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    Friday, August 22, 2008


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    You sure found a gem of a gem in that PC shop! I'm tempted to take a drive up and see if you left anything behind for the locals.


    WOW! Oh my.. the color of that piece of bone is amazing.


    The jewelery says "You must finish the non-hoodie for Rhinebeck." Who knows? This year it might be cool enough to wear Peace Fleece.


    You captured the beauty of the dinosaur bone perfectly and it IS going to be spectacular with the CPnoH. Get knittin', grrl!


    So lovely. Cooling your feet in a mountain stream? Priceless.


    Gorgeous pieces! If you ever travel to Philly, go to Halloween on Pine Street. It's like being in Aladdin's Cave. The owner/designer is a hoot too.


    The new jewelry is great and it will always bring back memories of your trip - that's the best part, I think.


    Those are beautiful. I'm glad your credit card company called instead of just refusing the transactions.

    And sitting in that stream looks *wonderful*.


    And you know what? The colors of the rocks and water in the last photo really mimic the colors in the piece you got in Park City.

    Oh yeah - shoulda warned you. Stay away....far away... from anything remotely retail-ish if Margene's involved.


    I'm stunned by the dinosaur bone - and I don't even like jewelry. Just gorgeous!
    And welcome home!

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Gawgeous. All of it.


    All the pieces go with your CPH perfectly! Nice score!


    Beautiful bling! And you're making me want to pick up the Peace Fleece Wool Peddler's Shawl in that SAME SHADE (!) and get IT finished up, too!
    I'm partial to the petrified dinosaur bone, myself, but everything is lovely! What a great vacay you had!


    Wow, someone managed to get a photo of you in that stream that DIDN'T have those guys hanging around in it? I kept hoping they would get the hint, but they never did. Clueless SOB's, anyway. :)

    LOVE your bling, girlie. That jewelery will hold such memories for you...forever.



    Absolutely stunning pieces you chose, Perfect Pieces of Adornment! I need to check out the dinosaur bone stuff.... does this place have a website?


    Bling is twinkly. Your new prizes are elegant and understated. This is not bling, this is jewelry. Like grown-ups wear. Classy and tasteful. So finish tht damn Peace Fleece already! The dino bone requires it!


    So was it the large purchases of jewelry or the 5 purchases at a certain yarn store that triggered the fraud division investigation?

    Cheryl S.

    I love being a pushy bitch enabler! Both sets will be fantastic with your new cardigan.


    Love the jewelry. Like you, I love buying handmade jewelry as a souvenir of a special trip. You did good!!


    WHERE in Park City?! I'll have to check out that shop when we go out later this year! I'm glad they took you up to PC, by the's such a neat town, and quite different in flavor from the rest of Utah. Kind of heathen-ish, if you know what I mean. (My son now is head of marketing for Deer Valley Lodging..we get really good accomodations when we visit!) As for the still my heart.


    What beautiful memories you brought home with you. They really do need that sweater. xo


    Good call on the jewelry buying.


    You're so blessed to have a pretty face to accent all that bling. It's all just beautiful!

    Lee Ann

    I LOVE the dinosaur necklace. (Spiff says dinosaurs didn't die to give us bling. Thank you, Mr. Sunshine.) It rocks.

    (Get it? :-))


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