. Waaaah! (But a friend took pity on me and gave me some of hers, along with some fresh mozzarella. I feel better now.)

    And of course, we KNOW how I feel about that red ShiBui.


    Love all the red.

    Although, I am a little confused at what seems to be lace knitting. Is it lace knitting? Or do I need to find glasses?


    Heck I just posted M and am feeling chuffed I have the next ones almost ready to go. Who's pathetic now?
    My tomatoes, planted ridiculously late are not ready yet. The local ones are good, though.
    I love red!

    donna lee

    I love red. I have shied away from it in my closet and seem to have gravitated to neutrals and blues. Slowly I am changing that and putting more color into my clothes. I think it has to do with getting older and getting more comfortable with myself. Red does tend to attract attention. We didn't garden this year and I'm sorry we didn't. The weather was not good garden weather until just the last few weeks. Too much rain. I've heard local farmers talk about how watery some of the tomatoes and corn is this year.

    elizabeth a airhart

    this page is just beautiful
    with a click on an image the whole page is up close
    looks so good so many goodies when the cold nights come

    am about half way on a red scarf 8"" across
    it just loves to be played with makes a great cowl

    are you aware of garn studios and thier drops patterns
    and free -please -when you have time give a look at
    the hats and scarfs and they have the elves slipper pattern


    Hmm, I like that Everday Wrap. So pretty. I might have to try it out.


    Beautiful mosaic!! I can feel that it's just about time to start warming up in the kitchen on weekends by roasting tomatoes -- slow roasted, roasted for sauce, roasted for freezing. Lovely R.

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