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    Saturday, August 23, 2008


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    oh man, thanks for the link to the pit putty . . . i need something different too; my fave natural deoderant just doesn't watch my back like it used to.


    And just today I was bemoaning the fact that my healthy hippie deodorant keeps me neither dry (not a big deal to me) nor unstinky (more problematic). AND it's recently started giving me a rash. I've ordered the pit putty. Count me in.


    Oh god Red Iguana. I went there the last time I was there and ooooooo. My stomach just rumbled SO LOUD! I'm so glad you had a great time, and the joy that's echoing through the blog-o-sphere is something to behold. :)


    So glad you had a wonderful time. I must investigate the Pit Putty.


    You give us the very best links ever. I checked out the pit putty, "stinkin' up a storm".. loved that! I'll be getting some for sure, love the scent of cloves, mmmmm. Fabulous bag. Hmmm, Lavold... I seem to recall some sadness on your part at not finding some of that pretty blue silky wool...did you find some? The red ShiBui Silk Cloud earned a *whump*, GORgeous!
    All manner of 'making good time', soooo glad all were able to make it!


    We DID have a great time everywhere we went. If you can't find the vodka in NH maybe we can package it up in a ton of yarn and ship it off to you. shhhhh....don't tell!


    Back to the grind. At least you had a blast and can start the school year refreshed. I love the raspberry vodka in the freezer. It is remarkable with peaches on ice cream.


    Such linky love! And I am amazed at the way you hate people. ;-)


    Oh, I want to go with you too!

    And, damnit, the Bubble and Bee people only ship to the US. Argh.


    From pits to purses, you covered it all on this wonderful vaca!!! Loving your purse! You must have been a sight to see all knitting and having the same purses! :D
    I do believe Kim was participating in Ass Watch. :D


    Sigh. I am succeeding in my stash diet - nothing new coming in except the sock club things. Feeling very virtuous. And then I saw your bag. Must have. Have ordered. The sky blue. I feel justified - big vaca coming up and I need a good back. It's all your fault!!!! Thank you for all those lovely links.....

    Cheryl S.

    The answer to your question, of course, is "yes".


    Thank you for the links. I'm so glad you had a good time this summer. Isn't it amazing the kind of friendships that can form online?



    We have had wine shipped to us as "Olive Oil". Perhaps you can get the ginger vodka shipped as "Pit Putty" - OMG - who would open that box??

    Love the photo of your girl-gang!


    Sweet, glad you're spreading the word about Pit Putty! Especially since it's a company started by a young, local woman here, nothing better than that!!

    Next time you head for Utah, maybe I'll have to crash your party. ;)


    Thanks for the info on pit putty. I'm trying it too!


    yup, that last photo also shows the Laguna lineup. I got mine (light turquoise) and I love it.
    Oh boy, I love the smell of cloves, too - and the idea of a product called "pit putty"? Kinda loving it. I wish you'd stop hawking all these neat things (Hope in a Jar anyone?) so my pocketbook will stop smoking.


    I also have the Laguna bag (and also in olive). I'm loving the fact that at the cashier counter, I can just tuck most purchases in the purse (large grocery runs excepted) without getting a plastic bag.

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