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    Saturday, August 09, 2008


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    I love that they tell you not to drink out of the toilet..... :-)

    Cheryl S.

    Hmmmm. Desperately trying to think of impressive pee place in the SLC area....


    I thought this was going to be about asparagus.


    Oh, speaking of SLC, David is there right now.


    VT has the best pee place. Utah the worst.


    Wouldn't mind taking a pee there. Sue (in the comments) gave me my first good laugh of the day. ~ksp


    LOL. Loved the pic of the non-potable water. While we were there several teenage girls were in there giggling. "What is non-potable water?" "OOh ooh water you can't drink with pot?" "Water you can't put in a pot?" My daughter and I were peeing ourselves lsilly in our stalls. LOL.


    I'm really grateful the water was colored to prevent any confusion with drinking fountains. And, thank God they have Wi-Fi. That's the second thing I think of when I'm looking for a pee stop.


    Wonderful how this daily blogging exercise stimulates creativity!


    Well, now I know the destination of my next vacation. I really need to get out more...


    I can't help myself from being amused that you took a picture of the toilet. IT's funny.
    Glad you had a good time on the way down here.

    Dave Daniels

    Ok, when you have to resort to pee posts, it's time for a contest.
    After all this pee chat, I gotta go...


    Well, New Jersey has the "Howard Stern" rest stop. Just regular ol' water consuming, planet destroying toilets. What about that??


    Too funny.


    I'm glad someone else is interested in the various qualities of the "roadside rest" I can recommend Tennessee and Alabama, at least the few stops I have visited. Kansas is pretty good, although in no way up to the standards of Vermont. The Kansas stops are well designed and attractive, but not distinctive or beautiful. They are good quality utilitarian. Oklahoma, where I live, has the worst rest stops ever. Thin on the ground, badly maintained, and ugly. I find them to be embarassingly bad. They are just barely better than the old rest stops of my youth with the his & hers outhouses. If you ever come though OKC stop at my house instead.

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