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    Saturday, August 02, 2008


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    Yay! Give Lee Ann a big ol' smooch for me.


    Heh, you reminded me of a phenomenon I noted in college. Long about November, the kids from the south would be wandering around in parkas while the kids from Alaska were still wearing shorts.


    Isn't that Bamboo yarn from Piece of Vermont luscious?
    I went a little nuts.
    I bought many. ...
    I blame it on the muffins -- she makes killer muffins!


    Thanks for the lunch date and the shout-out on the bamboo.

    I'm still jealous that you're seeing Lee Ann. Take notes.


    What's all this knitting??? Isn't this a gardening blog?


    My Noro scarf is languishing in WIP-land. It took the summer off, but plans to get busy at the first dip of the thermometer below 70.


    I agree that Jessie does great work with yarn. I've made socks with her stuff and they are gooooood. Have fun with Lee Ann today. Give her a smooch from me, won't you?


    That scarf makes perfect summer knitting. Have fun and give Leeann a hug from me!

    elizabeth a airhart

    i am from florida ear muffs in the winter time

    the postings are fun nice to see your friends

    and such pretty ladies


    When do you come to NM for lunch?


    I admired that Noro scarf when I saw it over at Claudia's blog. It looks an awful lot like one I knit last year as a Christmas gift. (I just checked it in Ravelry; I used #249 and #204; no wonder they look similar.) And I made one of cream / beige / gray, too. Apparently you are channeling me with an 11 months' delay. 8-)

    So. When does Wisconsin or Minnesota appear on your lunching itinerary?

    Linda M

    After twenty years in Florida, though raised in New England, I can tell your graduate student that the thing she needs most are lots of turtlenecks so she can wear wool sweaters and scarves. I grab for both in late October or early November when our southern mornings (Tallahassee, not Miami) get quite brisk. And yes, it is funny to see the kids from Miami walking around campus in tiny, puffy down jackets, tight little low-rider jeans with their bellies hanging out and Ugg boots... a unique style!

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Oh I'm only a LITTLE envious of you being able to see/meet those lovely bloggers - and them being able to hang out with you. If you somehow-by-accident-or-design find yourself out in CA I hope you speak up about it prior - because I will take the day off, fill up the car (no matter the gas expense) and drive anywhere within the state to stalk - I mean see you!


    Pants, bought. he he he.


    Love the bamboo and that Jessie.

    Have a good time and remember to come home!


    Lee Ann

    Claudia forgot her pants?

    Oh, dear. Well, damned good thing you told her to buy some. What would we do without you?


    Give Lee Ann a hug from me and tell her to start blogging again!


    Love the colors of yarn you picked up from Jessie. Can't wait to see what you create with it.
    BTW - have you tried the new granola bars from Vermont Nut Free? I'm seeking a personal opinion before ordering. You know these 10 yr old kids can be very picky when it comes to foods.


    Try the lace ribbon scarf from V. Avery with that yarn. I think it might be a fab combination!

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